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The Sevo



Schooner Sevo was run down in the night, by steamer Huntress, off Thacher’s Island, and sank almost immediately. Capt. Peletiah Barker, Jr., of Portland, succeeded in climbing on board the steamer. Winthrop Sargent, a lad of twelve years, crawled out to the end of the bowsprit, and as the vessel was going down, grasped a splitting table which floated by, and by his cries attracted the attention of those on board the steamer, who rescued him with much difficulty.The steamer pursued her course, and the sails of the vessel drifting ashore near Brace’s Cove, it was thought all hands were lost.

On the return trip of the steamer, young Sargent was brought home, and at two o’clock in the morning, was landed at Eastern Point, and, lad though he was, commenced his lonely journey of walking to town. He reached his father’s house at about four o’clock, and knowing that he slept in a bed-room on the lower floor, tapped on the window. His father immediately awoke and exclaimed, "Who is there?" "It’s your boy Winthrop," was the reply. Mr. Sargent at first thought it must be the ghost of the lad, as he had given him up as drowned; but young Winthrop had no idea of being taken for a ghost, and soon gave evidence that he was alive and well, which caused great rejoicing in the family.

There were four men lost in this vessel, viz.:

Richard Triton
Nathaniel Remby,
Jonathan Osgood,
James McDonald

Owned by Messrs. Ellery & Gaffney. Valued at $1,300; insured for $1,150.


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