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The Chicopee


November 16, 1915

Capt. Nickerson and Three Local Fishermen Are Lost
Pensacola Red Snapper Fishing Sch. Chicopee, Nearly Two Months Gone and Not Seen or Heard From, Given Up By Her Owners
Exposed to the Terrific Hurricanes Which Recently Swept Gulf of Mexico
Richard M. Comerford, Oliver Bullock and Aubrey McLain
of This Port Among the Crew

After being out on a trip for over seven weeks and not heard from or seen and during which time several severe gales have swept the Gulf of Mexico, Pensacola advises received here state that it is feared that sch. Chicopee commanded by Capt. Adelbert Nickerson of this port and with three Gloucester fishermen in the crew, has been lost with all on board.  Information from the same source states that sch. Mary E. Silveira formerly of this port and commanded by a Gloucester fisherman, Capt. Thomas Murray, was lost in the gale of August 16 and 17, as she has not been seen or heard from since.   Word to the above effect was received here by Lembert F. Kippen of E. L. Rowe & Sons, in a letter from his uncle in Pensacola.

After the vessel had been gone nearly two months, the Warren Fish Company, her owners, requested the Navy Department to keep a lookout for the vessel, knowing that the crew would be by that time on very short rations.  As nothing has been heard since that request was made, the company has reluctantly given her up as lost.

With Capt. Nickerson on the Chicopee were three Gloucester fishermen; Richard M. Comerford, Oliver Bullock and Aubrey McLain.  These three were of the number who went south with Capt. Nickerson about four years ago when news of big money being made by fishermen at Pensacola caused several to leave this port.

Capt. Nickerson was a native of Argyle, N. S., and for 30 years had been master from this port, being very successful in the halibuting branch.   He has two sons, one of whom is in Manitoba.

Comerford was a native of Newfoundland, but has lived in the city for 25 years.  He has many relatives here having made his home with his brother, Edward, at Gloucester avenue.  Bullock and McLain are also well known fishermen.

[ Oliver Bullock, 35, single, native of Nova Scotia; Richard Comerford, 40, single, native of Newfoundland; Aubrey McLain, 33, single, native of Cape Breton; and Adelbert J. Nickerson, 66, widower, native of Argyle, N. S.]


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