Out of Gloucester


Fisherman Drowned

Henry Frazier, one of the crew of sch. J. H. Carey of this port, was drowned on Tuesday by the capsizing of a dory while on the northern edge of Georges. He was about 24 years of age, and was a native of Harbor Bouche, N.F.

Frazier went out to visit trawls with George Digdon, who was also thrown into the water when the dory capsized, and who held his companion up by his oil jacket, while he clung to the strap of the dory, until he became exhausted and Frazier lost heart.

After so holding him for about ten minutes, the force of the waves obliged him to let go of his companion, who sank immediately. The captain of the schooner missed the dory, but it was sighted before Digdon became exhausted, and he was picked up in a nearly helpless condition.


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