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Friday, December 15, 1876

Loss of Sch. Lancet - One Man Drowned
The Crew Taken Off - A Hard Time of It

Sch. Carrie E. Sayward arrived Wednesday evening having on board the crew of sch. Lancet of this port, which was abandoned on Georges on Monday. From Capt. Patrick Eagan , her master, we glean the following particulars of the disaster:

The Lancet was at anchor in deep water, Georges, Saturday, and at half-past six in the evening, during a heavy blow, she broke adrift; lay to a drug all night. Sunday morning, at half-past eight o'clock, a tremendous sea boarded the vessel, taking away her stem, starting the butts, and leaving her in a sinking condition. Capt. Eagan and one of the crew, John Kirby, were washed overboard, but succeeded in keeping on top of the tremendous sea. The vessel drifted away from them but by swimming they managed to get alongside, although their heavy clothing made their position a terrible struggle for life. Capt. Eagan got one of his boots off, which relieved him somewhat, and as the vessel went past him, he managed to catch the painter of the dory hanging to the stern, and was pulled on board in an insensible condition. So tight was his grip, and so hard was the work of pulling him in, that his arm was nearly pulled from the socket, and he is still suffering from the effects. His companion, Kirby, was not so fortunate. he drifted past the vessel, and no earthly efforts could help him, he sank beneath the waters. He was 42 years of age, and leaves a widow and six children in this city, to mourn their sudden bereavement.

The men stood by the vessel all night and on Monday morning, when she was near sinking, they were taken off by the Carrie E. Sayward. Before leaving the sinking craft they set fire to her in order to the more speedily remove her from the track of other vessels. The Lancet was 56.76 tons, owned by Joseph O. Procter, valued at $3000, and insured in the Gloucester Fire Insurance Office for $2,500.


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