Out of Gloucester


January 4, 1889

Fisherman Drowned

Sch. William H. Jordan arrived from Georges this morning with her flag at half-mast, having on board the body of Thomas Hanson, one of the drew, who was drowned on Georges on Thursday.  He was out in a dory with Alex. McDonald, when it filled and turned over, throwing both men into the water.

McDonald managed to get on the bottom of the dory, and another dory near by came to the relief of the men, and the cook grabbed Hanson and prevented him from sinking, but as he was a heavy man was unable to get him from the water, and before assistance from the other dories arrived, he was chilled by the water and died.

Hanson was a native of Denmark, and about 35 years of age, but had followed fishing from this port for several years, and leaves a widow in this city.


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