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The Annie Wesley


Sch. Annie Wesley, 95.58 tons gross, 65.32 tons net, built in Essex in 1885, and owned by Cunningham & Thompson, sailed on a Georges handline trip November 22, 1902. She was seen by Sch. Titania December 17 off Sable Island, since which time no tidings from her were ever received. Valued with outfits at $3500 and insured by the Gloucester Mutual Fishing Insurance Company for $3198 on the vessel and $1200 on the outfits. She carried a crew of fourteen men, as follows:

Harry G. Hendricksen, master, 40, native of Norway, single
Thomas Scott, cook, 41, native of St. John's, N. F., single
Olof Peterson, 40, native of Sweden, left widow and six children
Axel Neilson, alias Manderberg, 38, native of Finland, single
Augustus Peterson, native of Sweden, single
M. Denis Armberg, 40, native of Sweden, single
Curtis G. Carr, 50, left widow and five children
Peter Monson, 36, native of Norway, single
Christopher Clausen, native of Norway, single
Charles Duncan, native of Germany, single
Michael O'Donnell, alias Higgins, 69, native of Ireland
Albert Strenberg, 54, native of Sweden, single
Frank Kenip, 38, native of Belgium, single
Duncan McAskell, 22, native of Cape Breton, single


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