Out of Gloucester


December 6, 1915

Battled Gale in Sinking Dory
His Dory Mate John Goodwin Swept to Doom By Heavy Sea
Philip Kuse Bailed Little Craft for 30 Hours Until Rescue Came

John Goodwin, one of the crew of the fishing sch. Elk, was drowned on Brown's Bank, Wednesday afternoon.  His dorymate, Philip Kuse, of this city, after a struggle of 30 hours with waves and wind, in a half-filled dory, was rescued by the sch. Pauline, Capt. Larsen, and taken into Yarmouth, N. S., whence he sailed on the steamer Prince George, arriving at Boston yesterday.

Kuse, standing on the deck of the Prince George, could see the flag of the Elk, tied up at the fish pier in South Boston, flying at half-mast.  He waved his hands and shouted and one of his mates recognized him.  When the steamer docked the crew was there to welcome a man they had given up for lost.

Kuse said he and Goodwin went out from the Elk to haul trawls Wednesday afternoon.  A gale sprang up and all hands were called back to the vessel.  He and his dorymate did not take in their trawls fast enough, and a heavy sea swept over them, carrying Goodwin into the water.  Kuse threw him a line, but the rising seas swept by a fierce wind, quickly wasted the strength of the struggling fisherman, and he went down.

The little dory had by this time almost filled with water.  Every wave nearly overturned it.  Kuse managed to bail out enough water to keep afloat, but he could make no headway.  Lookouts placed on the Elk to see if they could pick up the missing dory missed it in the increasing dusk.  Kuse could plainly see the men clinging to the rigging, and shouted and waved at them, but to no avail.  Slowly the schooner disappeared.

Kuse bailed without rest for 30 hours.  He had not had a bite to eat since early Wednesday morning, and there was no fresh water left in the dory.  He had decided that it was all over when the Pauline hove in sight.  He was nearly unconscious when Capt. Larsen's crew hauled him aboard.


  Out of GloucesterOut of Gloucester

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