Out of Gloucester


February 13, 1917

Craft Hove Down - Skipper is Lost
Frightful Experience of Sch. Joseph P. Mesquita on Roseway
Towed Into Shelburne by Sch. Matthew S. Greer
A Complete Wreck Above Deck

A dispatch from the Times correspondent at Liverpool, N. S., last evening tells of the trilling experience of sch. Joseph P. Mesquita of this port, which was hove down in a gale on Roseway Bank, off Shelburne, N. S., last Saturday and the loss of her skipper, Capt. Peter Richards, who was washed overboard and drowned.  Morris Norris, one of the crew, as also badly injured and was brought to Liverpool by the craft, which was towed in by sch. Matthew S. Greer of this port.

The gale form all reports must have been severely felt on the Cape Shore.  The craft when struck was hove nearly on her beam ends.  Richards and Norris were both carried overboard, but the latter was caught in the masthead gear and ropes and was rescued by some of his shipmates after the vessel righted herself.  Capt. Richards was never seen again after he was carried over the rail.

Everything on deck was swept away including dories.  The foregaff, foreboom and foresail are gone, as well as the mainsail.

The damaged craft was picked up by sch. Matthew S. Greer and towed into Liverpool.  A wire was immediately sent to the Times and also to Joseph P. Mesquita of this city, owner of the vessel, and he started for the scene this morning.  The Mesquita had about 40,000 pounds of new fish aboard at the time.  Repairs will probably be made at Liverpool the extent of the damages being about $2000, it is estimated.

Richards, who was drowned, was single, a native of the Magdalene Islands, 45 years of age, and boarded on Main street at one of the boarding houses in the vicinity of the Olympia theatre.  He had fished out of this port for nearly a quarter century and for three years has been with Capt. Mesquita, shipping on the present craft when she went into commission last fall.  This was the fourth trip he was making as master. Capt. Mesquita as is his custom in the winter, remaining ashore.


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