Out of Gloucester


February 1921

Two Fishermen Lost Their Lives
William St. Marks and John Enos Upset
While Hauling Trawls on Georges

Two of the crew of sch. Monarch, Captain Manuel J. Silveria, were drowned on Georges bank on Sunday morning, They were William St. Marks, aged 25years, and John Enos, 29 years, both of this city, and residing at 13 Fair Street. St. Marks’ body was recovered and brought into this port, the vessel reaching here with her flag at half mast, shortly before 3 o’clock Monday afternoon.

The accident happened around 11:30 o’clock. All the dories were out, and when the storm came on, the men all went aboard. When Enos and St. Marks failed to appear, the vessel ran down in the direction of their boat. The double dory was sighted bottom up and one body which proved to be that of St. Marks was seen floating close by. His boots were off and his coat unbuttoned, and he apparently had made frantic efforts to save himself. When brought aboard, he was lifeless and the body was placed in the hold. There was no trace of Enos, and Captain Silveria immediately set a course for this port, arriving Monday afternoon.

The exact cause of the catastrophe will never be known. It is believed that a trawl line caught around one of the men leaning over the side and caused the dory to capsize. A line in the dory caught around St. Marks’ coat kept him afloat, but he expired from exposure before assistance reached him.

Both were Lisbon Portuguese, and had only recently come to this city. Enos was a veteran of the World War, and spent three years in France in the service of Portugal. He was married and leaves a wife in Lisbon.

St. Marks has a father and mother living in Portugal. The deceased was 26 years of age. He also has a wife, Florentina (Corisa) St. Marks, and two brothers, Albert St. Marks, one of the crew of sch. Governor Marshall, and Joseph St. Marks, who is in Brazil, S. A.

The funeral will be held Friday morning from 13 Sadler street, at 8:15 o’clock, with requiem high mass at the Church of Our Land of Good Voyage, at 9 o’clock. Burial will be at Calvary cemetery.


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