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The Patrician


Sch. Patrician, 124 tons gross, 93 tons net, built at Essex in 1905, and owned by Hugh Parkhurst & Co., employed in the Western Bank fresh fishery, went ashore March 15, 1912 near Shelburne, N. S., while running for shelter in a heavy gale, the captain making a mistake in the lights.
The captain and nine others of her crew were drowned, 11 of the crew reaching shore in safety, the lost men being:

William Harding, master, 40, native of Pubnico, N. S., single
John Goodwin, 32, native of Bear Point, N. S., single
Albert Goodwin, 22, brother of John, of Bear Point, N. S., single
Coleman Hopkins, 30, native of Woods Harbor, N. S., single
Joseph Nickerson, 30, native of Woods Harbor, N. S., single
Clarence Perry, 28, native of Shag Harbor, N. S., single
Michael Jennings, 29, of Newfoundland, left widow and family in South Boston
Joseph Robishaw, 26, native of Surrette's Island, N. S., single
George Spark, 32, native of Bonavista Bay, N. F., left widow
William J. Griel, 20, of Shelburne, N. S., left widow, several children in South Boston

The schooner was valued at $10,000 and her outfits at $2000, insured by the Gloucester Mutual Fishing Insurance Company for $6031 on the vessel and $2500 on the outfits.


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