Out of Gloucester


September 10, 1924

Attended Mass in Oil Skins to Keep Promise

In compliance with a promise made while in the throes of the hurricane of August 28, that if they should be spared, they would attend mass in thanksgiving, the eight members of the crew of the ill-fated swordfisherman schooner Dorcas, attended a memorial mass at the Church of Our Lady of Good Voyage, yesterday morning, clad in their oilskins, sou'westers and rubber boots as they were while at the mercy of the seas.

It was a mass also in honor of their lost captain, Joseph Silveira and was celebrated at 8.15 o'clock by Re. Francisco G. Martinz, the pastor.  Each of the eight men was crowned with the crown of the Hold Ghost as a part of the solemn promise made on the ocean, two weeks ago.  Those crowned included Sebastian J. Silveira, the brother of the deceased captain; Joseph Medico, Joseph Brown, Domingoes Nunes, Joseph Silva, a nephew of the captain; Antone Rose, Joseph Souza and John Murray.

Besides the crew, many other fishermen associates attended the mass with relatives and friends of the deceased captain and the crew.  It was a most impressive spectacle and one which is seldom held.  During the services Rev. Fr. Martinz delivered a touching address concerning the tragedy.


  Out of GloucesterOut of Gloucester

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