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The Sibyl


August 28, 1923

Drowned Off Eastern Point
George Pearce, One of Crew of Sch. Sibyl,
Lost Life While Taking in Foresail Last Evening

George Pearce, 50 years of age, a member of the crew of the swordfisherman Sibyl, commanded by Capt. Aubrey Hawes, was drowned a mile outside of Eastern point light last evening, while the vessel was making harbor at the conclusion of a trip to Brown’s bank and vicinity.

According to the story, Pearce, with others of the crew was taking in the foresail, the vessel being under power, and in some manner, as the boat lurched in the choppy sea, he lost his balance and fell over the rail into the water.

A dory was put over and an effort made to locate him, but the cries for help had ceased, and in the darkness, no trace of the man could be found. The Sibyl arrived in port about 10.30 o’clock and reported the loss.

Last Wednesday afternoon, while the Sibyl was fishing on Brown’s bank, Capt. Hawes, who was in a dory after a fish, was thrown overboard when the dory capsized. He seized the plug strap and clung to it, half over the bottom of the overturned boat, and in this position he remained until Jovey Doucette, one of the crew, in another dory, came to this rescue. The skipper was taken on board of the boat, and after warm drinks and a change of clothing, felt none the worse for his sudden immersion.


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