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The Adventure


April 6, 1936

Man Drowned When Dory Upset Near Vessel

Lost overboard when his dory capsized close to his vessel, John Santos, 47 years of East Boston, leaving a wife and four young children in Portugal, was drowned Saturday afternoon, March 28, on Sable Island bank, it was learned this forenoon when the local sch. Adventure, Capt. Leo Hines, arrived at Boston Fish pier, with her flag at half-mast.

Santos with his dory mate, Frank Santos of Provincetown, had returned to the side of the Adventure, their dory filled with fish.  It was blowing hard and the sea was extremely choppy.   Just before they were ready to hoist the dory aboard, a sea hit the craft a blow that caused her to capsize, spilling both men into the briny.  Frank Santos clung to the bottom of the dory and was soon picked up by fishermen in other dories near-by that were waiting to be taken aboard.

John Santos, however, tried the impossible, the crew said, when he attempted to swim aboard, despite the fact that he was heavily weighted down with his oilskins, and high boots.  Capt. Hines declared that no man could have survived the sea as it was, clothed in fishermen's outfit as was Santos, and the man was drowned before the very eyes of his dorymates who were powerless to aid him.   They could not reach him in time to rescue him from the seething waters.


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