Out of Gloucester


May 15, 1943

Local Fisherman Dies of Injuries

Capt. Frank Mineo, skipper of the Alden, who is home here, gave the details of the death of Ambrose Orlando, who died Friday night at a New York Marine hospital from injuries received aboard the local seiner Alden.  He said that the Alden was fishing some 40 miles out of New York, when the small engine aboard the seine boat used to haul in the seine went out of commission.  The skipper then instructed that the small hoist engine on the bow of the schooner be used for this purpose as is the custom.  Orlando, with other men, then left the seineboat and came aboard the schooner to assist in working the bow engine.  In doing so. Orlando's arm became caught in the rope of the hoist engine and he was pulled backwards into the engine, badly injuring his head and shoulders before the engine could be stopped.

Orlando's son Joseph was a crew member of the Alden also.  He was born in Terracina, Italy and leaves his wife, a son, and four daughters. 


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