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The Natalie Hammond


January 4, 1935

Local Fisherman Upset - Dies in Water
Antonio Patrao Caught in Swirl of Craft
Found Clinging to Strap When Rescued by Skipper

Hurled into the icy waters on Cashes, 60 miles southeast of Thacher's, when his dory capsized close to his vessel, sch. Natalie Hammond, yesterday noon, Antonio Patrao, 55 years, native of Portugal, died of heart failure, and was picked up a few moments later by Capt. Frank Rose, skipper.

The Hammond arrived in this port at 5 o'clock this morning, docking at Pew wharf, her flag half-mast, and having aboard the body of Patrao.   Dr. Ira B. Hull, medical examiner, ascribed death to heart failure.   Undertaker James C. Greely took the body in charge. Patrao leaves a widow and two daughters in Fuseta, Portugal, from whence he came to this country several years ago to engage in fishing.

The Natalie Hammond, once owned and commanded by the la e Capt. Charlie Colson, was acquired a year ago by Capt. Rose.   They sailed Wednesday evening at 7 o'clock from this port, for Cashes.  The schooner is single dory haddocking and has 14 dories out, and crew of 17 men, including the skipper.

About noon yesterday, Capt. Rose began picking up his dories.  He was at the wheel of the vessel, and Janio Priore of this city, the cook, was the only other man on deck, while the engineer was at his controls.   The skipper started to pick up Patrao first.  The latter had about 700 pounds of haddock in his boat.  The sea was a bit choppy, but the average for this time of year.  In some manner, Patrao had rowed his dory in the swirl of the schooner as the vessel maneuvered to get into the correct position to get him aboard with his trip.  Suddenly the dory with her load capsized, and as Patrao went overboard, he grasped at the gunwale strap, and clutched it.

Capt. Rose from the pilot house, saw the accident, and hollered to Patrao to "keep calm" while he ordered the cook to take the wheel.  The skipper then quickly launched another dory, had it overboard within three minutes at the most, he said, and rowed to the rescue of Patrao.   But when he reached the side of the dory, Capt. Rose saw that Patrao was stiff in his oil clothes, rigid, apparently dead.  Capt. Rose tugged to get the man aboard his dory, and after considerable difficulty, he finally secured him, and brought him to the vessel, where other members of the crew aided in getting the fisherman on deck.  Patrao was a very heavy man, and in sub-zero weather, the task was no easy one.

While Capt. Rose continued collection the other 13 dories, the fishermen as they came aboard, worked the prone method of resuscitation on the man tying to arouse a spark of life in him, but to no avail.

The Natalie Hammond had a trip of 12,000 pounds of fresh haddock and cod, which were landed here.  The captain and crew will attend the funeral of their shipmate tomorrow morning and will sail again for the fishing grounds by nightfall.


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