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May 3, 1935

Little Girl Discovers Body in Pew Dock
Identified as Simon G. Muise, 57,
Who Had Been Missing Since Day Before Last Christmas

Missing since the day before Christmas, the body of Simon G. Muise, 55 years, widower, and fisherman, was found in the Gorton-Pew canning factory dock at 6.25 o'clock last evening.

Muise, reputed to be one of the best fishermen out of this port, came here in his early youth, sailing with high-line skippers in the market fisheries, halibuting and on salt cod trips.  More recently he had been fishing with Capt. Peter Strescino in the sch. Balilia.  At the time he disappeared he was a member of the crew of sch. Teazer, Capt. John Placerica, which was docked at the Pew wharf.

Muise was reported missing on January 9 by Capt. Strescino, with whom Muise formerly sailed.  Capt. Strescino had become worried since Muise, who always visited the Balilia when both were in port, had failed to show up.  Muise had some of his best clothes aboard the Balilia, and after realizing that the Teazer had sailed again, the skipper inquired for his friend, only to learn that he had not been seen since 9 o'clock, Monday evening, December 24, 1934, when Joseph O'Neil, his shipmate, had noted him leaving the Teazer to go up to the Pew wharf toward Main street.  Shipmates throughout that he had probably gone to Boston and been delayed, causing him to miss the next trip.  However, Capt. Strescino decided to report the matter to the police and did so on Wednesday, January 9.

An inquiry among local and Boston friends failed to reveal any trace of Muise, and it was not until last evening when a body was seen floating face down in the Pew dock, near the spot where his schooner had tied up, that the mystery was solved.

Police believe that Muise slipped and fell into the water while attempting to board his vessel late at night.  The body was discovered by 12-year-old Alice Shemard saw it floating in the water and notified Joseph Costa, the night watchman at the wharf, who informed the police.  Patrolman Roy W. Brevick and Police Chauffeur Harry W. O'Connell hoisted it to the wharf, where it was viewed by Dr. Ira B. Hull, medical examiner, and later taken in charge by Undertaker James C. Greely.

Muise was a native of Amero Hill, Yarmouth county, the son of the late Gabriel and Genevieve (Bouchie) Muise.  He is survived by his mother, three brothers, Raymie Muise of Reading, Eugene and Charles Muise of Nova Scotia and a sister, Maude Muise of Nova Scotia. 


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