Out of Gloucester


December 31, 1953

Fisherman Drowns At Sea

A. Kenneth Arnold, 39, died of drowning this morning 10 miles off Thacher's Light, after falling overboard from the dragger Edna Fae.

His body was recovered by crewmembers who circled the area, and was brought into port after two hours of artificial respiration failed.  The skipper of the Edna Fae, Bernard A. Wall, said they had finished with their work and were setting the nets when the men saw him fall overboard.   The boat circled the area and picked Arnold up.  Efforts to revive him failed as the boat headed for port.

January 2, 1954

...He was releasing canvas net coverings when water washed him into the sea 10 miles off Thacher's Light.  He showed no signs of life when brought aboard the boat.  He had been in the water for about five minutes.  The crew applied artificial respiration for two hours while the Edna Fae returned to Gloucester.

Arnold was born in Gloucester, the son of Captain Albert Arnold and E. Agnes (Elwell) Arnold.  Besides his parents, he leaves his wife, Clara (Wilson); four children, four brothers, and a sister.


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