Out of Gloucester


May 31, 1958

Veteran Fisherman Drowns Off Georges

Matthew Tamarindo, 45, of Gloucester, was drowned on Thursday afternoon on southwest Georges Bank.  Evidently he went over the stern of the Boston dragger Manuel F. Roderick.  For four hours they tried to revive him aided by radio telephone directions from a doctor ashore.  Capt. Gandolf of Medford, set the vessel's course for Gloucester.  The dragger docked at 10 a. m. yesterday.  Dr. John J. Egan, medical examiner, viewed the body and pronounced death due to accidental drowning.

The Roderick, former Gloucester dragger, left Boston Monday.  She had between 20,000 and 25,000 pounds of fish aboard when in hauling back the skipper saw that the net was rim-racked.  He decided to try another spot where the bottom might be less rough.  They were on the way when, according to Charles A. Piscitello of Gloucester, Tamarindo was last seen, talking with Engineer Frank Attisi of Everett on the port side of the pilot house.  Piscitello was the only other Gloucester man aboard.  Attisi then went below to check the engine.

No one say Tamarindo after that until his body was discovered.  There was a stiff breeze blowing and the seas were choppy, says Piscitello.   Attisi came on deck again shortly afterward, and failing to see Tamarindo astern went looking for him.  He raised the alarm.

Piscitello and Ralph Sylvestro of Boston climbed into the rigging.  Piscitello spotted the body about a quarter mile to port.  As they approached Sylvestro dove overboard and swam toward TamarindoPiscitello and Nick Fi___ of Everett launched the lifeboat, however the dragger reached Tamarindo first.

Tamarindo had been aboard the Roderick for the past four or five years.  He was born in Detroit, Mich., and had been fishing since he was six years old.  He leaves his wife, Doris Souza Tamarindo, and a daughter; a brother and step-brother and five sisters.


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