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February 25, 1953

Lynn Man Loses Life -
Washed From Deck

Losing his balance on deck when a heavy sharp sea caused the dragger to take a sudden lurch, Isar L. D'Entremont, 48 years, Lynn, was hurled to his death from the Gloucester auxiliary fishing dragger St. Bernadette 135 miles east of Gloucester about 8 o'clock last night.

D'Entremont was the chief engineer aboard the St. Bernadette, a 90-foot dragger owned by Capt. Alfonse Mineo of Gloucester.  The dragger skipper is Capt. Willis L. Powers of Gloucester, on his first trip as the dragger's master.

Capt. Powers in taking by radio telephone to Alphonsus F. Hayes, delegate of Atlantic Fishermen's Union here, this forenoon, is quoted as saying that the starboard light on the pilot house had gone out.  D'Entremont went on deck to fix it.  A heavy sea slammed against the dragger causing the latter to take a sudden roll. D'Entremont was caught off balance, smashed against the rail and then overboard to his death.  Capt. Powers and his crew searched the neighboring waters for three hours in a vain attempt to locate the man.  The captain reported the tragedy to Coast Guard headquarters at Boston, and turned his craft toward Gloucester.  He is expected to arrive in port about 2 o'clock this afternoon, with the flag at half-mast.

(A further sad not was added the next day by the fact that Mr. and Mrs. Telesphore D'Entremont, parents of the victim, arrived yesterday from Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia, for a family reunion at the Lynn home.  The late Mr. D'Entremont was born in Yarmouth County, where he learned marine engineering.  He and his family have resided in Lynn for the past 28 years.)


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