Out of Gloucester


The crew of the Italian Gold were listed as missing at sea when an emergency homing beacon signal was received by a Canadian Coast Guard station in Halifax, Nova Scotia on September 5, 1994, around 6 a.m.. The signal activated automatically when the beacon hit the water. The Coast Guard received no "mayday" distress signal from the Italian Gold.

When rescuers - form Canada and the United States Coast Guards - arrived on the scene at 6:15, they found the trawler capsized with a lot of debris floating around it.

The Italian Gold was out with other Gloucester boats. Those boats came back ahead of the storm that swept in on September 5, and the Italian Gold was expected back the middle of the week. Tony Verga, director of the Gloucester Fisheries Commission said the crew of the Italian Gold was "well-experienced." Skipper Nicky Curcuru, he said, "had been a captain aboard other vessels"

"They all had been through (rough weather while fishing ) before, " said Verga. "It's not a question of experience."

The missing crewmembers were:

Nicholas Curcuru, 49, left a widow and two children
Manual Carraspichosa,
Peter Govinco
38 and
Salvatore Curcuru
(no relation to Nicky)

Whatever happened to the Italian Gold must have occurred so quickly that no one had time to respond. All hands were lost.


  Out of GloucesterOut of Gloucester

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