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Friday, September 5, 1873

The Gale at the Bay
Additional Disasters and Loss of Life
Thirty-six Vessels Ashore, Six Total Losses
Fears for the Safety of other Vessels and their Crews
Thirty-Six Lives Lost
Steamer and Revenue Cutter Dispatched to the Scene of Disaster

Our Town has been in a state of feverish anxiety the past week, in regard to the Bay disasters, and the rooms of the Fishing Insurance Company have daily been visited by large numbers of our citizens to learn the latest news. Last week in publishing the disasters reported up to Friday night, we stated that we feared the worst was not yet known, and so it has proved, for daily, since then, the telegrams of disasters to the fleet have come think and fast, and even now we fear the story is not half told, as months must elapse before we shall ascertain the full extent of the losses. The saddest news of the week is the probable loss of schooner Angie S. Friend, with all on board, some fifteen persons in all. Portions of the wreck and the medicine chest drifted ashore, and there is but little doubt that she foundered, at her anchors. The loss of sch. James G. Tarr, Capt. James Cushing, with all on board, was reported Tuesday, but nothing definite ha been ascertained in regard to her fate, up to the present writing, and we hope the rumor may prove without foundation.

It is yet impossible to ascertain the amount of the losses, but, as we stated last week, it will not fall much if any shore to $100,000, and may exceed this amount, should further disasters to the fleet be reported. The loss of life is the saddest feature of all. Thirty-six lives are already known to be lost, and we fear that others will yet have to be added to the list, and the anxiety and suspense of those having friends and relatives there, not yet heard from, is most terrible to endure.

A fortnight since, everything was looking very favorable for the fishing interests of our town, and every one was predicting a most successful season, but the recent gale with its fearful accompaniments, has dispelled all the bright anticipations, and the season bids fair to wind up among the most disastrous we have yet experienced.

The number of vessels belonging to this port, in the Bay during the gale was one hundred and thirty-eight, of this number, up to last evening, all but twenty-two had been heard from, safe, wrecked or disabled.

A Steamer and Cutter dispatched to assist the Wrecked Vessels

The steamer Commerce of Boston has been chartered by the Gloucester Mutual Fishing Insurance Company to proceed to the scene of the wrecks and assist in getting them off, and "insurance cables" have been made for the better prosecution of the work. She sailed on Monday. Capt. Tower, who has had much experience in this direction, accompanied the steamer to assist in the work. Capt. Nehemiah Procter and Mr. H. N. Andrews have gone on the represent the Gloucester underwriters.

On Tuesday afternoon telegrams were received from General Butler, by Collector Babson and J. O. Procter, stating that he had secured the services of the Revenue Cutter Woodbury, Capt. Burr, to aid our shipwrecked fishermen in the Bay of St. Lawrence. She arrived here Tuesday evening, and after receiving instructions sailed again for the Bay. These two steamers will render most efficient service in getting the stranded schooners afloat.

We provided up to Friday afternoon, but as many were unable to procure copies of the Advertiser, we re-publish the list, with the additional losses since reported. Up to the present writing the number of vessels reported ashore is thirty-six, six total losses, all of which with but two exceptions are insured in the Gloucester Mutual Fishing Office, viz.:

  • Sch. Angie S. Friend reported lost with all on board.

  • Sch. Charles C. Dame, total loss of vessel and crew

  • Sch. Charles P. Barret, Capt. Blatchford, ashore at Magdalen islands, damage slight. Owned by Hardy & Co.

  • Sch. Charles P. Thompson, Capt. Ryan, ashore at the Magdalens, damage slight. (David Low & Co.)

  • Sch. Catalina, Capt. Turner, ashore at the Magdalens, damage slight (Maddocks & Co.)

  • Sch. Addie M. Story, Capt. Rowe, ashore at Port Hood, C. B., damage slight; lost anchor, cable, foresail and jib. Got off and proceeded to Canso, N. S.

  • Sch. Ann Eliza, Capt. Fries, lost cable and two anchors. Arrived at Port Hawkesbury, C. B. Would land her mackerel and refit. (John Pew & son)

  • Sch. Amos Cutter, Capt. Herrick, ashore at Cape Canso, N. S., damage slight. (Dodd, Tarr & Co.)

  • Sch. Arizona, Capt. Guptil, ashore at Magdalen Islands, damage slight (W. H. Friend)

  • Sch. B. D. Haskins, Capt. McDonald, totally dismasted and towed into Canso, with fare from Grand Bank.

  • Sch. Belle Gilmore, Capt. Parkhurst, ashore at St. Peter's, C. B.; lost mainmast, hull not much injured. Good prospect of getting off at slight expense. (Wm. parsons, 2nd & Co.)

  • Sch. Carleton, Capt. Ingersoll, caught in the blow and lost sails, etc. Since arrived home. (John F. Wonson & Co.)

  • Sch. Charlotte Augusta, Capt. Phillips, ashore at the Magdalens, damage slight. (Wm. C. Wonson)

  • Sch. Clytie, Capt. Merry, shore at Port Mulgrave, N. S., damage slight. Will be blocked up and launched. 885 barrels of mackerel on board. (Rowe & Jordan)

  • Sch. Constitution, Capt. Smith, at Harbor Bouche, N. S., damaged about $300. (Samuel Haskell, Jr.)

  • Sch. Centurion, Capt. Maker, at Ship Harbor Point, N. S.; damage slight, mackerel landed and no water in hold. (Samuel Haskell, Jr.)

  • Sch. D. H. Mansfield, Capt. Williams, ashore at Magdalen Island, damage slight (George W. Plumer)

  • Sch. Evangeline, Capt. Morrill, ashore at Harbor Bouche, slightly damaged. (James Mansfield & Sons)

  • Sch. Electric Flash, Capt. McDonald, ashore at Magdalen Islands, damage slight. (Dennis & Ayer)

  • Sch. Enola C., Capt. Cunningham, ashore at the Magdalens, total loss; crew and materials saved and landed. Value $6400; insurance of vessel $4600; on outfits $500. (Smith & Gott)

  • Sch. E. L. Rowe, Capt. Wixon, ashore at the Magdalens, damage slight. (Sam'l Lane & Brother)

  • Sch. Fanny R., Capt. Sadler, lost masts, sails, cables, anchors, etc., decks swept, and two men, Charles Rose and William Winn, washed overboard; reported at Port Hawkesbury, C. B. Mainboom, mainsail and boat picked up at Port Hood. (David G. Allen)

  • Sch. Far West, Capt. Turner, ashore at Port Mulgrave, N. S., badly damaged; tide ebbed and flowed in the hold. Value $1200; insurance on vessel $1000 in Naumkeag office, Salem, on outfits $400 in Rockport office (Dodd, Tarr & Co.)

  • Sch. Freedom, Capt. Neson, ashore at Magdalen Islands, damage slight (James Mansfield & Sons)

  • Sch. Highflyer, Capt. Cook, ashore at Magdalen Islands. Total loss; crew and materials saved and landed. Value $8500; insurance on vessel $8068, on outfits $500. (Perkins Brothers)

  • Sch. J. J. Clark, Capt. Lee, ashore at Magdalen Islands, damage slight (Sidney Friend and Brother)

  • Sch. Knight Templar, Capt. McDonald, ashore at North Sydney, C. B., badly damaged, hogged on starboard side. Lost considerable of her gear and 250 fathoms cable. Will be launched with great difficulty. (George Steele)

  • Sch. Lydia A. Harvey, ashore at East Point Chapel, P. E. I. Will be got off. (Dennis & Ayer)

  • Sch. Mary S. Hurd, shore at Cape Canso, N. S. Condemned. Value $2000; insurance on vessel $1750, on outfits $1000. (James A. Stetson)

  • Sch. Morning Star, Capt. Davis, ashore at Port Mulgrave, N. S., damage slight. Since reported afloat off Port Hawkesbury, C. B. (Joseph O. Procter)

  • Sch. Marion Grimes, Capt. Jameson, ashore at Magdalen Islands, damage slight. (D. C. & H. Babson)

  • Sch. Mary Louise was caught in the gale twenty miles southwest of Seal Island, and badly shaken. Put into Halifax for repairs. (Daniel Sayward)

  • Sch. Oliver Eldridge, Capt. Keene, ashore at the Magdalens, damage slight. (George Steele)

  • Sch. Typhoon, Capt. Pinkham, ashore at the Magdalens, damage slight. (D. C. & H. Babson)

  • Sch. William H. Raymond, Capt. Getchell, ashore at Magdalen Islands, damage slight. (David Low & Co.)

  • Sch. Helen M. Crosby, of Boston, Capt. John Collins, shipped a sea on her passage to the Bay during the gale, and had one of her crew, Antoine Lewis, washed overboard. Also lost boat, dory, tafrail, and sustained other damage.

Vessels Not Yet Heard From

Up to last evening, the following vessels twenty-two in number, had not been heard from:

A. I. Franklin Annie C. Norwood
Sarah H. Cressy Ida May
Abbie M. Heath James G. Tarr
Flora Joseph Chandler
Clara B. Warren Mary M.
D. E. Woodbury Mary Ellen
Express Pocahontas
El Dorado Peter D. Smith
Elisha Crowell Robert Emmett
Elihu Burritt Royal Arch
Ernest F. Norwood Sarah Elwell

A letter received on Wednesday, states that schooner Morning Star has been got off, and is now on her passage home, as she was too badly damaged to be repaired there.

Schooner Centurion has been sold, just as she lies, to parties at the Provinces, for $650 in gold.


A rumor was current on Wednesday, that schooner Royal Arch was last seen at White Head with all her crew, but nothing definite is yet known. The insurance company had received no telegram to that effect, up to last evening.

Nothing reliable as yet has been heard concerning the schooner James G. Tarr. A dispatch, yesterday, form Prince Edward's Island, to the Associated press, states that a quantity of wrecked material, a boat and tow bodies had floated ashore at Campbell. Some of the material had the name of schooner, James G. Tarr, Gloucester, Mass., written on them, and on the bat, the name Tarr was painted. This indicates that the schooner was probably wrecked in that vicinity, and considerable anxiety prevails to hear something definite in regard to the fate of the vessel and her crew.

Schooner Samuel Crowell is not overdue. She is reported to have left Canso the day before the gale, and should have been here ere this. No little anxiety is beginning to be felt for her safety.

It looks now as though the loss of life would be much more serious than at first supposed, and it would indeed be a relief to know the worst; but many weeks must necessarily elapse before a full list of the losses can be ascertained.


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