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The James G. Tarr


Schooner James G. Tarr lost in the gale of August 24, 1873, had a crew of eighteen men, viz.:

James Cushing, master
James Hunson, father-in-law of Capt. Cushing, who had his son with him
George Gould, brother-in-law of Cushing
Edward Gould, brother of George and Abraham
Abraham Gould, brother of George and Edward
Daniel Chisholm
Stephen Ryan
, married Chisholm’s sister
Zimri Carter
Robert Carter
John McIntire
William H. Crittenden
D. J. McKennon
Joseph King
Angus McCormack
William Jackman
U. J. Hendricks
John McPhee

Owned by Leighton & Co. and the master.’ Valued at $6,400; insurance on vessel and outfits, $6,100.


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