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Schooner William J. Dale sailed for the Bay of Islands, Newfoundland, in November 1872, and started for home, but never reached port.  Had a crew of nine men.


6th - Schooner Addison Gilbert, Capt. Jameson, engaged in the shore winter fishery, was run into while on her way out of Portsmouth Harbor, by sloop M. M. Hamilton, of Portland, and sunk. The crew had barely time to get on board the sloop, saving only what they had on. The vessel was a total loss. Owned by David Low & Co. Valued at $2,600; insured for $2,275.

13th - Schooner George Steele, in the fruiting business, was lost in the gale, sixty miles from Baracoa.  Crew saved. Owned by George Steele. Valued at $7,300; insured for $6,800.

17th - Schooner Franklin A., Capt. David Melanson, was run down by schooner E. B. Phillips, in the evening, off Falkland Island, Long Island Sound. The Phillips struck the Franklin A. nearly amidships, carrying away both masts, and cutting through the hull, and she sank almost immediately. Capt. Melanson, and the mate, Roderick Dyer, were knocked overboard by the shock of the colliding vessels, and were in. the water some time before they were rescued, narrowly escaping a watery grave. Owned by John F. Wonson & Co., and the captain. Valued at $6,000; insured for $5,500.

22nd - Anthony Amroe was lost from schooner Elisha Crowell, on Western Bank.


1st - Schooner Mary T. Young, in the shore winter fishery, went ashore three miles below Race Point, and became a total loss. Crew saved. Valued at $1,200; insured for $1,000.

18th - Schooner Thorwaldsen left Newfoundland with a cargo of frozen herring, and never reached port. Had a crew of seven men.
Capt. Duncan Grant, of the Finance, was lost on Georges.


Schooner J. H. Orne was lost on Georges, in March. Crew of eleven men.

11th - Boat Garibaldi was lost in Ipswich Bay. Crew saved. Owned by George W. Morgan and Levi Lane, of Lanesville. Valued at $300; no insurance.

14th - Archibald Beaton and Benj. Carpenter, lost from the Sarah P. Ayer.

22nd - Michael Carlton, lost from the Aaron Burnham, 2d, while on the passage to Grand Banks.

24th - Leverety Leland and Charles O. Dale, lost from the Tragabigzanda.


2nd - Patrick Murphy and Charles McPherson, lost from the Ruth Groves.

14th - Boat O’Connell, engaged in the shore fishery, was lost near the Powder Hole, Cape Cod. Crew saved. Owned and commanded by Capt. Thomas Sullivan. Valued at $800; no insurance.

18th - Edward White, lost from the Hattie S. Clark.

27th - Schooner Laura A. Burnham, in the Western Bank fishery, was lost on Sable Island. Crew saved. Owned by James Mansfield & Son. Valued with her outfit at $7,500; insured for $6,488.

28th - James Foran, of the Water Spirit, was drowned at Port Dover, N. S., by the capsizing of a boat.


4th - Schooner Belvidere, shore mackereling, lost on Benton’s reef near Newport, R. I. Crew saved. Owned by Daniel Sayward. Valued with outfit at $2,800; insured for $2,075.

11th - Wm. W. Colby and Charles M. Greenleaf, lost from the Peter D. Smith.

13th - Thomas Olevrson, one of the crew of the Esther Ward, died very suddenly, of heart complaint, on Georges. He was baiting his hook at the time, when he dropped on deck and almost immediately expired.

30th - Schooner Empire State, Capt. Stephen Smith, in the shore mackerel fishery, went ashore at Cape Porpoise, and became a total loss. Crew saved. Owned by the master, and others. Valued with her outfit at $4,000 ; insured for $8,563..


18th - Edward Day, of Schooner Alfarata, was killed in the Bay of St. Lawrence, in consequence of being struck on the head by the main boom.


6th - Schooner William Bailies, ballast lighter, was totally lost at Cape Ledge, near Milk Island.. Crew saved. Valued at $800, and uninsured. Owned by George M. Wonson of East Gloucester.

24th - Destructive gale in the Bay of St. Lawrence. The nearest approximation to it was the gale of Feb. 24th, 1862, when fifteen vessels were lost with all hands, on Georges, numbering one hundred and twenty men. In this gale there were nine vessels lost, with all hands, which, together with those swept overboard from other vessels, number one hundred and twenty-eight men. Many of these were among the very best skippers and smartest fishermen of the port, whose. loss will be felt for a long time by the entire community. Here is the record:


Schooner Charles C. Dame, wrecked off North Cape. Had a crew of eighteen men. 
Schooner Angie S. Friend, probably foundered at her anchors. Had a crew of fourteen men.
Schooner James G. Tarr had a crew of eighteen men.
Schooner Royal Arch, had crew of fourteen men, and five passengers.
Schooner Samuel Crowell  had a crew of fifteen men.
Schooner El Dorado  had a crew of seven men.
Schooner Centre Point had a crew of   eleven men.
Schooner A. H. Wonson had a crew of ten men.
Schooner Henry Clay had a crew of ten men.


Charles Rose and William Wilson (or Brien ), from schooner Fannie R., in the Bay.  Antone Lewis, from schooner Helen M. Crosby, on passage to the Bay.  Joseph Christen, from schooner Dictator, on Georges.  Henry Johnson, from schooner Sultana, on Grand Bank.  Frederic Carhan, from schooner Abigail, on passage from the Bay.


 The number of vessels stranded in Provincial waters, in this gale, was thirty-two, as follows —

Addle M. Story, Amos Cutter, Arizona, Annie C. Norwood, Belle Gilmore, Charles P. Barrett, C. P. Thompson, Catalina, Charlotte Augusta, Clytie, Constitution, D. H. Mansfield, Evangeline, Electric Flash, Enola C., E. L. Rowe, Elihu Burritt, Freedom, Highfiyer, J. J. Clark, Knight Templar, Lydia A. Harvey, Morning Star, Marion Grimes, Oliver Eldredge, Typhoon, Tally Ho, Win. H. Raymond, Win. A. Pew, Mary S. Hurd, Far West and Centurion. 

Five of the above have proved total losses. Twenty-four have been got off, leaving three ashore at the present writing, which it is expected will be saved.


Schooner Mary S. Hurd, wrecked at Cape Canso, owned by James A. Stetson; valued at $3,000, insured for $2,700. Crew saved.
Schooner Far West, wrecked at Port Mulgrave, owned by Dodd, Tarr & Co. Valued at $2,200, insured for $1,400. Crew saved.
Schooner Centurion, wrecked at Ship Harbor, owned by Samuel Haskell, Jr. Valued at $1,000, insured for $825. Crew saved.
Schooner Typhoon, wrecked at Harbor Le Bar, crew saved. Owned by D. C. & H. Babson. Valued, with outfit, at $3,700 ; insured for 43,000.
Schooner D. H. Mansfield, wrecked at Magdalene Islands; crew saved. Owned by George W. Plumer. Valued, with outfit, at $2,100; insured for $1,888.
Schooner West Point was lost at Magdalene Islands, September   20th; crew saved. Owned by Perkins Brothers. Valued, with outfit, at $3,800; insured for $3,300.


1st - Frank Anderson, of Schooner Dictator, was lost overboard on Georges.

2nd - Brumley Larkin, of Schooner Fitz J. Babson, was washed from the jibboom and drowned while coming from the Banks.


5th - George Farrance from sch. Fanny Fern lost overboard.

7th - William Colwell of sch. Noonday was lost overboard.

14th - George Cook and Jesse Oliver went astray in a dory from sch. Tubal Cain.

18th - Charles Reynolds and Patrick Phalen of sch. Mary E. went astray in their dory.

20th - Sch. Connaught Ranger, 21.11 tons, owned by Capt. Nicholas Murphy, was wrecked at Fresh Water Cove.   Crew saved.  Value, $1,000; insurance $500, in the Gloucester Fire Insurance office.


4th - Moses Cahoon and William Reeves went astray from sch. Sultana.

17th - Sch. John P. Hale, 38.59 tons, owned by J. F. Wonson & Co., drove out of the harbor at night and was totally wrecked near Old House Cove.  Crew saved.  Value $2,000; insurance $1.800, in the Gloucester Fire Insurance office.  Sch. Excelsior, 38.30 tons, owned by Capt. George Merchant, Jr., and others, sunk at her anchors in Marblehead harbor.   Crew saved.  Value $1,000; insurance, $875.  Abandoned to the underwriters.

19th - Daniel Manning and John Donnelly were lost when their dory went astray from sch. William T. Smith.



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