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2nd - Michael Morrison, of sch. Willie M. Stevens, disappeared at St. Pierre, Miq., and supposed to have been drowned; he was 34 years and a native of Newfoundland.

8th - Thomas Carter, a native of Canso, N. S., unmarried, was washed overboard from Sch. Hazel Oneita on passage from Fortune Bay, N. F., and drowned.


James McDougall, of sch. Essex, was capsized in a dory on Cashes in February and drowned; he left a widow. Harry G. King, a native of Cariboo Cove, C. B. , fell overboard from the mainboom of sch. James G. Blaine and drowned. Charles Doucette, Charles Dagle and Reuben Corney washed overboard from sch. Judique, the succeeding wave landed them aboard the vessel where they were able to seize hold of ropes and save themselves.

4th - Alfred Bona, a native of Fayal, abut 20 years of age, was washed overboard form sch. Ethel on Georges and drowned.

7th - Edward McKay, 25, a native of Guysboro, N. S., fell overboard from sch. Edward A. Perkins on Western bank and was drowned. Abraham Smith, a native of Placentia Bay, N. F. was lost overboard from sch. Magnolia at Fortune Bay, N. F. He was 23 years of age and unmarried.

13th - Sch. Ella F. Bartlett wrecked on Munroe Island, off Portland, Me. The crew had a narrow escape, but succeeded in getting ashore on the island where they found shelter in the hut of three lobstermen, the only persons on the island.


18th - John Moulesong, 35, a native of Tusket Head, N. S., washed overboard from sch. Nannie C. Bohlin on Banquereau, and was drowned.

19th - Hugh McIsaac of sch. Amos Curter, a native of Cape Breton, 33, drowned in the harbor.

20th - James Tracy drowned off Highland Light by the capsizing of a dory from sch. Ada K. Damon of Provincetown.

27th - Sch. William H. Jordan wrecked at Grand Bruit, N. F., crew saved. George Brown, a native of Prince Edward Island, 25, and unmarried, was washed overboard from sch. Norumbega on the passage from New York, and was drowned.

29th - Enoch Stewart, of sch. A. D. Story, died at the Marine Hospital in Chelsea; he was a native of East Port Medway, N. S., and 27 years of age.

30th - Sch. Iceland of Boston, fitted at this port for an Iceland trip. was hove down and abandoned at sea. One of her crew, Thomas Aspecker, alias Joseph Isaacs, a native of St. Pierre, Miq., was washed overboard and drowned. He had followed fishing from this port for several years. Peter Peterson had his leg broken. Norman Florsen was washed overboard but grasped the hawser and crawled to a place of safety. The crew were taken off by a passing steamer.


Albert Hanson, of sch. Stranger, was capsized in a dory at St. Pierre. He got ashore on Green Island, where he remained three days without food or drink and had his feet badly frozen. Two Nova Scotia fishermen who were in the dory with him were drowned.

6th - Sch. Ernesta capsized in a squall thirty miles off Bernegat while on a Southern mackerel trip, and sank in three minutes. Six of the crew drowned.

11th - Sch. Mystic, owned by Capt. John McKinnon, destroyed by fire on the passage from Boston to Gloucester, crew saved. Sch. Helen R. Low burned in the harbor.

12th - James Vino, 25, a native of Arichat, C. B., washed overboard from sch. Mildred V. Leo on the passage from the Banks, and drowned. William Tracy, 60 years and married, drowned in McKenzie's dock. Body recovered.

15th - Thomas Tracy, aged 50, one of the crew of sch. John S. Presson, disappeared, supposed drowned in the harbor.

18th - Joseph Tritell, age 28 unmarried, a native of Bordeaux, France, lost overboard from sch. Carrie W. Babson on Western Bank.

19th - Isaac Herbert, a native of Birchtown, Shelburne Co., N. S. and James Pellem drowned in a dory from sch. Sarah F. Lee in St. Pierre Harbor.

22nd - Frank Lufkin, 31, a native of Gloucester, died suddenly on board sch. Nellie M. Davis off Cape Henry. Body brought home.


3rd - Capt. Fred. S. Hellier, a native of Gloucester, fell from rigging of sch. Enola C. of Boston, and died. His body was brought to this city and buried.

6th - Arthur White, age 19, a native of Yarmouth, N. S., one of the crew of sch. Ellie G. King, drowned by capsizing of a dory. His dorymate, Lewis Surrette, was rescued.

10th - Elias Barrigan and John Emanuel, about 30, natives of Canso, N. S., unmarried, capsized in a dory from sch. Hustler on Banquereau, and drowned.

13th - John Williams, 49 years, married, a native of Gloucester, drowned by the capsizing of his boat off Norman's Woe. His boatmate, Capt. William Rackliffe rescued by sloop Petrel. Henry Flood, of sch. Edith S. Walen lost at sea.

14th - James Fitzpatrick of Newfoundland and George Murrow of Halifax, N. S., went astray in dory from sch. Oliver Wendall Holmes .

16th - Tynanden Oladner, of sch. Concord, shipped at Iceland, was drowned by the capsizing of a dory. He was about 25 years of age and married.


2nd - Capt. Murdock McInnis, married, master of sch. Triton died of heart disease on board that vessel off Pollock Rip. His body was brought home for burial.

19th - Patrick Powers, 20, a native of Belle Isle, Conception Bay, N. F., and Michael Tubrert, a native of Hollywood, Conception Bay, N. F. , two of the crew of sch. Senator Frye, frowned on Grand Bank by overloading their dory.  [Powers' brother Matthew was lost in 1901 with the loss of the Iolanthe, and brother Thomas was lost with the Fame in 1908.]

28th - Oscar Andrews capsized in dory from sch. Edward A. Perkins and drowned.


18th - Frank Gorman, aged 23, unmarried, one of the crew of sch. Hattie D. Linnell, jumped overboard from a sailboat in the harbor and was drowned. Body recovered Aug. 22.


Sch. Pioneer lost with all her crew on Georges in one of the August gales.

5th - Sch. William H. Wellington dismasted and sunk off Coffie's Island, near Liverpool, N. S., while on the way home from North Bay with a fare of mackerel.

13th - Sch. Helen F. Tredick took fire and burned at East Pubnico, N. S., crew safe.

21st - Charles Bushing, a native of Harbor Bouche, N. F., married, washed overboard from sch. Harry G. French on Banquereau, and was drowned. Sch. Grace L. Fears struck by a heavy sea in the gale, and narrowly escaped foundering. The man at the wheel was lashed at his post seventeen hours before reaching port at Liverpool, N. S.

23rd - Sch. Faragut wrecked at Shag Harbor, N. S. in the gale.

25th - William Gray, 35, unmarried, a native of McPherson's Ferry, Straits of Canso, N. S., drowned by the overloading of a dory from sch. Maggie and May.

29th - John VanAmburg, married, Nelson Nickerson, single, both of Argyle, N. S. , went astray from sch. Bertha May on Jeffries and were not afterwards heard from.

30th - Charles Damlberg, aged 25, a native of Sweden, capsized in dory from sch. Edward Trevoy and died on board the vessel after being picked up; body taken ashore at Newfoundland and buried. His dorymate got on the bottom of the dory and was rescued.


5th - Emedia Rose, a lobster fisherman, capsized and drowned in the harbor. Body recovered Sept. 7th. His dorymate grasped the dory and drifted ashore.

21st - George Nickerson and Frederick Norton, Swedes, lost in dory from sch. Fernwood on Grand Bank. Nickerson left a widow, two sons, and a daughter.

23rd - Capt. John Perry and Joseph Francis (mate) of sch. Checorna washed overboard off the New Jersey coast and drowned.

24th - Angus Cameron of sch. Judique, died of apoplexy in the Banks. He had a wife and several children in this city. His body was taken ashore and buried at Newfoundland.

25th - Sch. Adam M. Hall struck on a rock, caught fire and burned off Scatterie, C. B., crew saved.


8th - Charles Cole, 23, a native of this city, one of the crew of sch. Pendragon drowned at Newport, R. I.

9th - Capt. Fred Merchant of sch. Mary A. Downes was shaken off the mainboom on the passage from Salem to Gloucester, and was sinking for the last time when rescued by the crew and was resuscitated after long-continued exertions.

19th - Joshua Higgins, a native of Orland, Me., but a long resident of this city, 62 years of age, died of heart disease off shore on board fishing sloop Breeze.

21st - Sch. Henry Friend wrecked on Shovelful Shoal, crew saved. Sch. Charles S. Tappan engaged in the Georges fishery, wrecked at Little Glace Bay, C. B., crew saved.


9th - John McKenzie of sch. Mildred V. Lee died at Halifax, N. S. where he had been landed sick.

14th - Capt. Oscar Devine, of sch. Joseph B. Maguire died at his home at Barrington, N. S., where he had a family and had been landed on account of sickness.


Sch. Hattie L. Newman, wrecked at Lower English harbor at Fortune Bay, N. F., while on a herring voyage in December. Her crew had a narrow escape with their lives, saving nothing but the captain's truck which floated out of the cabin and was secured.
William Nickerson, one of the crew of sch. Falcon, died on board that vessel of apoplexy on a George's trip, and was buried at Shelburne, N. S.

10th - Sch. Senator Lodge, bound to Newfoundland on a herring trip, wrecked at Port Nova, C. B.; crew saved Sch. Eliza R. wrecked at Hound Cross Islands, near Lunenburg, N. S. Her crew were rescued in an exhausted condition after being compelled to remain on the wreck all night.

12th - Edward Hanlan a native of Canso, N. S. went astray in a dory from sch. Golden Eagle in a snow squall about six miles off Halifax Rock, and was never heard from. Two of his shipmates who went astray at the same time were picked up.

18th - Sch. Spencer F. Baird lost, with crew of fourteen men lost.

20th - Sch. Star of the East abandoned on Cashes Bank, having lost her rudder and sprung a leak. Her crew were taken off by sch. Volunteer and landed in Boston, saving nothing but their clothing.



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