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10th - Thomas Landry, a native of Arichat, C. B., single, 24, fell overboard from the mainboom of sch. Horace B. Parker on LeHave bank.

11th - Augustus G. Kench, native of Prince Edward Island, washed overboard from sch. Annie C. Hall on Georges.

12th - Andrew Johnson died on board sch. Hustler.

18th - Richard Hearn, 32, native of Spain, unmarried, knocked overboard form sch. Edward A. Perkins off Eastern Point.

21st - Sch. Yosemite went ashore on Ram island, near Lockeport, N. S., while on passage home from Newfoundland with a frozen herring trip. Joseph Perry, the cook, was drowned when the vessel struck and Philip Fiander had both legs broken and died of his injuries on the rock before assistance came. The day following the wreck, after the men had remained on the rock for nearly twenty-four hours, the mate, Patrick Rose, swam through the breakers to the shore a distance of about 300 feet, with a line, and was thus enabled to save the lives of the rest of the crew.

26th - Sch. Lizzie J. Greenleaf lost in gale, crew of fifteen men lost.

27th - William Mosher, a native of Liverpool, N. S., washed overboard from sch. Agnes E. Downes.

28th - James Osborne, 35, native of Newfoundland, washed overboard from sch. Hattie Evelyn on Georges. Capt. John McDonald, master of sch. James G. Blaine, and Hugh Skinner, washed overboard from the schooner on Georges. Capt. McDonald was 30 years of age, a native of Cape Breton, a widower, and left three children. Skinner was also a native of Cape Breton, 22, and unmarried.

29th - Richard Howlett, 35, a native of St. Mary's Bay, N. F., knocked overboard from sch. J. W. Collins on Georges, left a widow in this city. Robert Hawes, 30, native of Newfoundland, washed overboard from sch. A. M. Burnham on Brown's Bank. Capt. William N. Wells, master of the sch. Helen G. Wells, washed overboard from the schooner on LeHave bank. He was a widower, 48, a native of Guysboro, N. S., land left eight children. Sch. Maggie and Lily foundered on Georges, the crew being taken off by sch. Edith M. McInnis, and landed at Shelburne, N. S.


4th - Cassie Muse, 26, a native of Newfoundland, washed overboard from sch. Hattie E. Worcester on Grand bank.

10th - Harry Olsen and Norman Jeddrey, two of the crew of the sch. Edward A. Perkins, drowned on Banquereau by the capsizing of their dory. Olsen was 25, a native of Hamnerfest, Norway, and Jeddrey 25, a native of Yarmouth, N. S. Sch. Hattie N. Graham searched for smuggling liquors.

11th - Capt. Joseph E. Graham pleaded guilty of smuggled liquors.


7th - James F. Carter, 22, a native of Boothbay, Me., washed from the bowsprit of sch. Carrier Dove on Georges.

17th - Victor Erickson, 25 years, a native of Finland, thrown overboard from sch. Edward Trevoy on Georges by lurch of the vessel. Eleventh anniversary of the Master Mariner's Association.


6th - Robert Muise and Theodore Babine went astray from sch. William E. Morrissey. Muise was 25, a native of Newfoundland, and Babine 30, a native of Nova Scotia.

9th - Sch. Bonita foundered off Gurnet light; crew saved.

10th - John Petipaw and Thomas Williams, two of the crew of sch. Lizzie Griffin, went astray in their dory on Grand Bank. Petipaw was 30, a native of Arichat, C. B., and Williams about the same age, a native of Newfoundland.

16th - Daniel McDonald, one of the crew of sch. Mattie D. Brundage of Boston, drowned at Reed & Gamage's wharf; a native of Canso, N. S., 24 years. Sch. Charles H. Taylor wrecked on Sable Island while on a fresh halibut trip. Crew saved with great difficulty, five dories being smashed in leaving the vessel.


2nd - Sch. Robert Dorrity goes ashore at Halibut Point.

13th - Schs. Louisa Polley and Hattie M. Graham struck by steamers.

28th - Joseph Sonia, a native of Nova Scotia and Alex Shiffen, a native of St. Mary's Bay, N. F., went astray from sch. Joseph Rowe on the banks and after rowing to land, were drowned while attempting to land at Bacalieu light, N. F.

29th - Capt. William D. Chard struck by falling mast and seriously injured.


22nd - Samuel Lowry, 35, a native of Canso, N. S., one of the crew of sch. Hattie M. Burnham, drowned off Block Island by being run down by the vessel while in a seine boat.


3rd - Frank Mitchell, a boat fisherman, run down off Eastern Point by a fishing schooner but saved.

6th - Augustus Nelson, 43, rigger, killed by falling from masthead of sch. Addison Center of Provincetown.

8th - John Huey, 50, a native of Bristol, Me., died on board sch. Triton on Georges.

9th - Edward Carrigan, 45, native of Baine Harbor, Me., died of heart disease on board sch. Procyon on the Banks.

10th - John Huey died on board sch. Triton, aged 50 years.

13th - Capt. Zacharie Surratt presented with pair of marine glasses for saving crew of British steamer Warwick.

14th - Olof Ericson, one of the crew of steam lighter John Wise, died in Portland, his skull being fractured by a fall.

31st - Sch. William M. McDonald went ashore at Great Point, Nantucket while of a seining trip. Crew saved.


18th - John Nelson and Charles Reno, two of the crew of sch. S. P. Willard, went astray form their vessel on Grand Bank and probably drowned by the capsizing of their dory. Nelson was a native of Norway and Reno was a native of Burette Island, N. F.

21st - Sch. Marathon sprung a leak and foundered off Cape North, C. B. while on a mackerel trip. Crew took to their boats and rowed to land.


11th - George Muise, 21, native of Tusket Hill, N. S., one of the crew of sch. John L. Nicholson, drowned on Grand Banks, by the capsizing of his dory. John Muise, his dorymate, clung to the dory until rescued.

16th - Sch. Cordova went ashore at Pass Island, N. F., while pursuing the fresh halibut fishery; crew saved.

18th - One of the crew of sch. John L. Nicholson, name unknown, was drowned by the upsetting of his dory on the Brand Banks.

24th - James Doucette and Eugene Burke, two of the crew of sch. Elsie M. Devine, drowned by the capsizing of their dory. Both men were natives of Nova Scotia.


9th - Charles Sanberg, a native of Sweden, one of the crew of sch. Virginia, on a codfishing trip, out since April 15, died at Bay Bulls, N. F. of brain fever.

17th - Paving sloop Alfred A., of Rockport sunk off Marblehead in a gale; two of crew, Merrill H. Reed and P. Everett Conley, being drowned. The sloop was taking a cargo of paving from Rockport to Boston. Reed was a native of Boothbay, 55 years, and left a widow and son. Conley was a native of Rockport, 35, and single.

19th - Sch. Hustler lost with crew of fourteen men.

23 - Simon Moulison, one of the crew of sch. Parthia, washed overboard on Grand Bank. Capt. Jesse Morton, of that same vessel, said that while he had encountered heavier winds, he never saw a worse sea than was running during the gale. The vessel parted twice and was struck by a heavy sea which hove her down, swept the deck, taking butts and oil barrels, breaking booms and gaffs, smashing dories and ripping the battens off the hatches. The vessel came back quickly and the crew went to work clearing the wreck of the dories away from the main hatch so that they could batten it down again, when another sea came at them. The men jumped for places of safety, but Moulison got caught between the dories and was thrown heavily against the sail. Another of the crew, Henry Doucette, was washed overboard, but was saved, although severely shaken up and receiving a bad sprain of one of his ankles. Some idea of the height of the wave can be imagined when it is known that one of the crew who stood on the tenth ratline of the main rigging, had his sou'wester town off by the sea. The first sea hove the Parthia down so far that her mast heads lay in the water and the cabin was filled, the stove being overturned and everything to windward going into the leeward bunks. Everything possible was done for Moulison, and he seemed to be better when Bay Bulls was reached. No bones were broken, but it could be seen that he was injured internally. The best medical attendance was secured at Bay Bulls, but Moulison died, and was buried there.


Sch. Anne and Mary lost in one of the severe gales on November; entire crew of 13 men lost.
Provincetown sch. Susan R. Stone is lost with nineteen men aboard.

9th - Thomas Saunders, 45, one of the crew of sch. Zenobia died at Bay Bulls, N. F.

12th - Sch. John E. McKenzie lost in gale; crew of eighteen men lost. Sch. Carrie E. Lane foundered on LaHave bank in the same gale, while engaged in the handline fishery, the crew being taken off by Sch. J. W. Collins and landed at Liverpool, N. S. The vessel sank a few minutes after the men were taken off.

20th - Manuel Genoriao Cunha, one of the crew of sch. Two Forty, attacks shipmates while insane, seriously wounding four men, in Boston, and cuts his own throat.


3rd - Capt. Harry Anderson, 37, native of Deer Island, Me., master of sch. Norman Fisher, fell overboard from the schooner on LeHave bank; leaves widow and one child.

6th - Kenneth McPherson, 40, native of Cape Breton, died at the Addison Gilbert hospital, having been handed from sch. Talisman.

18th - Sch. Grace L. Fears lost with crew of seven men. James Phalen, 21, native of Whitehead, N. S. washed overboard from sch. Masconomo on Bank Quero.

24th - Sch. Mayflower went ashore at Cape Negro, N. S., while engaged in the haddock fishery; crew saved.

26th - Capt. Carl Hagberg, 56, native of Sweden, master of sch. Dora A. Lawson, knocked overboard in the harbor, leaves widow and one child.



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