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John G. Smith and John Davis from sch. Restless, went astray in their dory on Western Bank.

4th - Louis Beck lost overboard from sch. Sarah C. Pyle.

19th - Charles H. Fisher and Chester W. Denton from sch. Polar Wave, went astray in a dory.

27th - Sch. John Story, Jr., 27.48 tons, owned by Capt. Charles H. Orne and engaged in the Winter shore fishery, run down and sunk off Eastern Point. Crew saved. Value, $800; insurance, $700.


8th - Capt. John McCloud lost in dory from sch. Addison G. Procter.

19th - Sch. Glenwood, 62.44 tons, owned by Rowe & Jordan, also employed in the shore fishery, run into and sunk off Highland Light. Crew saved. Value, $6,000; insurance, $4,113.

14th - Capt. Robert N. Mickey lost overboard on the passage from Fortune Bay.

22nd - Capt. Maurice Walen lost overboard from sch. Marathon, on Georges.

24th - Dennis Lyon lost overboard from sch. Nathaniel Webster. Capt. Martin Nelson lost overboard from sch. Arizona, on Georges.  Herbert Gorman, mate of sch. Flash, went astray at Newfoundland and was never heard from again.

26th - S. Augustus Webb lost overboard from sch. John S. Presson, on Grand Bank.

28th - William Norton and Albert Sulkey from sch. Frederic Gerring, Jr., went astray when tending their nets.


3rd - James Horton and Thomas Kennedy lost in their dory from sch. Edwin C. Dolliver.

17th - Daniel Brynnelson and Stephen Stone went astray from sch. Alfred Walen, on La Have Bank.

26th - Nathaniel Gillis lost overboard from sch. David Crockett and Nelson Mitchell lost overboard from sch. Edwin C. Dolliver, on Grand Bank. John O’Brien lost overboard from sch. Joseph O., on Georges.


Sch. Janet Middleton lost sometime in April or May, eleven men lost.
Sch. James L. Shute also lost on Grand Bank in April or May; fourteen men lost.
Sch. Kearsarge lost on Georges, crew of eleven men.

8th - Sch. Henrietta Greenleaf capsized and sunk on passage to Grand Bank.

10th - George Carpenter lost overboard from sch. Robert Emmett, on Georges.

18th - George Patience and Charles Anderson went astray in their dory from sch. Fitz j Babson and John McMillan and John McAuley from sch. J. F. Allen also lost.


Sch. Saratoga is declared missing, with crew of eleven, possibly twelve men.

23rd - Boat Bonanza, owned by Capt. John Carter, was wrecked in the offshore fishery, off Plymouth. Crew saved. Value, $6oo; uninsured.


27th - David Shearer and William Diggers from sch. Hereward went astray and were lost.


Sch. Job Johnson, 64.07 tons, owned by Joseph O. Procter, run down and sunk on Grand Bank. Crew saved. Value, $6,350; insurance,.$5,182.

4th - Alfred Meyers lost overboard from sch. Edward E. Webster, on Grand Bank.

6th - Sch. Challenge, 36.16 tons, owned by Eben H. and Franklin Griffin, wrecked on the Maine coast in the shore mackerel fishery. Crew saved. Value, $1,000; uninsured.

24th - N. T. Chatto lost overboard from sch. Bloomer, off Portsmouth.


Charles Olsen and Charles Strimm lost in dory from sch. Aberdeen, in August;

20th - Sch. Col. Ellsworth, 82.45 tons, owned by Capt. Oliver F. Howard and engaged in the Bay St. Lawrence mackerel fishery, lost at the Magdalen Islands. Crew saved. Value, $5,500; insurance, $4,800.


Sch. Walter M. Falt, seen dismasted and water-logged. Crew never heard from.

20th - Nicholas Surratt went astray in a dory from sch. Shiloh.

21st - Sch. Reliance, 46.49 tons, owned by Walen & Allen, also employed in Bay mackereling, lost near Canso. Crew saved. Value, $3,600; insurance, $2,550.

27th - Angus McKay and George Party went astray from sch. Epes Tarr.

29th - Sch. Tiber, 44.70 tons, also owned by Walen & Allen, another of the Bay St. Lawrence fleet, wrecked at Louisburg. Crew saved. Value, $1,775; insurance, $850.


Sch. George Peabody, of Salem, chartered by Capt. George W. Plumer of this city, was wrecked in the Bay St. Lawrence in October and sold for $1,500.

6th - Charles Haley went astray from sch. Charles P. Thompson.

12th - Richard Tibbetts lost overboard from sch. Charles P. Barrett, on Middle Bank.

16th - Sch. Joseph F. Allen presumed lost. Crew of ten lost.  James Sigsworth, Frank Dunn and Daniel McNeil lost overboard from sch. P. A. Smith, on Grand Bank.


2nd - Sch. Mazeppa, 47.57 tons, owned by Capt. Gilman Roberts, lost at Brace’s Cove in the shore fishery.. Crew saved. Value, $1,000; insurance, $700.


Michael Morgan lost overboard from sch. Victor, on Grand Bank, in December.

Sch. Gettysburg, 70.32 tons, owned by Cunningham & Thompson, employed in Bank fishing, abandoned.  Crew taken off and landed at Plymouth, Eng. Value, $5,400; insurance, $4,350.
Sch. Ellen Frances lost, presumed in storm of Dec. 9th - 11th. Crew of four lost.
Sch. William T. Merchant , crew of twelve lost.
Sch. D. E. Woodbury lost with crew of ten.
Sch. John S. Tyler lost with crew of ten.
Sch. J. F. Huntress lost, crew of ten lost.
Sch. Howard Steele lost. Crew of eleven men.
Sch. Modena B. Jerauld and crew lost in the gales.
Sch. Wyoming lost in the gales with a crew of nine.
Sch. Robert Emmett lost in the gales, crew of nine men.

10th - Sch. Daniel A. Burnham, 72.35 tons, owned by Leonard Walen capsized and abandoned in Grand Bank fishery. Crew taken off. Value, $6,500; insurance, $5,500.  George Miller lost overboard from sch. Howard on Grand Bank.

11th - Sch. Lancet, 56.76 tons, owned by Joseph O. Procter, engaged in the Georges fishery, abandoned on Georges. One of the crew, John Kirby, washed overboard and drowned. - Value, $3,000; insurance, $2,500.  Joseph Teddy and Charles Cook lost overboard from sch. Ruth Groves, on Georges.



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