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Sch. Royal Oak lost at Louisburg, C. B. Crew saved, wreck sold for $60.00. Michael O'Neal and John White were lost in a dory from sch. Addison G. Proctor and were picked up after four days' exposure without food or drink.

1st - Duncan McMasters washed overboard from sch. Mascot on haddocking trip.

13th - Merton Eaton and Havelock Tremaine were capsized in dory while visiting trawls off Cape Cod; got hold of dory; Eaton was washed off three times, but his dorymate swam to his rescue and finally held him to the dory until assistance came.

31st - Thomas Flemming washed overboard from sch. Everett Pierce on a haddocking trip.


7th - Louis Pezant washed overboard from sch. Annie C. Hall on Grand Banks.

14th - Robert Roberts fell overboard from sch. Susie Hooper on haddocking trip

26th - George Wilson washed overboard from sch. Belle Franklin on haddocking trip.

28th - Sch. Magic lost on Georges, crew of twelve men lost.
Sch. Phoenix lost with crew of fourteen men on board. Joseph Elliott washed overboard from sch. Schuyler Colfax on haddocking trip. Benjamin Newell thrown overboard from sch. Isaac Chapman by a lurch of the vessel. Thomas Harris lost overboard from sch. Nevada in same gale.


5th - John McKenna fell from the bowsprit of sch. Col. J. H. French; the vessel went over him and he was rescued by catching a line thrown to him while he was five fathoms under water.

13th - Benjamin Woodwell, of sch. Arizona, died suddenly on Georges.

14th - George R. Summers, of sch. E. L. Rowe, fell overboard from Lane's Wharf and drowned.

15th - Edward McKay, Roderick Steele, John Lawson and Samuel Hayward lost in dories from sch. Minnesota. Robert Wetherbee, of sch. Minnesota, caught in bight of main-sheet while the vessel was jibing on the Banks and was killed.

18th - Alsten T. Brown of sch. Edith Rowe fell from aloft while loosing the gaff-topsail, and killed. Randall Cameron and Duncan McMasters lost in dory from sch. Electa A. Eaton on Western Bank.

31st - Sch. William S. Baker lost on the passage from New York for Boothbay. Crew of five lost.


2nd - James Dutreheirsh lost overboard from sch. Frederick L. Webb while reefing mainsail on Georges, and drowned.

4th - Sch. Viking lost at Newcomb's Hollow. Crew saved having a narrow escape.

8th - John Barrd fell overboard from sch. Charles P. Barrett on Georges and drowned.

27th - Jeff. Bushey washed from flying-jibboom of sch. Howard Holbrook and drowned.


Oscar Olsen washed overboard from sch. Lorring B. Haskell. The French brig Senorine, from St. Malo with fishermen passengers, was lost on Grand Bank in May; sixty-two men lost.

1st - William Doyle, of sch. M. A. Baston drowned at Ketch Harbor, N. S.

11th - Michael Henneberry, cook of sch. Fannie W. Freeman died suddenly at Tarpaulin Cove.

16th - Michael McCormack capsized in dory from sch. T. Herbert on Jeffrey's.


7th - Sch. Fanny Fern run down and sunk on the passage home from Georges. Four crew members drowned.

13th - John and Angus Morris, brothers, capsized in dory from sch. Rebecca Bartlett.

20th - Edward Olsen and Albion Johnson capsized in dory from sch. Anne & Mary on Banquereau.


8th - Twelve of the crew of sch. Abby F. Morris became separated from their vessel in a gale, the fog being dense. Only the captain and cook were left on board, and they remained on the fishing grounds for twenty-four hours, when they secured assistance from another vessel to raise the anchor and succeeded in working the vessel into Luscomb Harbor, where three men were shipped to help bring her home. The twelve men experienced great hardships, but were finally picked up, two of them being in their dory three days and three nights without food or water.

9th - Four of the crew of sch. Alice M. Williams were lost in two dories on the Iceland grounds; two were picked up, and two rowed seventy miles to Dyrefiord.

19th - William Levanger of sch. Lizzie M. Center killed on railway at Canso, N. S.


Joseph Lowey and William Handley of sch. Estelle of Guysboro, N. S. adrift three days and three nights.

6th - Sch. Shooting Star wrecked on the Nova Scotia coast, crew saved.

9th - Sch. E. L. Rowe lost on Avery's Ledge. Crew saved.

11th - George Cook fell overboard from sch. T. Herbert while going into Shag Harbor and drowned.

30th - Capt. Maxner of sch. Montezuma of Beverly, drowned off Liverpool, N. S.


6th - John Moren and John Johnsen swamped in dory from sch. Admiral on Grand Bank.

11th - Sch. Twilight of Yarmouth, N. S. was wrecked on Shag Rock, off Cranberry Island, Me. The captain and two of the crew got out a dory, which was struck by a sea, killing the captain and one of the men. The others of the crew reached the rock, one of them after being in the water nearly half an hour and receiving severe bruises. Their situation upon the rock, only partially clad, with the waves constantly breading over them, was perilous in the extreme. Some of the number were washed off, but were helped back again by their companions. For thirteen hours they maintained their insecure hold, until they were discovered by a passing schooner and taken off.

15th - Thomas Hennesey of sch. Noonday fell overboard from Maddocks' wharf and drowned.


10th - Capt. J. Seward McDonald of sch. Ivanhoe fell form aloft and killed in Bay St. Lawrence.

25th - Dominick Dulong fell from flying-jibboom of sch. Asa T. Gifford and drowned.

31st - James Farnsworth washed overboard from sch. Carl Schurz on Dog Bar, and drowned. Five other members of the crew, washed overboard by the heavy sea were rescued. Thomas Martin of sch. Sterling fell overboard from Pew's wharf and drowned.


5th - Sch. Josephine of Rockport lost on Little Boar's Head. Crew saved.

15th - Sch. Hildegarde lost on Little River Island, Me. Crew saved.

21st - Sch. St. Peter , Edward Cantillon, master, lost off Portsmouth, N. H. engaged in codfishery. The crew was below when she struck, and rushing on deck found that she was ashore, with a thick snow storm filling the air. They remained on the wreck four hours, leaving in their dories just as she jumped off and sunk in four fathoms of water. They were picked up by sch. Lizzie A. Robbey and taken to Portsmouth.

22nd - Sch. Edward Haskell, a new vessel owned by Mr. Samuel Haskell, lost at Cape Canso, N. S. Went ashore in the night, and after making an ineffectual attempt to land the crew were obliged to remain on the wreck until morning, when they effected a landing on an uninhabited island where they remained without fire, food, or water for twenty-four hours, suffering greatly from cold and exposure, when they were taken off by persons from the mainland, some ten miles distant, who had seen their signals.


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