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Sch. Henry W. Longfellow had a narrow escape from total loss in a January gale.  Having broken her foreboom bail and main-gaff she was compelled to anchor near the breakers between Half Moon ledges and La Blanche point, N. S.  During the night one cable chafed off and she began to drag until her stern was nearly in the breakers.  The sail was set, the captain lashed to the wheel, and the crew took to the rigging, and she was jumped through the breakers, the sea making a clean sweep of everything movable on deck and three of the crew being knocked over and badly injured.  She passed through to safety and put into Shelburne for repairs.

3rd - Thomas Hanson of sch. William H. Jordan capsized in dory on Georges and drowned.  Body recovered and brought in.  Dory-mate Alex. McDonald, clung to bottom of dory and was rescued.  Hanson was a native of Denmark, about 35, and left a widow in this city.

9th - Sch. Juliet of Belfast Me foundered off Thacher's Island and two men drowned.

17th - Edgar S. Brown, 35, native of Port Medway, N. S., having a wife and two children in this city, was lost overboard from U. S. Grampus on the passage from Key West. 
Andrew Munroe, of White Head, N. S. and John Buffett, of Port Au Basque, N. F. of sch. John G. Whittier capsized and drowned.  Both unmarried.

24th - Sch. Bartie Pierce, while on her way home from Newfoundland with a cargo of 800 bbls. salt herring, was wrecked on Cape Island, N. S.; crew saved.

28th - Michael Malone, a native of St. Johns, N. F., 52, was lost overboard from sch. Oliver Eldridge while outward bound for Georges, about four miles off Eastern Point.


5th - Sch. Fannie Belle was wrecked at Langley Head, Miquelon, while on the passage home form Newfoundland with a cargo of frozen herring; crew saved.

11th - George Peterson, of sch. Sarah M. Jacobs, died on the passage home from Georges, body brought in.

15th - George Reynolds of sch. Ida May was lost in a dory off shore and after being adrift all night was picked up completely benumbed and fagged out by the steamer Worcester.  The weather was very cold, and finding that one of his feet was freezing he put them both over the side of the dory into the water to keep them from freezing.

26th - Sch. Clyde, having a cargo of herring, was wrecked at Gerring Island, Kittery, Me.; crew saved. 
Alex. Malonson, about 24, unmarried, fell overboard from sch. Anna Wesley on the passage home from Banquereau and was drowned.


5th - Sch. Isaac A. Chapman, while on the passage from Fortune Bay, went ashore on Plum Island, Newburyport, and was practically a total loss, although she was got off and rebuilt.

19th - Peter Landry, a native of Arichat, C. B., about 38, a widower with one child,, was washed overboard from sch. J. H. Carey on the banks.

20th - Andrew Anderson, of sch. Golden Hind, drowned by the capsizing of a dory off Port au Basque, N. F.  His dorymate, George Thurston, clung to the dory and was rescued.

23rd - Steamer Eglantine arrived from Trapani with the first cargo of salt ever brought to this port by a steamer

26th - Sch. Shiloh presumed to have been run down, crew of fourteen men lost.

28th - Theophilus Babine, of sch. Louisa J. Kenney, was washed from the bowsprit and drowned on Grand bank.   Left a widow and four children at Pubnico, N. S., where he belonged.


5th - Robert R. Rankin 21, native of Pictou, N. S., lost overboard from sch. Spencer F. Baird on Iceland trip. Anthony Hines of sch. Lottie S. Morton died on Georges.  Left a widow and four children in this city.  Body brought in.

6th - Daniel McDonald, of Antigonish, N. S., of sch. Lizzie Griffin died onboard on the passage to Western Bank.  Buried at Halifax, N. S.

7th - Thomas Kennedy, about 32, of Waterford, Ireland,  washed overboard from sch. Grace C. Hadley

29th - Sch. Anna B. Cannon wrecked on Milk Island on the passage home from the Banks.  The crew barely escaped with their lives.


4th - John Malone, a widower with one child, of Wood's Harbor, N. S., one of the crew of sch. Starry Flag,landed and died at Yarmouth, N. S.

7th - J. Edward Saunders lost overboard form sch. Quickstep of Rockport

9th - Wm. Babineau, 38 and married, and Samuel Vineau, 25, single, both of Arichat, capsized in dory from sch. Senator Frye and drowned. 
Fishing boat Mabel sprung a leak ten miles east of Chatham.  Her crew of three men were picked up after rowing for several hours.

16th - Sch. Champion was run down and sunk by Sch. Willie Parkman of Portsmouth five miles off Thacher's Island; crew saved.

26th - Antone Martin Lonson, 28, a native of Sweden,  lost overboard from sch. Ernest F. Norwood


John Fayan, of St. Mary's Bay, N. F., and Thomas Thompson, of Sable River, N. F., went astray from sch. Ben Hur on Grand Bank in June.

1st - Mark A. Sears, age 16, drowned off Pavillion Beach. Edward Stone and John Johnson went astray in a dory from sch. Annie C. Hall on the banks.

15th - Nathan Goodwin and Granville Spinney went astray from sch. Sarah C. Pyle and after rowing 35 miles effected a landing at Lockeport, N. S. the next day.

27th - Sch. Edward E. Webster wrecked at Alaska, afterwards got off


1st - Samuel Hutchinson and Samuel Smith went astray from sch. Carleton Bell of Boothbay and were five days without other nourishment than a quart of water and raw fish before being picked up.

23rd - Thomas Smith, 25, and Edward Roberts, 24, both of Canso and unmarried,  of sch. John G. Whittier capsized in dory and drowned.  Sch. Herman Babson wrecked at Baine Harbor, N. F.; crew saved.

24th - Sch. Herman Babson wrecked at Newfoundland.


1st - Sch. Vinnie M. Getchell run down and sunk; crew saved.

10th - Austin W. Schenck, age 45, drowned at Rockport


9th - Stephen Morehouse, of sch. Iolanthe, died at sea.  His remains were landed at Liverpool, N. S., near where he lived and had a family.

20th - Sch. Sarah C. Pyle parted her cable and drifted ashore at Matinicus, and became a total loss; crew saved.

28th - Sch. Mystery made the run from Thatcher's Island to Pubnico, N.S. in 17 hours


7th - John Watkins, 22, belonging at Cape Sable, of sch. Emma W. Dyer, capsized in dory and drowned on Grand Bank.

9th - John Peters lost overboard from sch. Aberdeen off Georges

14th - Capt. Bartholomew Walen and Patrick Jennings washed overboard from sch. William Emerson of Boston

23rd - Sch. Perseverance of Bath Me., wrecked on the Londoner

28th - Sch. Mary L Varney of Bath, Me., wrecked on Salvages and sch. Anna L Sanborn dismasted off the Cape.


6th - Sch. Lady Lincoln sunk off Highland Light, crew saved.

10th - John Colby, age 44, knocked overboard from sch. Annie W. Hodgdon and drowned

11th - Capt. John Ford drowned at D. C. & H. Babson's wharf, aged 50

13th - Sch. Lawrence Murdock narrowly escaped being run down by an ocean steamer

17th - Alexander Nelson fatally injured by falling from aloft on board sch. Lizzie M. Stanwood, dying the next day. Willie J. Martin of sch. Lucy Devlin capsized in dory and narrowly escaped drowning.

18th - Alonzo Callahan capsized in dory from sch. Gertie Evelyn, and drowned

25th - Edward McMasters capsized in dory from sch. Lizzie Griffin

29th - Fishing sch. Three Brothers sunk off Norman's Woe and Charles Hoyt, alias Golden, age 60, of Maine, and John Batchelder, of Rye, N. H. ,drowned. Capt. Bridges had a narrow escape from drowning, being picked up greatly exhausted by sch. Apollo. The bodies of his companions were recovered.


John Baptiste, a native of Miquelon, about 30 years lost overboard on the banks from sch. Carrie E. Parsons.

22nd - Josiah Hopkins of Bear Point, N. S., and Dennis Devine, a native of Lowell, Mass., of sch. A. M. Burnham drowned by the smashing of their dory. Matthew B. Dedeovitch and Charles Murphy of sch. A. M Burnham were capsized in a dory on the Banks, and had a narrow escape from drowning.

23rd - Sch. Annie M. Jordan bound home from Newfoundland with a cargo of frozen herring, was wrecked on Gallantry Head, St. Pierre, Miq. 


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