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13th - Sch. Fortuna run down and sunk off Cape Cod by steamer Barnstable. Nine of the crew drowned.


9th - Sch. Resolute wrecked at Little Lorraine Island, Louisburg, C. B., while on a Bank halibuting trip. One of the crew, Isaac Rogers, was drowned.

13th - Martin Nelson, native of Norway, washed form the bowsprit of sch. Lizzie Griffin on the Banks, and died from exhaustion after being picked up and taken on board the vessel.

15th - William Boudrot, 23, native of Arichat, C. B., washed from the mainboom of sch. Atlanta, on the Banks.

17th - Daniel Gillis, one of the crew of sch. Henry W. Longfellow, 60, washed overboard on the Banks, native of Prince Edward Island.

25th - William Lehay, 27 one of the crew of the sch. Mariner, drowned on Georges by the capsizing of a dory. Isaac Feener, his companion, pulled him back on the bottom of the dory twice by swimming after him at the risk of his own life, but he was finally swept away by the tide.


7th - Simon Landry washed overboard from sch. Horace B. Parker on Georges, 32, left widow and three children.

9th - James Talbot, one of the crew of sch. Triton, died on Georges from injuries received by a sea, left widow and son.

16th - Albert Babin capsized in a dory from sch. Agnes E. Downes on Georges, a native of Arichat, C. B.


2nd - Henry Gillen, one of the crew of sch. Lottie Gardner, died at Boston City Hospital of pneumonia contracted on Georges, native of Digby, N. S., and 42 years of age.

4th - Joseph Landry, one of the crew of sch. Vigilant, a native of Canso, 36, was drowned in Pew's dock having fallen overboard while boarding the vessel.

23rd - Thomas Fraser and William Carey capsized on Baealieu Bank from sch. John E. McKenzie. Fraser was 28 and left a widow and three children and Carey was 25 and belonged at Witless Bay, N. F.


6th - Reinald Stevenson, 23, and Rastmus Peterson, 30, natives of Norway, two of the crew of sch. Eleanora, capsized in their dory on Georges and drowned.

11th - Henry Howlett, one of the crew of sch. F. R. Walker, died from an overdose of laudanum; 58, leaves tow children.

16th - Stephen Hanlon and Kempton Larkin, lost on the Banks from sch. Edward S. Eveleth by the capsizing of their dory. Larkin was 34 and belonged in East Pubnico, N. S., and Hanlon was 30.

22nd - Albert Day 28, and James May, 29, natives of Newfoundland, belonging to sch. Edith M. Prior capsized in their dory while visiting their trawls on Grand Banks and drowned.

27th - Gerring Roberts, belonging to Argyle, N. S., and John Harnish, belonging in Liverpool, N. S., two of the crew of sch. Louise J. Kenney, capsized in their dory and were drowned on the Banks.


Thomas McRae one of the crew of sch. Essex drowned on the Banks, native of Salmonier, N. F.

2nd - John Larkin died at sea on board sch. Bertha M. Miller of heart disease; 61 years old, left widow and children in East Pubnico, N. S.

7th - Charles Betzanson, 22, native of Chester, N. S., lost from sch. James A. Garfield by being caught in the bight of the main sheet off Cape Shore.

16th - Andrew Anderson, a native of Sweden, one of the crew of sch. Henry M. Stanley, was drowned on Baealieu Bank by the capsizing of his dory. His dorymate clung to a keg and was rescued.

19th - Sch. J. W. Campbell knocked down by a squall while on a mackerelling trip, and the captain and eight men drowned.

29th - Philip Marchant, native of Arichat, C. B., and John H. Thomas of Halifax, N. S., strayed from sch. Helen B. Wells in a fog on Grand Banks and never heard from.


20th - Sch. Blue Jay lost near Point Judith, R. I. while on a southern mackerel trip. Crew saved.


26th - Jacob Jacobson, 60, a Russian Finn, died on board sch. William H. Rider off Nova Scotia of heart disease.


9th - Sch. Elfin wrecked near Manchester, crew saved.

14th - Sch. Silver Dart wrecked near Highland Light, Cape Cod, while engaged in the shore fishery, crew saved.


Fishing smack W. W. Story lost in the equinoctial storms in the middle of October. Eleven men lost.

2nd - Antone Anderson was washed overboard from sch. Florence E. Stream on Middle Bank. He was 27, left a widow and one child. Augustus Beaurimont was washed overboard by the same sea, but grasped the main sheet and hauled himself aboard.


Sch. Emma J. Gott blew up in Salem harbor.

3rd - William D. Munroe, one of the crew of the sch. Lewis H. Giles, drowned on Bacalieu bank, by the capsizing of a dory. His companions, John Mason and Albion Lund, were rescued. Munroe was 39 years, a native of Whitehead, N. S., and left a widow and four children in this city.

16th - Sch. Pathfinder went ashore on Green Island, near Portland, Me., while engaged in the haddock fishery, crew saved.


1st - Daniel E. Barrow washed from the mainboom of sch. Nereid on LeHave bank.

5th - Sch. Willie M. Stevens went ashore at Blanche Point, near Port LaTour, N. S., while on a haddocking trip, while seeking bait. Crew saved.

9th - William T. Hayden native of Canso, washed overboard from sch. J. W. Collins on LeHave bank.

15th - Joseph Brown, 33, widower, leaving one child, killed by a sea on board sch. Grayling.

16th - John Hendricksen, 32, a native of Finland, washed overboard from sch. Elenora off Thacher's Island.

18th - Sch. Fredonia was boarded by a huge sea which broke over the quarter deck, and swept clean over the vessel, carrying away hatches, boat, sails, boom and rudder, and washing James Haley overboard. Olof Olsen was thrown against the bitts and received injuries from which he died in about six hours. The crew kept the vessel afloat by hard and continuous pumping until the morning of the 18th, when the wreck was sighted by the ocean liner Colorado, and the rescue of the 21 survivors accomplished with great difficulty by volunteers from the crew of the steamer, and landed at New York. Haley was about 30 years of age and came to Gloucester from St. John, N. B. Olsen was about the same age and a native of Sweden. Both men were unmarried.

26th - John Wilson and Alex. Nickerson, two of the crew of sch. Lizzie Griffin, drowned on Banquereau by the capsizing of their dory. Wilson was 23 years, unmarried, and belonged in Portland. Nickerson was 25, a native of Russia and single.



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