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The J. W. Campbell


Sch. J. W. Campbell 79.65 tons, built at Boothbay, Me., in 1881, and owned by the Benj. Low Co., knocked down by a squall off Long Island, N. Y., June 19, 1896, while on a mackerelling trip, and the captain and eight men drowned, the vessel sinking in two minutes. Valued at $3000, and uninsured.
The lost men were:

Robert Smith, master, left widow and six children
Frank Silva, left a widow
Dennis J. Maguire, a native of Campobello, C. B., left a widow
Abraham McCormey, left a widow and two children
George Ehler, a native of Cove Harbor, N. S.
William McAllester, a native of Cape Breton
Fred Crane, a native of the Isle of Mann
Charles Doherty, a native of Nova Scotia
Thomas Rogers


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