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The Fortuna


Sch. Fortuna, 118.48 tons, built in Gloucester in 1894, and owned by Davis Brothers, Capt. Augustus G. Hall and Capt. John Greenlaw, engaged in the shore fishery, run down and sunk off Cape cod by steamer Barnstable, January 13, 1896, the vessel sinking in four minutes.
Valued at $11,000 and insured by the Boston Marine Insurance Company for $8500 on the vessel and $1000 on the outfits, with $500 on the outfits in the China Mutual Insurance Company.
Nine of her crew were drowned, as follows:

William Akerman, married, leaves widow and one child
Robert Childs
William Tobin
John Parker,
native of Newfoundland
Crawford Minick, native of Port Medway, N. S.
Harry Memo, native of Lunenbury county, N. S.
Simon Deveau, native of Cheticamp, P. E. I.
Harry McPhee
Thomas Stewart


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