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28th - Charles and Clarence Myers, brothers, of Nova Scotia, capsized in dory from sch. Oceanus, engaged in winter shore fishery.

29th - William Andrews and Nicholas Colberg, lost from sch. Alice G. Wonson on the Banks. Andrews left widow, Colberg widow and five children.


Sch. Annie Hooper lost on Georges in February gale.
Sch. Annie Linwood lost with eleven aboard.
Sch. George B. Loring lost with crew of ten men.
Sch. Gwendolen lost with crew of fourteen men.
Sch. Jacob Bacon lost with crew of twelve men.
Sch. John Dove, with crew of eleven, is lost.
Sch. Joshua S. Sanborn, crew of eleven, is lost.
Sch. Lottie F. Babson is lost with crew of twelve.
Sch. Mary Carlisle is lost with crew of eleven.
Sch. Mary Low, with crew of eleven men, is lost.
Sch. Maud and Effie crew of fourteen, is lost.
Sch. Morning Star lost with crew of ten.
Sch. Otis D. Dana lost with crew of ten.
Sch. Sea Queen lost on Georges with crew of ten.

Andrew Johnson, a Swede, capsized in dory form sch. William H. Oakes on the Banks

8th - John Clancy knocked overboard from sch. S. R. Lane, engaged in winter shore fishery.

15th - Sweeny McKenzie and Charles Coleman of sch. Commonwealth were capsized in a dory on the Banks, and clung to her bottom for an hour and a half with such desperation as to leave the imprints of their fingers in the wood. Coleman slipped from his hold three times, three times his comrade battled the waves for his rescue; he was so far gone when taken on board the vessel that it took three hours to bring him to.

19th - Michael O'Malley fell overboard from sch. Edward A. Horton, engaged in winter shore fishery.

24th - Sch. Rival wrecked at Rye beach while winter fishing, crew saved.

26th - Sch. Edwin C. Dolliver abandoned on Banks, crew saved.


2nd - George Ryan, a native of Connecticut, capsized in dory from sch. William H. Foye on Western Bank. Dorymate John Ritter was saved by means of a plug strap, of which he retained his hold long after he became insensible from exposure.

6th - Daniel McDougal, a native of Cape George, N. S., washed overboard from sch. J. J. Clark

10th - Lewis Thompson, Gordon Scott and William Nickerson swamped in dory from sch. Herbert M. Rogers on Grand Bank. The latter left widow and three children.

18th - John Olsen and Charles Hanson lost in dory from sch. Andrew Leighton on Banks, the latter left widow.

25th - James McDonald, of Port Hawkesbury, George Perking, David B. Tinker of Campobello, and Joseph Goslin, of sch. Ernest F. Norwook, capsized in dory while going ashore at Bliss Harbor, N. B. Perkins left widow and child.

31st - Arthur Hennan and Thomas Davidson lost in dory from sch. Gatherer on the Banks.


Sch. Ada E. Baker lost on the Banks, crew of twelve men lost. Sch. William Thompson lost on Banks with crew of fourteen men.

14th - Sch. Alice M. Lewis wrecked at Townsend on mackerelling trip. Owned by Capt. Jesse Lewis, crew was saved.

16th - George Hudson jumped overboard from sch. Jamestown in this harbor and drowned.


11th - Sch. George S. Low wrecked near Townsend Inlet, crew saved. Sch. Treton wrecked near Deck Island, crew saved.

13th - Peter Brown and Nels Peterson of sch. Frederick Gerring, Jr. were lost on St. Peter's Bank and after four days' exposure with food or drink were picked up by a French schooner.

15th - Sch. Sparkling Wave wrecked on Shovelful Shoal, crew saved.

17th - Henry Apt and John McVikar of sch. Addison G. Procter were lost on St. Peter's Bank, and rowed all the way to St. Peters, being three days without food or drink.


Sch. City of Gloucester wrecked off Chatham. Crew saved.

29th - H. Choate Allen and Michael Coleman of sch. Addison G. Procter were lost in a dory on St. Peter's Bank, and after rowing for four days, an estimated distance of 160 miles, their only sustenance being small bits of halibut swallowed raw, were picked up by a Lockeport schooner.


David Morrison, a native of Cape Breton, capsized in dory from sch. Mary F. Chisholm on the Banks, left a widow in this city.

14th - Sch. Cadet wrecked at Langlaid, N. S. , crew saved.

29th - Michael Tobin washed from bowsprit of sch. John Smith on Georges. Left widow and children in Newburyport.


Sch. N. H. Phillips lost in gale, on the Banks, with crew of thirteen.

3rd - Sch. Carrie F. Butler wrecked at Rustic, crew saved.

29th - Sch. Harvey C. Mackay lost with crew of ten men.


22nd - Sch. O. S. Bailey, abandoned at sea on passage from Dominica for Boston. Crew saved.


1st - Robert McDonald and Joseph Chisholm of Cape Breton capsized in dory from sch. Highflyer on Jeffrey's Bank.

26th - John McCloud, 32, a native of West Bay, Cape Breton, Malcolm McCloud, 28, a native of Little Narrows, Cape Breton and James Publicover, 28, a native of LaHave, N. S., capsized in dory from sch. Laura Nelson on Grand Bank. 


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