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3rd - Rubert McComiskey, a native of Barrington, N. S. about 30, was washed overboard on St. Peter's Bank and drowned.

7th - Sch. Veteran lost with crew of twelve men.

10th - Barnard Moore, 26, a native of Ferryman, N. F. one of the crew of sch. Hustler, disappeared in Boston and is supposed to have fallen overboard from the Eastern avenue wharf and drowned. A body said to be his was found in the dock.

11th - Sch. Charles H. Boynton, wrecked on Libby Island, near Machias, Me., and became a total loss. The crew of sixteen men saved themselves in their dories after a hard struggle, being guided to a landing place by a lantern waved from the shore

22nd - Capt. Samuel Hiltz, a native of Denmark, master of sch. Gardner W. Tarr, was run down in a dory in Ipswich Bay by sch. Hattie N. Reed, and drowned. He was about 40 years of age and had a wife and children.

26th - Sch. Edith Rowe, commanded by Capt. John Aiken, went ashore on Burin Island, Newfoundland, while on a frozen herring trip, and became a total loss.


Peter Purdy, a native of Prince Edward Island, about 35, was capsized in a dory from sch. Silver Dart on Middle Bank and drowned.

3rd - Sch. Senator Morgan, commanded by Capt. Joseph Graham, was wrecked at Cow Bay. She had a cargo of 700 bbls. frozen and 100 bbls. salt herring. The crew of eight men succeeded in reaching the shore by means of a cable which was drawn ashore by a line from the vessel.

7th - Sch. Sarah E. Lee went ashore at Lockeport, N. S. with a fare of 40,000 lbs. halibut and proved a total loss. The crew were rescued with much difficulty as there was a heavy sea running.

19th - James Simmons, a native of Barrington, N. S., was washed overboard form sch. Charles Levi Woodbury on the passage from Newfoundland, and drowned.

22nd - George Baker, a native of Cape Island, N. S., was drowned by the capsizing of a dory from sch. Nannie C. Bohlin on the Banks. He left a widow and one child at East Boston.


1st - William Mills, 24, a native of Antigonish, N. S., one of the crew of sch. Thetis, was thrown overboard by a lurch of the vessel on Georges, and drowned. John English, alias White, a native of England, was washed overboard from sch. Aroostook on Georges about the first of March, and drowned. He was a widower and left two daughters at East Gloucester.

3rd - James White, a native of Portuguese Cove, Halifax Bay, N. S., was washed overboard from sch. Lizzie J. Greenleaf on Grand Bank and drowned.


2nd - Stein Benjaminson, alias Otto Christensen, a native of Iceland, was washed overboard from sch. Senator Saulsbury on the passage to Iceland and drowned. About 22 years of age.


1st - James Wallace, one of the crew of sch. Susie Hooper, died of la grippe followed by bronchitis at the hospital at St. Pierre, Miq.

12th - Henry Palmer, about 65 years of age, one of the crew of sch. Thomas W. Knight was drowned in Leighton's dock. He left two adult daughters in Portsmouth, N. H. , and a son in New York state.

13th - Paul D. Jones, owner and master of boat Jack-o'-Lantern, was found dead on board his vessel in Boston harbor on the morning of May 13. He was about 46 years and had a wife and three children in this city.

24th - Angus McEachern, a native of Canso, N. S. about 25, one of the crew of sch. J. W. Campbell, was drowned by the capsizing of a dory between the Magdalen Islands and Cape North.


7th - William McGregor, about 35, belonging in Salem, died on board sch. Clara F. Friend on Georges of brain trouble. His body was brought in.

14th - Oliver Ohlsen, a native of Sweden, about 52 years, mate of sch. Marguerite, dropped dead on the deck of that vessel in Boston. He left a family in Sweden.

16th - Sch. David F. Low, wrecked at Port au Port, N. F.; crew effected a landing with much difficulty.

17th - Daniel Goodwin, a native of Argyle, N. S. about 40 years of age, and Francis Owens, about 35, unmarried, went astray in a dory from sch. Winona on Missaine Bank.

21st - Alex. Lynn, a native of Finland, about 32 years, one of the crew of sch. Henry L. Phillips, was drowned at Portsmouth, N. H. He had a wife and three small children.


8th - Charles E. Goodwin, 38, a native of Pubnico, N. S. fell overboard from sch. Iolanthe on Sambro Bank and drowned. Body recovered and buried at Pubnico.

12th - John Judge, unmarried, a native of Placentia Bay, N. F. was washed from the flying-jibboom of sch. Howard Holbrook on the Banks and drowned.


Edward Daniels, age 23, of sch. Winona, taken sick on the Banks and died at Canso, N. S.

27th - Sch. John G. Whittier was wrecked at Flower's Cove, N. F., crew saved.


7th - Sch. City Point of Portland is supposed to have been lost with all her crew in the Labor Day gale. One of her crew, James Ryan, belonged in the city. Four others of the crew had followed fishing from this port whence they removed to Portland, viz.:Richard Turner, Walter McGrath, Frank McGrath and William Sutherland. Sch. Percy lost with crew of eleven. Sch. Paul & Essie was wrecked at Black Point, N. S., crew saved.

11th - Capt. Maurice J. Longan, a former Gloucester skipper, was lost on the Pensacola, Florida fishery.

13th - Sch. John S. McQuin was wrecked near Bath, Me., crew saved.

15th - Israel Graham, a native of the city, 28, was drowned with a dorymate by being capsized in a dory on Grand Bank form sch. Nellie Dixon of Boston.

23rd - William Mead, a native of Placentia Bay, N. F. hit by staysail sheet and knocked overboard from sch. Emma M. Dyer at Flemish Cap and drowned.


Warren B. Douglass and Walter Maley want astray from sch. Magnolia and have not been heard from.

1st - Frank Paddle, 27, and Edward Rouke, both natives of St. Mary's Bay, N. S., capsized in dory from sch. Lizzie M. Stanwood on the Banks and drowned. Sch. Clytie went ashore near Matinicus Island, bilged and sank, crew was saved.

6th - Thomas Fogarty, single, age 24, a native of Canso, N. S. was washed overboard from sch. Gladiator and drowned. Anthony Reynolds, a native of Canso, N. S. and unmarried, was washed overboard from sch. Mabel Leighton and drowned.

16th - Edward Baldwin, a Gloucester fisherman fell overboard from a wharf and was drowned.

23rd - Charles Wetterer, cook of sch. Mary A. Clark accidentally killed by a fall on board that vessel in the harbor. He was about 35 years of age and left a widow and young son in this city.


27th - Sch. B. F. Somes, commanded by Capt. J. H. Smith, wrecked at Baker's Island, near Mt. Desert, Me.

29th - Allen McEachern, of sch. Caroline Vought, was capsized in a dory while hauling trawls about fifty miles form Highland Light, but succeeded in grasping a life-line and making a turn around his wrist and was rescued after being in the water about ten minutes. His dorymate, Daniel McDonald, was drowned.


Thomas Heaney, 36 years old, of Marblehead, drowned in Clark's dock.

11th - Ambrose Frawsell, of sch. Lottie S. Haskins, lost overboard from a dory about ten miles southeast of the Isles of Shoals and drowned.

20th - Thomas Kippen, mate of sch. Cecil H. Low, washed overboard and drowned. He left a widow and child in this city.

23rd - John Halley, of Boston, 26 years, one of the crew of sch. Mary A. Clark, drowned by the capsizing of a dory on Cashed; body recovered and brought to this port;the dory was struck by the schooner and capsized; a line thrown from the vessel was seized by his dorymate, Daniel Grant, but became entangled about Halley's leg, pulling his head under water; his heart was beating when rescued, after being in the water about three minutes, but all efforts to resuscitate him were unavailing.

30th - Henry and William Johnson went astray in a dory from sch. Eastern Queen during a sudden snow storm, but were fortunately picked up by sch. Col. J. H. French and brought to this port. 


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