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The Veteran


Sch. Veteran, 60.45 tons, built at Essex in 1865, owned by Benjamin Montgomery & Co., and insured by the Boston Marine Insurance Co. for $1800, sailed on a haddocking trip to Georges Jan. 7, 1891, with a crew of twelve men, and was never heard from again. A lot of wreck stuff supposed to belong to her was picked up off Sanford, N. S., Feb. 4.
Her crew list was as follows:

Charles Stinstream, 48, master, left a widow five children
Richard Murray, a native of Boston
John Connolly, a native of Boston
Augustus Johnson, a native of Norway
August Dolquest, a native of Sweden
Peter Christensen, a native of Sweden
Oliver Parsons
Peter Jensen,
a native of Norway
John Johnson
Christopher Mathison
Andrew Westerberg,
a native of Holland
Christopher Magnusson


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