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Sch. Hattie S. Clark reports loss of John Powers a native of Nova Scotia, washed off the mainboom and drowned off Georges

Sch. Willie H. Joyce of Portland lost on the passage home from Newfoundland. Crew of eight men lost.

James Keef, 30, a native of Gloucester, lost overboard while engaged in reefing the mainsail from sch. Herbert M. Roberts

1st - Manuel Francis Foster of sch. Moro Castle, drowned in Gloucester harbor.

10th - William Morrison, John McKinnon, Edward Brophy John Witham, Anthony Dunn and Charles Ray, lost from sch. James A. Garfield on St. Peter's Bank.
Lost from sch. Mary F. Chisholm were Angus McIsaac, left widow, and Martin Flaherty, on Grand Bank

16th - Michael Brien, of sch. Hattie L. Newman, died of exposure on the beach at St. Jacques, Newfoundland

Angus McIsaac and Martin Flaherty lost on Grand Banks from sch. Mary F. Chisholm

26th - Thomas Welch of Newfoundland reported frozen to death when lost in the fog from sch. Grace L. Fears off Burgeo. Dorymate, Howard Blackburn survives.

30th - James Keefe, lost overboard from sch. Herbert M. Rogers, on Newfoundland voyage.


Simon Landry of sch. Hildegarde capsized in dory on haddocking trip. Thomas Murphy died on Georges on board sch. Hattie S. Clark.

2nd - John Powers washed overboard from sch. Hattie S. Clark on Georges.

11th - Sch. Madawaska Maid, of Southwest Harbor, Me., while on a grand Manan herring trip, is lost, but crew saved.

17th - James Frost and John Nelson went astray from sch. Martha A. Bradley on Georges, but were picked up at midnight by sch. Laura Nelson.
Charles F. Buchard
and John Tarbox went astray from sch. Clara F. Friend and were picked up by the sch. Henry Wilson.


6th - Sch. Alice G. Wonson lost in Boston Harbor returning from haddocking trip. Crew saved.

7th - Sch. J. W. Sawyer of Portland, Me. wrecked on Black Ledge, at Bar Harbor, Me. Three of the crew, Frederick Smith, Nahum Snow and James Smith were drowned in trying to reach the ledge. The master, Capt. John Orchard, was washed back three times, but was finally pulled upon the ledge in an exhausted and half frozen condition. One man, James Batlen, had a leg broken. The survivors of the wreck remained on the ledge sheltered only by a small fire of drift wood until the next afternoon, when four men, in the only dory saved, succeeded in reaching Marshall's Island. On the following day help was obtained from Swan's Island, and the sufferers taken there and cared for.



6th - John D. McKennon and Stephen McDonald went astray from sch. Marathon, two days without food or water, picked up by brig. Czarewitch.

7th - James Rodney and William Rogers astray from sch. Sultana on Western Bank, picked up by a Nova Scotia vessel

12th - William Stone and John McKinnon astray from sch. Ocean King on Western Bank, picked up by sch. Herman Babson after four days and a half of extreme suffering.

14th - Lawrence Reardon, left widow and child, and Philip Fitzpatrick, widow and child, capsized in dory from sch. A. R. Crittenden on Western Bank, dorymate saved. Barry Strahan capsized in dory from sch. A. R. Crittenden on Western Bank, clung to dory and rescued, dorymate drowned.


James O'Brien and Daniel McEachran from sch. Mascot west astray on the Cape North grounds, picked up by a herring schooner.

John McLellan and John Winters lost when dory capsized, fishing from sch. Seth Stockbridge on Western Bank.

16th - William Williams and Allen McLain lost from sch. Frederick Gerring, Jr. on Grand Bank.

21st - Benjamin Lee and Gottfred Gustafson astray from sch. Margaret on the Banks, picked up May 24 after three days and nights without food or water.

29th - Charles E. Spinney and Amos E. Outhouse from sch. Tragabigzanda on LaHave Bank, became lost, rowed ashore, reaching Little Hope on May 30 after much exposure and suffering.

31st - James R. Merchant, Jr., and Adam Hopkins, lost from sch. Farragut on Monhegan. Arrived at Vinahhaven, Me., after thirty hours exposure and rowing fifty miles.


Albert Goodwin and Joseph Muese lost when fishing from sch. Ontario on Western Bank.

7th - Andrew B. Swenson and John Johnson capsized in dory from sch. Lottie S. Morton on Western Bank.

8th - James Gorden and Cyrus Shubley lost from sch. Clytie on Western Bank.

22nd - Arthur Clifford and John Carter, from sch. Hildegarde lost on LaHave Bank, rowed ashore, arriving at Liverpool, N. S. four days later.

24th - Robert Norris and Samuel Newell lost on Grand Bank from sch. Matthew M. Murray.


1st - Allen McDonald and Olivus Martinson lost from sch. Notice on Grand Bank.


Sch. Challenge lost on Long Beach, Cape Race, Newfoundland. Crew saved.

26th - Norman McCloud, Thomas King, Isaac DeRoach and Dominick Perry, (latter left widow), all natives of Cape Breton, lost from sch. Hyperion. Two men from sch. Reporter picked up after twelve hours' exposure to the gales fury.

28th - Capt. William E. McDonald thrown overboard from sch. W. E. McDonald off Cape Broyle, but was rescued.

29th - Sch. Alaska lost in gale, crew of twelve lost. Sch. James Bliss lost on the Banks, crew of eleven men lost.Harry Nelson, a Norwegian, and George Sandwich, of Salem, capsized on Grand Bank in dory from sch. Admiral.


Sch. Charles H. Hildreth presumed run down and sunk. Crew of ten lost.

2nd - Mr. William H. Call, aged 60 yrs., of Eastport, died suddenly on board sch. D. M. Hilton while seeking bait at Cape Cod.



20th - Ivory Kelley, William Aldrich and James Chase of Harwich, Edgar Cahoon of Chatham, Louis Rogers, George Steele and Fred. Higgins of Orleans, and Elaric Murphy of Nova Scotia, swamped in a seine boat from sch. Helen M. Crosby off Provincetown.

24th - Boat I am Here went ashore on Star Island, Isles of Shoals, and bilged. Crew saved.


6th - Wesley Brown and Maynard Hiltz from sch. Helen M. Dennis picked up after being three days adrift by sch. China.

12th - 13th - Sch. George H. Pierson sunk on Georges, crew of twelve lost.
Sch. Hattie Chester lost on Georges on haddocking trip, crew of fourteen lost.
Sch. Helen M. Dennis lost on Western Bank, crew of twelve men lost.
Sch. John McDonough lost on Georges haddocking trip, crew of sixteen men lost.
Sch. Maud F. Leighton lost on Georges in gale, crew of twelve lost.
Sch. Rutherford B. Hayes lost on Georges, crew of eleven men lost.
Sch. Ruth Groves lost on Georges, crew of eleven men lost.
Sch. Sultana lost on Western Bank, crew of fourteen lost.
Sch. Witchcraft lost on Brown's Bank, crew of twelve lost.
Peter Wilson, about 22 yrs., a native of Newfoundland, washed overboard from sch. Seth Stockbridge on Georges haddocking trip.

In conversation with Capt. Edward Hall, of sch. Martha A. Bradley, who was out in the November gales, he informed us that the fleet of some 75 vessels were at anchor on the northern edge of the Bank, covering a distance of some thirty miles, and broke adrift, going to the eastward some 140 miles. The gale of the 12th - 13th, although violent, was not so severe as that of the 14th, which was accompanied by a thick snow storm and severe cold. In his opinion the most of the disasters occurred that day by collision, as it was so thick that it was impossible to see the length of the vessel, and undoubtedly many of them had become disabled.


4th - Sch. William A. Pew lost at Grand Manan. Crew saved; vessel sold in January for the benefit of the underwriters.

19th - Reuben Bridges and William Nelson lost from sch. J. W. Campbell.

28th - Sch. George W. Stetson lost on Georges in gale, crew of ten men lost.
Sch. Knutsford lost on Georges, crew of fourteen lost.
Sch. Waldo Irving lost in gale on a haddocking trip, crew of fourteen men lost.
Sch. William J. Maddocks lost with crew of fifteen men.



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