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23rd - Sch. Zenobia struck a ledge near Moose-a-beck light on the coast of Maine, and sunk, while engaged in the haddock fishery. Crew took to their dories and rowed ashore.

21st - Henry Conrad, 22, native of Liverpool, N. S. washed overboard form sch. Laurel off Whitehead, N. S. on the passage home from Newfoundland.

28th - Murdock Ervin, 28, native of St. Peters, C. B., fell overboard from sch. Eliza H. Parkhurst on Bank Quero by the breaking of the footrope.

29th - Sch. Tragabigzanda went ashore on Cedar Island ledge, near the Isles of Shoals in a thick fog, while engaged in the haddock fishery. Harry Kanute or Knute 35, native of Sweden, one of the crew of sch. Clara P. Sewall, drowned off Cape Cod by the capsizing of his dory.


1st - Sch. Volunteer dismasted and thrown on her beam ends in the storm on Bank Quero, and afterwards sunk, while on a fresh halibuting trip. Crew taken off by sch. Arthur D. Story and subsequently transferred to sch. Edith M. McInnis and landed at Halifax.
Sch. Defiance went ashore at Pigeon Cove and was a total loss. The crew were ashore at the time.
Sch. Davy Crockett went ashore at Sand Point, near Shelburne, N. S., providing a total loss, while engaged in the haddock fishery. Crew saved. Samuel Bartelle, one of the crew, was swept from the vessel by a sea, but was caught by a succeeding one and carried ashore.
Joseph Godet, 40, native of Arichat, C. B. washed overboard from sch. Puritan, leaves widow and six children.
William Bushby, 21, native of North Sydney, C. B., washed overboard from sch. S. F. Maker on Western Bank.
Sch. Barracouta wrecked at Pigeon Cove in the gale.
Sch. Charlie Stedman wrecked at Pigeon Cove.
Sloop Daniel Webster wrecked at Pigeon Cove. Three of the crew were drowned, Alpheus Pierce, 45. leaves widow, Robert Reunning, 28, a native of Sweden, and Antone Enos, 16, native of Rockport.
Steamer Frank Scripture, owned by the Pigeon Hill Granite Company, wrecked at Pigeon Cove.
Sch. David A. Osier went ashore at Plymouth; crew saved.

16th - Augustus Rickhorn, 32, native of Sweden, and Charles Mallett, 27, native of Prince Edward Island, two of the crew of sch. Nourmahal frowned on Bank Quero by the capsizing of their dory. Rickhorn leaves a widow and one child residing in Boston.


13th - Amanchis Goodick, one of the crew of sch. Comet, drowned on Middle Bank by falling from his dory. He was 27, single, and a native of Shelburne, N. S.


3rd - Two fishermen named DeYoung of South Passage were drowned while attempting to board the wrecked sch. Ollivette. Both men left families.

4th - Sch. Alice, of Provincetown was burned at Montrovia on the west coast of Africa while on a fishing trip to that coast for tuuliet. She was owned by her master, Capt. Josiah Chase, who was attacked with coast fever and died April 11.

19th - William Sunderman, 38, native of Germany, and Olaf Gunderson, 26, native of Norway, two of the crew of sch. Norma drowned on Georges by the capsizing of their dory. Sunderman leaves a widow and four children.


28th - Henry P. Rhoda Allentown, Pa., John Morris of Chelsea, Harry Williams and Thomas Guerin of Boston, five of the crew of sch. James Williams, drowned off Block Island by the capsizing of their boat while trawling for bonyfish.

30th - Lawrence Meany, 60, one of the crew of sch. Tidal Wave, died at Provincetown of heart disease, leaves a wife and five children.


2nd - Sch. George A. Upton went ashore on Hay Ledge, near Carver's Harbor, Me., in an easterly storm, while engaged in the haddock fishery, and was a total loss, going to pieces in ten minutes. Crew saved.

6th - Frank Cooney, 60, native of Western Islands, one of the crew of sch. Howard Holbrook, drowned in the harbor while attempting to board his vessel.

10th - George Lloyd, 23, native of Oyster Pond, N. S., one of the crew of sch. Eliza H. Parkhurst, drowned on Green Bank.

11th - Capt. Walter Chetwind, 39, native of Wood;s Harbor, N. S., master of sch. Otis P. Lord, fell overboard from the vessel in Portsmouth harbor, leaves widow.

16th - A small fishing sloop, unnamed, owned by Daniel McCarthy of Pigeon Cove, capsized and sunk in a squall while entering Tenant's Harbor, Me. Crew saved.

20th - Dennis Broderick, 35, native of Newfoundland, found dead from heart disease on the beach at Pulpit Harbor, Me., leaves widow and three children. Patrick Quinlan, 35, native of Newfoundland, and Joseph McIsaac, 32, native of Nova Scotia, two of the crew of sch. Atlanta, strayed from the vessel while visiting their trawls on Bacalieu Bank. McIsaac leaves a widow and three children.


26th - Sch. Actress, was capsized off Gay Head while engaged in the mackerel fishery; crew saved.


John Armstrong, 27, and Anthony Stone, 52, natives of Bay Bulls, N. F., two of the crew of sch. A. E. Whyland, capsized on the Banks in September, in their dory. Stone leaves a widow and one child.

16th - Sch. Alice C. Jordan sunk in Vineyard Sound, nine of her crew are lost.

17th - Abraham Landry, 27n native of Boston, one of the crew of sch. Talisman, died at the Addison Gilbert Hospital from liver trouble.

19th - Sch. Fannie T. capsized and sank off Nahant while engaged in the shore market fishery. Emanuel Camille and Gustave Rogers kept afloat by the aid of an overturned dory until rescued by life-savers from the shore, but Frank Viator, 27, was drowned. leaving a widow.

23rd - Sch. Oliver Eldridge went ashore at St. Peter's Island, C. B., while returning from a Bank trip. The schooner was attempting to make St. Peter's harbor, to land some of the crew who had shipped at that place at the beginning of the voyage. Crew saved.

25th - Frank Welch, 32, and Lawrence Drew, 25, natives of Bay Bulls, N. F., two of the crew of sch. Valkyria, drowned on Bacalieu Bank by the swamping of their dory. Welch leaves a widow.

27th - Sch. Martha Jane dragged ashore at Auld's Cove, Straits of Canso, while engaged in the North Bay mackerel fishery; crew saved. Peter Anderson, 28, native of Nova Scotia, drowned off Eastern Point by the foundering of the boat, leaves widow and one child.

28th - John W. King, 35, native of East Boston, a boat fisherman from this port, killed by being struck by a train on Saugus river bridge.


2nd - Sch. Gertie Evlyn sprang a leak and sunk off Cape Sable while bound home from Bank Quero. Crew saved, ten of the men being taken on board sch. Ellie G. King and Capt. James McShara and three men remaining on board for two days, and attempting to work her ashore but being compelled to abandon her on account of the leak gaining so rapidly, and the vessels soon afterward went down.

8th - Spencer McKay, 30, native of this city, fell overboard from sch. Henry M. Stanley on Western bank.

11th - John Welch, 22, native of this city, jumped overboard from sch. Henry M. Stanley while insane.

17th - Johan Stenvall, 38, native of Raumo, Finland, one of the crew of sch. Bertha M. Bailey, drowned in the harbor while boarding the schooner.


5th - Sch. Mariner wrecked on Sable Island while engaged in the winter cod and haddock fishery; crew saved.

11th - Dennis Kennefick, 29, native of this city, knocked overboard from sch. William B. Keen in Ipswich Bay. John Campbell, one of the crew of sch. Annie Greenlaw, drowned off Georges by his dory being capsized by being hit by a sea; Campbell was 27, single and a native of North Mountain, C. B.

21st - Alfred Hyder, 26, native of Lockport, N. S., one of the crew of sch. Emerald died at the Addison Gilbert Hospital, from appendicitis.

25th - James Garrett, one of the crew of sch. Mondego, died at Louisburg, C. B., where he had been landed by the schooner. He was 25 single, and a native of Liverpool, N. S.

27th - Sch. Anna H. Mason went adrift in the harbor in the storm and struck on Black Bess rock, going to pieces. Crew was saved. Sch. Carrie E. Sayward went ashore at Provincetown and was abandoned to the underwriters; crew saved. Sch. Emma M . Dyer, engaged in the Georges fishery, foundered off Cape Cod, crew taken off by steamer Herman Winter. Sch. F. R. Walker is lost with crew of fifteen men. Sch. Phantom went ashore at Plymouth while on a haddock trip; crew saved. Sloop Venus engaged in the haddock fishery, wrecked at Plymouth, crew saved. Albert Dunbar, 40, native of Boothbay, Me., one of the crew of sch. Edward Trevoy, lost in the steamer Portland while on his was home to Boothbay, Me. Thomas Muise, one of the crew of sch. S. P. Willard, washed from the mainboom during a gale on LaHave Bank. He was 21, single, and belonged in Pubnico, N. S.

28th - Capt. Charles Ellis, a former master mariner, died on board the fishing boat Pocahontas at East Gloucester, of heart disease, aged 76. He was a widower.


5th - James Burke, Oscar Devine, and Oscar Anderson, washed overboard form sch. Atlanta on Bacalieu Bank. Burke was 30, a native of St. John's, N. F. and single. Devine was 28, single, a native of St. Mary's, N. F., and Anderson was 33, a native of Sweden and unmarried. The accident occurred at 2 o'clock in the morning, all hands having been called to take in the mainsail, and when the job was about half completed a heavy comber struck the vessel, washing five men overboard by the sail sweeping against them. The two others were Daniel Sampson and Michael O'Brien, who succeeded in grasping ropes trailing in the water and were rescued by their shipmates.

12th - Sch. Oresa, engaged in fresh halibut fishery, went ashore at Goose Island, beaver Harbor, N. S. during a thick snow storm, and was a total loss. Crew saved, rowing to the mainland in their dories, after spending the night on an island.

28th - Capt. Edwin N. Hall, mate of sch. Emma E. Witherell, died at Placentia Bay, N. F., while on a trip for a cargo of frozen herring, of heart disease. He was a native of Deadman's Harbor, N. S., 52 years and left a widow and three children. 


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