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5th - Sch. H. B. Griffin destroyed by fire at Yarmouth, N. S. while on the way home from Newfoundland with a cargo of one thousand barrels of salt herring.

16th - Joseph Deveau, a native of Cape Breton, drowned by the capsizing of a dory from sch. Hustler on Jeffries; left a widow and child in this city; his dorymate, Robert Jameson, succeeded in grasping the plug-strap of the dory and was picked up by the crew shortly afterwards; Deveau became entangled in the lines of the trawl buoy and drifting away from the overturned dory, sank in about twenty minutes; he had volunteered to take the place of another of the crew who was sick.

25th - Sch. S. M. Lake, of Newfoundland, capsized at Black River, in a heavy gale and the crew thrown into the water. The captain's little son was in the forecastle at the time and unable to make his escape. After reaching the shore the father swam off to the wreck and succeeded in rescuing the lad, after several attempts. The crew owed their lives to the prompt and heroic efforts of the American fishermen in port; they were supposed to have been in the water for twenty minutes, with the thermometer at zero, before being rescued.

26th - Angus McDonald, 28 years old, a native of Cape Breton, washed overboard from sch. Maggie E. McKenzie on the passage home from Newfoundland and drowned.

29th - Sch. Starry Flag wrecked on Cape Island Rock, near Kennebunk, Me.; crew saved.

30th - Capt. John Robishaw, skipper of sch. Lottie S. Morton, 30 years old, a native of St. Mary's Bay, N. S., and unmarried, washed overboard during a heavy gale and drowned.


1st - Sch. Morrill Boy wrecked at Pigeon Cove; crew saved.

7th - Sch. Charles C. Warren capsized and sank off Yarmouth, N. S. while on the way home from Black River, N. F. with a cargo of frozen herring; crew was saved.

11th - James Carey, aged 25, a native of France, and William Welch, aged 23, a native of St. Pierre, Miq., lost in dory from sch. Oresa on Banquereau. Jeremiah Crowley, of Tor Bay, N. F., washed overboard from sch. William H. Jordan, off Burgeo, N. F. and drowned.

12th- Colen McKenzie, 20 years old, a native of Shelburne, N. S. washed overboard from sch. Laurel on the way home from St. Jacques, N. F. and drowned. John Kelly, another of the crew, was washed overboard by the same wave, but fortunately was swept on board again by the succeeding sea and managed to catch hold of a rope and hold on.

13th - Sch. H. A. Duncan abandoned at sea while on the way home from Newfoundland with a cargo of frozen herring. The Duncan was caught in the heavy gale of Fe. 10 and 11, and was discovered to be leaking badly on the morning of the 12th at three o'clock. The pumps were manned by the crew who worked for their lives, but the water soon rose above the forecastle floor, and continued to rise until they were obliged to heave the vessel to prevent her capsizing. She could not have floated much longer when her crew were taken off by the Newfoundland schooner Sylph, which landed them at Salmon River.

17th - Philip Frazier, aged 30 years, knocked overboard from sch. Reuben L. Richardson, 25 miles west by south from Seal Island, and drowned.

26th - Uriah Surratt, 23 years old and unmarried, a native of Eel Brook, Yarmouth Co., N. S., drowned in Leighton's dock.

27th - Joseph Grad, 35, a native of Sand Point, N. S., and Daniel McDonald, aged 31, a native of Cape Breton, capsized in dory from sch. Lizzie Griffin and drowned.


11th - Joseph Perry Budrigger, 63 years old, and a native of the Western Islands, knocked down by a sea on board the sch. Henry Stanberry on Georges and killed, his neck having been broken by the fall.

16th - Thomas Corcoran, 26, a native of St. Mary's Bay, N. S. washed from bowsprit of sch. Robin Hood and drowned.

27th - David Welch of sch.Ada S. Babson, wile engaged in shortening sail on the passage to Iceland, had his head jammed between the gaff and boom, crushing his jaw bone, injuring one eye and inflicting other serious injuries.


12th - John McCann, aged 23, a native of Yarmouth, N. S., and John Sweeney, aged 23, a native of Ireland, went astray in a dory from sch. Penobscot on Georges and were never heard from

16th - Daniel Murphy, 30 years, died on consumption on board sch. Martha Grimes ; his body was brought home for interment.

19th - Marshall Gosbee, age 39, one of the crew of sch. Mystic died at Cape Breton; left widow and three children in this city.

29th - Thomas Stewart, a native of Port Mulgrave, N. S., drowned by the capsizing of a dory from sch. Fredericka , his dorymate, Thomas Gallagher, clung on the bottom of the dory an hour and a half when he was taken off by his shipmates, thoroughly exhausted.


5th - Sch. Water Lily run down off the mouth of the harbor by sch. Estella of Portsmouth, N. H., cut in two and sunk immediately. There were two men on board, William Harding and William K. Gallagher, who were thrown into the water and were rescued with considerable difficulty by the crew of the Estella.

13th - William Doart, 29, a native of Canso, N. S., and Arthur McLellan, 23, a native of Campobello, N. B., two of the crew of sch. Edward P. Boynton, were thrown overboard by the parting of guys, and drowned, while engaged in furling the jib. Edward Smith, a shipmate, fell overboard at the same time but caught hold of his log-line, which pulled him under the vessel but released his hold and came to the surface, when he was picked up by a dory which put out from the vessel..

17th - Sch. Nellie N. Rowe wrecked on Gull Rock, near Lockport, N. S.; crew saved.

25th - Richard Schultz, 30, a native of Germany, and Peter Sambourine, 40, a native of Sweden, drowned at Flemish Cap by the capsizing of a dory from sch. Minnesota.

30th - Frank Hall, of Beverly, 42, died on board sch. Frederick Gerring, Jr., on Georges.


Gustavus Sparrow of Placentia Bay, N. F. washed overboard from sch. Marguerite, and drowned.

10th - Orin Goodwin, 28, one of the crew of sch. Mabel W. Woolford, drowned in the harbor.

11th - Capt. John Patience, 46, having a wife and six children in this city, and John Goss, 28, a native of Newfoundland, drowned by the capsizing of boat Little Fannie at Rockland, Me. Capt. Patience's body was brought home for interment.

27th - Sch. Champion went ashore on Gull Rock, N. S., caught fire and was destroyed; crew was saved.

28th - Freeman Butler, 38, having a wife and six children in Newburyport, and John McPhail, 28, unmarried, drowned by the capsizing of a dory on Newburyport. Five other men who were in the boat at the time were rescued with considerable difficulty.

29th - Samuel Oliver, 20, one of the crew of sch. Howard Holbrook, drowned by the capsizing of a dory on the banks; his dorymate, Augustus Spinney, was rescued after being on the bottom of the dory about half an hour.


14th - Sch. G. P. Whitman wrecked off Rose Blanche, N. F. ; crew was saved.

23rd - Sch. Laura Sayward sprang a leak and sank. The crew took to their boats and landed at Margaree.


Asa Swim, 21, a native of Bear Point, N. S., fell from the bowsprit of sch. Viking and was drowned.

6th - Sch. Alabama, owned and commanded by Capt. William H. Mailman wrecked on Boon Island Ledge, crew saved.

8th - Charles Bushnell and William J. Caroll of sch. Charlotte fatally crushed between that vessel and sch. William Slater at Portsmouth, N. H.

12th - Charles Carr and John W. Proctor went astray in a dory from sch. Braganza on Georges and were capsized, Carr going clean under the dory. Both were good swimmers and slipping off their rubber boots swan back to the dory, getting one on each side of her, then swam to the stern, pushing her through the water, causing a good deal of water to run out of her. After about eight hours they managed to board her and bailed her out with a sou'wester when they rigged up jury-masts and lacing a couple of oil-jackets together for a sail headed for the land. After being out forty-eight hours without food or water, part of the time with a heavy fall of rain, they were picked up by sch. Gladys of St. John, N. B.

22nd - Charles Austin, a native of Newfoundland, and Angus O'Hanley, a native of Prince Edward Island, drowned by overloading and sinking a dory from sch. Lawrence A. Munroe on Grand Bank.

31st - Augustus Johnson, lost overboard from sch. Ada S. Babson on the passage home from Iceland, leaving a widow and two children in this city.


29th - Alfred Anderson and John Lawson, natives of Sweden, drowned by the capsizing of a dory from sch. Shenandoah.


5th - Alex. McMasters, 28, a native of River Inhabitants, C. B., one of the crew of sch. Penobscot, drowned in Benjamin Low's dock.

11th - John Brown, 28, of Port La Tour, N. S., fell from the masthead of sch. Joseph Rowe, near Louisburg, C. B. and was instantly killed.

18th - Thomas Hanniford, about 50 years of age, and a native of Newfoundland, one of the crew of sch. Nelson Y. McFarland, fell from Samuel Lane & Bro.'s wharf, striking heavily on the rail of the schooner, killing him.

20th - James Porter, 22 years old, a native of Tusket, N. S., washed overboard from sch. Reporter on the passage home from Grand Bank.

29th - John Williams, of sch. Leader, having a wife and children in this city, lost in dory.


Sch. Knight Templar was run into by an unknown schooner about eight miles off Sambro during a snow squall, and began to fill. Her crew took to the boat and paddled about in the dark for six hours in the cold, when they were picked up by a pilot boat and taken into Halifax.

18th - Martin Butler of Marblehead, and Joseph Henley (or Hanlon) , of Back Bay, Grand Manan, went astray in a dory from sch. Edith M. Prior off Matinicus, and were never heard from. Four shipmates who went astray at the same time, William Delano, Amos Simmons, William Goodwin and David Amero, were picked up after considerable difficulty, and two, Patrick Bowden and Jack Dailey, reached Matinicus at daylight..

19th - Edward Hanson, or Hanscomb, jumped overboard from sch. Pilgrim and was drowned. He was 45 years of age, unmarried and belonged in Portland, Me.

29th - Daniel McDonald, of sch. Caroline Vought, 40 years old and having a family in this city, drowned by the capsizing of his dory about fifty miles from Cape Cod light. His dorymate, Alex. McEachern, was saved after having been in the water over ten minutes.


5th - Angus McDonald, of sch. Orient, was capsized in a dory and drowned; he was a native of Sydney, C. B., 26 years, and unmarried. Capt. George Nickerson, of sch. James & Ella, was knocked overboard by the mainboom, and drowned; he left a widow and eight children, recently removed to this city from Liverpool, N. S.

24th - Thomas McDonald, a native of Guysboro Co., N. S., 32 years and unmarried, was washed overboard from sch. Hustler on Banquereau and drowned.

28th - Sch. Esther Ward went ashore on Cape Cod, crew saved.



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