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Sch. Virginia Dare lost with crew of fourteen men, probably in the Christmas or New Year's Eve gale.

2nd - Sch. Arrival, owned and operated by Capt. Gilbert Stevens, from Grand Manan for Gloucester with a cargo of frozen herring, etc., run down by an unknown schooner and sunk off Salvages. Crew took to their dory and landed in the night at Long beach, walking thence to East Gloucester, suffering greatly from the cold and exposure..

6th - John Curley knocked overboard from sch. Anne & Mary, on Georges. 55 years of age, left a widow and six children in Gloucester.

10th - John Bennett, a native of Arichat, N. S., 25, lost overboard from sch. Mascot on the homeward passage from Georges.

18th - Peter Frazier, 40, native of Harbor Bouche, N. F. of sch. Carl W. Baxter, was washed overboard in a heavy gale. He left a widow and four children in Gloucester. The vessel was caught between Brown's Band and Georges in a terrific gale, and a huge green sea swept over her, taking away her mast, sails, rigging and everything moveable. The dismantled hull run before the wind and sea for ninety miles, the spray freezing wherever it struck. Being without shelter or food, the crew suffered terribly. They remained on board three days, when they were taken off by a steamer.

20th - Sch. Carl W. Baxter, three years old, engaged in the Georges Fishery, abandoned at sea.


6th - Mark Amero, mate of Sch. Byron, of Pubnico, N. S. washed overboard on the passage from Fortune Bay, Newfoundland.

9th - Sch. Solomon Poole lost with her crew of fourteen men upon Grand Bank.

11th - Joseph McDonald fell overboard from sch. M. H. Perkins on Georges. A native of Prince Edward Island, 23 years of age.

27th - Arthur Mehlman, a native of Liverpool, N. S. aged 35 years, capsized in a dory from sch. Maud M. Story on La Have Bank.


16th - Sch. Bessie M. Wells , engaged in the Bank halibut fishery, lost on Seal Island. The crew remained eight days of Seal Island, when after several ineffectual attempts and great hardships they succeeded in reaching the main land in their dories. Sch. Champion, about 40 years old, owned by Capt. William Gray and others, hence for Bangor with a cargo of pickled fish and fresh halibut, wrecked at White Head, near Rockland. The crew had barely time to escape in a dory, landing at the life-saving station, where they were kindly cared for.

17th - Sch. Eddie Pierce wrecked on Peaked Hill Bars; crew of 17 men saved by life station crew.

25th - Joseph Veator, a native of Boston, capsized in a dory form sch. Champion on Georges.


1st - Albert Nelson, 24, a native of Sweden, fell overboard from coasting sch. Lucy E. Friend on the passage from Newport News to Providence.

19th - The Newfoundland sealer Young Prince was struck by a collision with an iceberg. Her crew of 32 men lived on an ice floe nineteen days, when they were rescued by a French brig and taken to St. Pierre.

26th - Sch. Maud S. swamped in a snow squall. The skipper was drowned, and one of the crew struck by a spar and fatally injured.

29th - Four of the crew of sch. Neponset lost in a seine boat. One of the number, John R. McDonald, left a widow and three small children residing in East Boston.


3rd - John Murray 27 years, of sch. Nimble capsized in a dory on Georges.

10th - Alexander Clark, belonging to a Gloucester fishing vessel, fell from a wharf at Halifax, N. S. and was drowned.

15th - Edward Jennings and Thomas Klowson lost in dory from sch. Annie M. Jordan , landed at Cranberry Island on the 17th.

19th - John McDonald and Charles Ferguson lost in dory from sch. Frederick Gerring, Jr. picked up after five days' exposure and suffering.

21st - John Christian died on board sch. Sterling on the passage from Georges. A native of Western Islands, 21 years of age.

24th - Edward Phelan of sch. Minnesota, died on Grand Bank. He was a native of Arichat, C. B., 38 years old, and left a widow and young child in this city.

25th - Michael Hogan and Alexander Frazier lost in dory from sch. Augusta H. Johnson; picked up after three days' and nights' exposure. The French fishing Brig George Jeanne was run down and sunk by the steamer City of Rome, and of her crew of twenty-four married men only two were rescued.

26th - Sch. Corn May lost on Sable Island reef. Crew of 24 men landed with great difficulty.


1st - Sch. B. D. Hasking, engaged in the Georges fishery, wrecked about two miles south of Nauset Light. Crew saved. Sch. Newsboy, owned and commanded by Capt. Charles W. Osier struck on a hidden ledge and sunk off the Isle of Shoals. Crew escaped in their dories, saving only the clothing they stood in..

2nd - John Lake, of Wellfleet, died off Highland Light on board sch. Flora Dillaway from an overdose of laudanum taken by mistake. 28 years of age.

3rd - William Arnold and John Gillis lost in dory from sch. Mascot on Grand Bank, picked up after three days' and nights' exposure. Alexander McLeod and Alexander Merchant washed from jibboom of sch. George M. Paine and drowned.

29th - Alexander McDonald capsized in a dory from sch. Carrier Dove on the Iceland grounds. Dorymate, Capt. Cousins had a narrow escape.


8th - Sch. Astoria, built in 1851, sank on Grand Bank, crew saved.

17th - Beecher Perry fell overboard from sch. Golden Hind and drowned. A native of Barrington, N. S., aged 18 years.

19th - Orlando Wilson fell overboard from sch. Island Home in Ipswich Bay in consequence of the parting of the tiller rope, rescued just as he was sinking.

23rd - Sch. Maggie Blanche lost off Miquelon. Crew saved.


25th - Enos Mulloch of La Have, N. S. washed overboard from sch. Olive of Barrington, N. S.


5th - Sch. Alice M. Williams engaged in the Icelandic halibut fishery, struck on a hidden ledge and sunk on the coast of Iceland. She was a first-class vessel and had a full cargo of fletched halibut. Crew , suffering on shipboard, landed on an inhospitable island. After a dreary thirty-six hour march through the ice and snow across a dreary mountain, they eventually reached Scotland on their way home.

10th - Jose Pereirs of New Bedford, aged 17, capsized in dory from sch. Wenonah on Grand Bank. Reney Bouche of Arichat, and D. S. McDonald of Cape Breton, washed overboard from sch. Willis McKay in the same storm. Frank Smith aged 16 years lost from sch. Edith Linwood.

20th - Andrew and Nelson Liebeg, brothers, capsized on Grand Bank in a dory from sch. George L. Smith. Natives of Sweden. The former left a widow and two children in this city. John A. Sullivan and Jesse Lipsett lost on Grand Bank in dory from sch. Lillian Baxter ; picked up after three days' exposure and landed at Liverpool, England.

22nd - Sch. H. A. Johnson engaged in the Georges fishery, run down by unknown bark on Western Cashe's and sunk. Charles Lawson, a native of Norway, was knocked overboard and drowned. The crew were secured with great difficulty, on account of the high sea, by Patrick Murphy and Thomas McNamara, of sch. Aroostook, who bravely went to their rescue.


2nd - Daniel McEachern and John Thomas lost in dory from sch. Mystery ; picked up after 48 hours exposure and hardship.

11th - Seventy vessels and some seventy lives were lost at Labrador in the great gale.

13th - William Cook capsized in a dory from sch. Joseph O. on Georges. A native of Guysboro, N. S. aged 30 years His dorymate was saved by clinging to the bottom of the dory until help arrived.

21st - Sloop Belle, of Cape Ann, owned and employed in the transportation of granite by the Rockport Granite Company, was sunk off Baker's Island.


2nd - Sch. Belle A. Keys wrecked off Mt. Desert, crew saved.

8th - Mattias Nostrom, mate of coasting sch. West Side, drowned in Charles River at Boston, while passing through a bridge.

23rd - Benjamin Colby, a native of Sweden, 28, capsized in a dory from sch. Gertie E. Foster on Grand Banks and drowned.


10th - Sch. Onward , engaged in winter shore fishery, struck on Hampton Ledge, came off and sunk; crew saved.

17th - George Cummings, a native of Guysboro, N. S., William Arnold, native of Arichat, C. B., and Louis Barnes of East Gloucester, capsized in a dory from sch. Lizzie Griffin on Grand Banks.  Arnold left a widowed mother in this city, and Barnes a mother and other relatives at East Gloucester.

19th - John McIntire, a native of Shelburne, N. S., about 54, washed overboard from sch. Lillian Baxter on Grand Banks.

26th - Sch. Adelia Hartwell drifted ashore at Eastport and became a total loss. 
Sch. Cleopatra engaged in the Georges haddock fishery, thrown down and dismasted in the gale.  Of the crew of eighteen men, William T. Hodge, of Collinsville, Conn., Emil Mathewson, a Swede, and John Handran of Gloucester, were drowned, and Oliver Nelson was killed instantly.  The others were taken off the wreck the next day by the mate and five men form the steamer Lord Gough, who exhibited great heroism, and landed at Philadelphia.  Handran was 32 and left a widow and three small children in Gloucester.  The wreck was boarded and burned.  
Sch. Ivanhoe wrecked on LeHave Bank in gale, and abandoned the next day.  The crew of seventeen men were rescued with great difficulty by the German steamer Gellert, and landed in New York.

28th - Sch. Racer sunk when sixteen miles out of Portland, crew saved.  The captain, Jeffrey Gerroir, was arrested and tried for barratry, and acquitted.


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