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3rd - Phillip Carr lost from sch. Peregrine White

8th - Heavy storm - schs. I.H. Higgins lost. 
Sch. Rattler dragged ashore on a ledge at Eastport and sunk, crew saved..
Sch. Levanter engaged in the haddock fishery, struck on a reef near Lockeport, N. S. and went to pieces.   Crew saved. 
Joseph Myers was crushed between the vessel and a rock in attempting to land, and severely injures, but was rescued in an unconscious state by two of the crew.  Had the vessel struck twenty-five feet from where she did, it would have been against the face of a perpendicular rock bluff sixty feet high, and all on board would have perished.

19th - Charles Ryder of Central Argyle was washed overboard from sch. Carrie and Annie and drowned

23rd - Duncan Campbell, a native of Fairfield, P. E. I.,  lost overboard from sch. Notice on Brown's Bank

24th - Hugh McKinnon of Cape Breton, and Joseph O'Brien of Nova Scotia, lost in dory from sch. Alice M. Strople  They left the vessel to search for two missing men, who had sought refuge on board the sch. Grace L. Fears, and were themselves lost.

29th - Alex. Carrigan, a native of Canso, 35, and John Heffernan, a native of St. John's, N. F., 28, capsized in dory from sch. Fannie Bell on Le Have Bank


8th - William DeCoste a native of Canso, N. S., 22, while engaged in an altercation, slipped and fell overboard from sch. Seth Stockbridge and drowned in Boston Harbor.  He left a widow in Boston and relatives in Gloucester.

10th - Sch. Lizzie H. Haskell wrecked on Plum Island, crew saved.

15th - Sch. Mary E. McDonald wrecked at Port Jolie, N.S.; crew saved.  Joseph Enos washed overboard from sch. Welcome on Georges

16th - James Lovett washed overboard from sch. A.R. Crittenden on Georges

17th - Sch. Anne D. burned on Georges, crew saved. 
Simon Landry, native of Cape Breton, 48,   and John Peterson,a native of Sweden, 28, thrown overboard by the jib of sch. Iolanthe on Georges.  Landry left a widow and four children in this city.

23rd - George Dunbar, of New London, Conn., a widower, about 45, drowned in dock at Parmenter, Rice & Co.'s wharf.

25th - Sch. Orianna of St. John, N.B. wrecked on Bemo Ledges.

26th - John Cogan and Thomas Landry, 19,  washed overboard from sch. Sarah M. Jacobs. Cogan left a widow and three children in this city.  Landry's father was  one of the schooner's crew. 
Thomas Johnson, a native of Sweden,   washed overboard from sch. Charles S. Tappan, on Georges Bank, left a widow and five children in East Gloucester.

27th - Charles Haskins, a native of Barrington, N. S., 26, married,  washed overboard from sch. Pendragon.
William Hunt, a native of Canso, N. S., about 55, washed overboard from sch. Eliza R., left a widow and children in this city.
Charles Publicover, a native of LeHave, N. S., 25, washed overboard  from sch. Flying Scud, on Georges, left widow in this city.

28th - Barney Naughton, a native of Yarmouth, S. S., about 35,  washed from mainboom of sch. Aberdeen on Georges


6th - Charles Lee, of Quincy,   died of heart disease on board sch. Hereward on the Banks.

17th - James McKenzie, native of Lockport, N. S., unmarried,  drowned by the sinking of a dory from sch. Alice M Stople on the Grand Bank.

27th - Sch. Electric Light engaged in the Southern mackerel fishery, run down and sunk by sch. Annie Lord off Chesapeake Bay; crew saved.


1st - James McDonald, of East Point, P. E. I., died on board a dory which went astray from sch. Cecil H. Low on Western Bank.  Left a family.

4th - Angus McDonald, of broad Cove, C. B., died in a dory which went astray from sch. Cecil H. Low.

5th - N. P. Johnson, a native of Sweden, died of heart disease on board sch. Mary E. Daniels.

6th - George M. Reed and Joseph Galon went astray in dory from sch. Mabel Kenniston - rescued after three day's exposure and suffering.

19th - Fire on board sch. James A. Garfield

23rd - Sch. Eureka struck a ledge and sunk off Delaware Breakwater, crew saved. Sch. Joseph Story seized, and released, at Baddeck


4th - Sch. A. N. Clark sunk off Bass Rocks, crew saved.

5th - Sch. Monitor wrecked at Port May, N.F., crew saved.

7th - Sch. David J. Adams seized at Digby, N. S. Daniel McEachan and Pius McPhee lost in dory from sch. A. T. Gifford - picked up the next day.

9th - Sch. Henrietta stranded at Yarmouth, N.S.; crew saved. August Johnson and Charles Nabby went astray in dory from sch. Dacotah - picked up after 24 hrs. exposure. Hugh Campbell, David McEachran, Charles Thompson and Wm. Burgess went astray from sch. Maud M. Story - picked up after great suffering.

11th - Lewis Vaught, of Everett, Mass. 30, unmarried,  knocked overboard by mainboom from sch. Ellen M. Adams and drowned.  Barney Frazier, a native of Arichat, C. B., about 70, one of the crew of sch. Sarah M. Jacobs, drowned at Samuel Lane & Brothers' wharf.  Left a widow and two adult children.

17th - Sch. Ella M. Doughty of Portland seized

18th - Roderick O'Henley, a native of Low Point, C. B., 24, unmarried,  fell overboard from sch. Harry G. French and drowned

20th - Sch. Joseph Story wrecked at St. Pierre, Miquelon, crew saved.

23rd - Charlie French drowned

25th - John Norneen, a native of Sweden, 25,  and Hans Olsen, a native of Norway, 25, both unmarried,   lost in dory from sch. M. A. Baston


Sch. Seth Stockbridge with crew of fourteen men lost sometime in early summer.

7th - John McDonald lost in dory from sch. Frederic Gerring

20th - Edward Bend and Albert Blanchett went astray from sch. Gardner W. Tarr on Grand Bank - rescued after four days and four nights exposure.

22nd - Herbert Jellows drowned in harbor.

25th - Harry Clark, a native of Germany, about 60, unmarrieddied on board  sch. Carthage on Georges of injuries received by falling upon ice hooks.


3rd - Sch. Hereward seized at Canso, and released. Brainard Scanlan drowned at Essex

4th - Schs. George W. Cushing and C. B. Barrington of Portland seized and fined $400

9th - Michael Tobin and Levi Jewett went astray from sch. Lizzie J. Greenleaf on Grand Bank - rescued after four days and four nights exposure.

16th - Fishing boat Napoleon sunk off Norman's Woe. Jeremiah Smith and Harvey Daley went astray from sch. Frederic Gerring, Jr., on Grand Bank - rescued after 4 1/2 days exposure. Thomas Thompson, native of Sweden,35 died on board sch. Grace L. Fears on Grand Bank; left a widow and two children in this city.

17th - Oliver Hanson and Hans Lawson went astray from sch. D. A. Story on Grand Bank, landed at Newfoundland after being without food for three days and nights.

19th - Sch. Joe Hooker wrecked at Cape Macedome, N. F.; crew saved.. Frank Greenough of sch. Franklin S. Schenck drowned in Boston harbor. Levi Hadley and John Gilbert went astray from sch. Gatherer on Grand Bank, picked up after several hours exposure.

20th - Four men went astray from sch. Oceanus - all picked up. Chris Closson and Charles Cowen went astray from sch. William H. Oakes on Banquereau - picked up after four days' suffering. Fred. Woodman and John Damradt went astray from sch. Peregrine White - 72 hours adrift.

23rd - Wilmot Dench and Randolph Osmans went astray in dory from sch. C. B. Manning on Georges - picked up after 68 hours exposure.

24th - First appearance of Sea Serpent near Gully Point in Rockport. Joseph Duval and Jean Luis Cheval went astray from sch. Gardner W. Tarr - four days and nights without food.

31st - Sch. Bloomer , engaged in coasting trade with Nova Scotia, sunk fifteen miles off Kennebunk, Me.   Crew saved.


Sch. George L. Smith ,  entire crew of fourteen men lost

3rd - Harry Kirby,of Liverpool, N. S.,   Isaac King, of Canso, N. S.,  Timothy Robishaw of Canso, N. S.,  and Martin Gabriel, a native of Norway,  lost in dories form sch. Electa A. Easton off Sable Island

4th - Sch. John F. Wonson lost with crew of ten men.

8th - Dead body drifted ashore at Lobster Cove, Manchester

9th - Capt. Franklin D. Langsford, 48 1/2 years of age,  of Lanesville fatally injured by a swordfish, died on August 12th.   Joseph Bushing and Fred. Olson lost in dory from sch. Frederic Gerring, Jr. on Grand Bank.

11th - Sea serpent seen off Pigeon Cove.

12th - Edward A. Johnson, one of the crew of sch. Margaret Mather, died on board that vessel on the coast of Iceland.  He belonged in Salem, where he had a wife and two children.

15th - George A. Dixon drowned at Charlottetown, P.E.I.

17th -Andrew Haynes of Briar Island, N. S., 28, unmarried, capsized in dory from sch. Rebecca Bartlett in Bay of Fundy.

18th - Sch. Howard Holbrook seized at Port Hawkesbury and fined $400.

19th - Frank Greenough, of Salem, 35, one of the crew of sch. Franklin Schenck of Rockport, drowned at T Wharf, Boston.  Left a widow and two children.

22nd - Charles Burt, a native of England, 52,  lost overboard from sch. Joseph Garland, on Georges

23rd - Sch. Howard wrecked at Portugal Cove, N.F., crew saved.  Four men went astray from sch. Peregrine White - all landed at Shelburne.

26th - Sea Serpent seen in Ipswich Bay.

27th - Sch. Legal Tender escaped from customs officers at Barrington, N.S.

28th - Sch. A. R. Crittenden seized at Port Mulgrave and fined $400

29th - Robert Bennett, a native of Norway,   and Isaac Green, a native of Sweden,  lost in dory from sch. James A. Garfield. Andrew Lambert and Michael McAulay went astray from sch. Alert on Banquereau, rescued after 40 hours exposure. John Carter and Joseph Burgess went astray from sch. Edward P. Boynton on Georges - reached Mud Island Sep. 1, having rowed over 100 miles


1st - Sch. Highland Light of Wellfleet seized for inshore fishing at Prince Edward Island.

5th - Thomas Ross, a native of Guysboro, N. S., 22, fell overboard form sch. Hattie Evelyn off the north side of P. E. I., by becoming entangled with the fore sheet while jibbing.

6th - Small Sea Serpent seen off Lanesville.

8th - Sch. Pearl Nelson of Provincetown seized at Arichat and fined $500

10th - Sch. Everett Steele seized for not reporting at Custom House in March - released

11th - Sch. Moro Castle seized at Port Mulgrave for alleged smuggling in 1881, etc.

18th - Storm in North Bay; two Portland vessels wrecked at Prince Edward Island. Alexander Grant died on board of sch. Harry G. French.


2nd - Sch. Garibaldi destroyed by fire off Murders Island, N. S., crew saved.

25th - Capt. William G. Strople and George Stone capsized in dory form sch. Alice M. Strople on Grand Bank.   Capt. Strople was a native of Guysboro, N. S., and left a widow and four children in this city.  Mr. Stone was a native of St. Peters, C. B., and left a widow there.

30th - John McVarish, a native of P. E. I., 35, drowned in the harbor.  Left a family in P. E. I.


Sch. Carthage sailed Nov. 30 with crew of twelve men, and never returned.

Sch. Mabel Dilloway lost with crew of seventeen men, probably in the Christmas gale.

19th - Edward Goodwin, of Yarmouth, N. S., 18, washed overboard form sch. George S. Boutwell in the passage from Western Bank and drowned.  Unmarried.

23rd - John Walker, 27, of River Inhabitants, C. B., drowned at Fear's Wharf, body recovered March 4, 1887.

30th - Sch. Richard K. Fox wrecked at North Chatham, crew saved.


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