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The Carthage


Sch. Carthage 67.27 tons, built at Essex in 1878, and owned by George Steele, sailed for Georges November 30, 1886, and never returned to port.  Insured by the Gloucester Mutual Fishing Insurance Company, on vessel and outfits, $4403. 
She had a crew of twelve men, as follows:

Andrew Nelson, master, widower, native of Sweden, left two children
Matthew O'Brien, 40, left widow and five children
James Sherman, left widow and two children in Canso
D. H. McMasters, 33, native of Pictou, N. S.
John Burns, 50, native of P. E. I.
Lawrence Dumphey, 42, native of Guysboro, N. S.
John Purcell, native of Rustie, Germany
Michael Reardon, 30, native of Cork, Ireland
David Keefe, widower, left one adult daughter
Benjamin Lawson, 40, native of Sweden
James Erickson, 35, a native of Denmark
John L. Keating, about 46, native of Savannah, Ga., and a veteran of Co. K, 12th Mass. Regt.  He was a widower and left two children.


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