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The Mabel Dilloway


Sch. Mabel Dilloway 77.87 tons, built in Essex in 1882, owned by Michael Walen & Son, and engaged in the haddock fishery. lost probably in the Christmas gale of 1885, with all on board.  Loss, $7000.   Insurance, $5000 on vessel and $500 on outfits by the Gloucester Mutual Fishing Insurance Co. 
Her crew list of seventeen men was as follows:

John Longan, master, a native of Gloucester, left widow in this city
Joseph Martin, cook, widow at Cohasset
James Campbell, native of St. Peters, C. B.
Arthur Campbell, brother of James, native of St. Peters, C. B.
Angus Chisholm, of Port Hood, C. B.
Angus McGinnis, of Antigonish, N. S.
Edward Butler, whose wife died Jan. 13, 1886, leaving four small children and an aged mother
William C. Ruth, a native of this city
John Young, of Salem, Mass.
Patrick Dower, a native of Ireland
William O'Connor, native of Demarara, W. I., had a mother living in Nova Scotia
Edgar Thorburne, native of Shelburne, N. S.
Michael McDonald, of Grand River, P. E. I.
Lewis B. Babine, native of Sluice Point, Yarmouth, N. S.
Samuel White, Arichat, C. B.
Jerry Muse


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