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John White washed overboard from sch. Willie M. Stevens.  Robert Swain was lost overboard from sch. Orient of Gloucester, on the passage from Baracoa for New York.

6th - Sch. Anson Stimson, of Rockport, belonging to the Pigeon Hill Granite Company, was wrecked on Brigantine Shoal bar, N. J., on passage from San Domingo for New York, by her master, Capt. Albion Sloman, having died at sea, and the crew of six men being down with chills and fever, leaving only the mate and cook to work the vessel.

10th - Sch. Highflyer engaged in Grand Menan herring fishery, wrecked at Carver's Harbor, Fox Island, Me, with a load of frozen herring on board. Crew saved.

23rd - Charles Bell, 19, of P. E. I., one of the crew of sch. Bellerophon, capsized in a dory and drowned. His dory mate clung to a life-rope and was saved.

28th - John Weston, 30, unmarried of Norway, lost overboard from sch. Martha C. Several of the crew of the Martha C. had their faces frozen on this trip. 
Charles Bell capsized in dory from sch. Bellerophon, on Banquereau.


2nd - John Roper 27, unmarried, from Cape Breton, fell from the mainboom of sch. Lizzie, and was not seen after he struck the water.

22nd - William Riley, a native of Halifax, was washed overboard from sch. Ocean King on the Banks.


8th - Benjamin O'Hara and William L. Grant, both unmarried and from the Provinces, were capsized in a dory on the Banks fishing from sch. Mist

16th - Elias (29) and Peter Landry (23), brothers, of sch. Fleur de Lis were capsized in a dory while attempting to cross Newburyport bar to visit their trawls, in the shore fishery.

19th - Sch. Vanguard engaged in the net-codfishery in Ipswich Bay, wrecked at Rye Beach wile attempting to go into Portsmouth with a fare of 10,000 lbs. codfish. Crew saved.

25th - Sch. Lizzie K. Clark , bound south on a mackerelling trip. was capsized and sink about twenty miles southeast of Barnegat. Crew of fourteen men rescued by Pilot boat No. 3.


1st - Capt. Horace Merry, of sch. George P. Rust 40, of Maine, fell overboard from the mainboom off the Isle au Haute, and after being in the water half an hour was rescued by some of the crew in a dory, but died shortly after being taken on board the vessel.

Sch. Carrie S. Dagle lost with crew of twelve, presumed in gale of April 15th.

26th - Michael Sampson, 24, native of Arichat, C. B. , washed overboard from sch. Mary E. Daniels while engaged in dressing fish on Georges. The deck was swept by the sea, and several of the crew had a narrow escape from being washed overboard.


23rd - Louis Dulong and Charles Richards, of sch. Webster Sanborn, were capsized in a dory on Grand Bank and drowned. They were French Nova Scotians, about 23 years of age and unmarried.


11th - Sch. Lady Franklin engaged in freighting paving stones, sunk off Stanwood's Point in Annisquam river. Crew safe.

21st - Edward Nickerson fell overboard from sch. Hattie N. Reed, in Portland harbor, in the mackerel fishery.

30th - Sch. Guy Cunningham sailed on a Grand Bank halibuting trip and never heard from again. Crew of fourteen men.


2nd - John Guthrie, 26 of Gloucester, and Lauchlin Kennedy, 25, of Cape Breton, both unmarried, capsized in a dory on Grand Bank and drowned, fishing from sch. Zenobia

8th - Sch. Clara B. Warren was wrecked on Duncan's Reef, Catch Harbor, N. S. Crew saved.

12th - George M. Sigsworth, about 27, of P. E. I. , of sch. Victor was drowned on Grand Bank. His dory-mate was saved by clinging to the bottom of the dory.


John A. Johnson, of sch. Herman Babson, was washed overboard on the homeward passage from Greenland. He was a Swede and left a widow and three children, who had arrived from Sweden during his absence on the voyage.
Capt. Warren Guptill, of Gloucester, master of sch. Ella, of Boston, was lost with that vessel on the passage from Boston for Baracoa. 
William Harrison Card, of Newcastle, N. H., engaged for some fifteen years in the Gloucester fisheries, was lost, mate of the Ella.

24th - Sch. Thresher went ashore at Cape Sable, caught fire and was destroyed. Crew saved.


Albert McKennon capsized in dory from sch. Wachusett and was drowned.  Joseph Avenue capsized from sch. Smuggler and was lost.

12th - John Frost capsized in dory from sch. Plymouth Rock, and drowned.

27th - Capt. Robert Ehler of sch. Carthage, caught by foot-rope on mainboom and drawn overboard, off Monhegan.

28th - William Rooney, cook of sch. Addie Emma, fell overboard in the Bay of Fundy.


23rd - Henry Burke, John Hayes, Archie McDonald and Barnard Glenn, all of sch. Smuggler, engaged in the shore fisheries, capsized in dories and were lost.


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