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2nd - Sch. Wachusett was caught in a terrific gale on Banquereau, losing foremast and maintopmast, and springing her bowsprit. Th make matters worse her windlass was smashed, and she was obliged to drive 375 miles to sea before the storm abated. She succeeded in reaching St. Johns, N. F., Jan 10 "weighed down with an armor of ice on her hull several inches thick and several tons weight," and "looking as is she had emerged from Baffin's Bay."

9th - Sch. Alice M. Strople lost in hurricane with crew of fourteen men.

13th - Sch. Ben Hur was wrecked on Blanche Point, N. S. . She was bound home from Bank halibuting with a fare of 45,000 lbs. halibut. Crew saved, a portion of them remaining in the rigging until daylight.

14th - George Nickerson, a native of Hayes Harbor, Yarmouth, N. S., about 35 years, was washed overboard from sch. Gleaner.

15th - William Powers, a native of Crow Harbor, N. S., and John Gilbert, a native of Belloram, Newfoundland, two of the crew of sch. Mary A. Clark, were drowned by the capsizing of their dory on the banks.

16th - Sch. Isaac A. Chapman from Fortune Bay with a cargo of frozen herring, sailed from St. Pierre and was never seen again.

17th - Henry Frazier of sch. J. H. Carey capsized and drowned

18th - Sch. Gleaner was wrecked on Murder Island, near Yarmouth, N. S. The crew landed by means of a line attached to the shore, and remained in a hut on the island two days before they were taken off. She was got off at the halves and towed to Yarmouth, N. S., but was practically a total loss.

22nd - John O. McDonald, about 25 years, a native of Cape Breton, was washed overboard from sch. Estelle S. Nunan off shore.

26th - Cusy Vennen, one of the crew of sch. Horace B. Parker, in drawing water while the vessel was going at nine knots or more, was accidentally drawn overboard. Dories were got out and he was rescued by a narrow chance, his had only being seen when he was discovered.


2nd - Fred. Harris and Lawrence Boudrow of sch. Sea Fox were capsized in a dory, but succeeded in clinging to the bottom of the dory in a heavy sea until rescued by their shipmates. the next day two others of the crew, Gilbert Mero and Walter Malay, were capsized in sight of the vessel, but were rescued with considerable difficulty, as there was a heavy sea running.

3rd - Capt. Loring Gayton of sch. Emma E. Witherell of Boston had his left hand badly shattered by the explosion of a bomb with which he was signaling his dories in a fog.

4th - Charles Closson, one of the crew of sch. Proeyon, was taken sick with pneumonia on a Georges trip, and died at the Boston City Hospital, a few hours after reaching port. He was a native of Sweden, about 25, and unmarried.

11th - Sch. Wachusett was wrecked at Fell;s Cove, Burin, N. F. while on a Bank codfishing trip.

21st - Sch. Agnes while on the way home from Fortune Bay with a partial cargo of frozen herring, was wrecked at Vanquero Island, Miq. Crew saved.
Abraham Gerroir and Abram Frazier, unmarried, from Arichat, C. B., and Timothy O'Coonnell, a native of Shelburne, N. S., were washed from the bowsprit of sch. Marion Grimes in a gale on Georges, and drowned. The vessel had broken adrift and they were on the bowsprit to stop the jib. The vessel was so badly iced up that nothing could be done for their rescue.

23rd - Harry Basser, about 40, a native of Sweden, was washed overboard from sch. Dido on Georges.


Robert Stagg, one of the crew of sch. Anna H. Frye, was washed overboard and drowned on the passage to Grand Manan. He was a native of the West of England and left a widow and three children in Newfoundland.

19th - Sch. H. A. Duncan lost six of her crew in the blinding snow-storm. Two of them afterwards regained their vessel. Two others, Murdock Quinley and Michael Hafey, were exposed to the severity of the storm for twenty hours, when they were picked up in a pitiable condition by the sch. John F. Nickerson of Boston. The other two, Alfred M. Brown and Ambrose Garcia, had a terrible experience. In the evening after being out all the afternoon, Brown was washed overboard with the oars, but was pulled aboard again, more dead than alive by his dory-mate. They were rescued the next day by a dory from sch. Blue Jacket, their feet being badly swollen and frozen, and neither of them cold have survived much longer.
Charles Johnson went astray in a dory from sch. S. A. Parkhurst on Middle bank and all efforts to find him proved of no avail.
Joseph Campbell, a native of Halifax, N. S. and unmarried, was washed from the bowsprit and drowned. James Lahey and Sylvester Hafey were lost from their dory from sch. A. R. Crittenden in a snow storm on the Western Bank. They were young men, unmarried, and natives of St. John, N. F. The captain of the Crittenden had a narrow escape from going astray in the blinding snow storm while out in a dory in search of the missing men.

20th - Alexander Johnson, a native of Nova Scotia, about 29, was knocked overboard from coasting sch. J. S. Lamprey on Nantucket Shoals, and drowned.

Sch. William W. Rice lost late March, early April, on Iceland trip with crew of sixteen men.


Joseph Gilbert, of Tignish, N. S., a young man of estimable character, was washed overboard from sch. Hustler on Grand Bank.

8th - Nelson Houghton, a single man about 26, a native of Chester, N. S. was drowned by the capsizing of a dory on the Banks. His dorymate, John Parker, was rescued in an exhausted condition.


5th - Sch. Osipee struck on the South-East Breaker at Isaac's Harbor, N. S. , crew saved

6th - Body of Capt. Edward Stapleton found in a dock at Boston

14th - Sch. Norseman wrecked at All Right Island, Madgalen Islands, crew saved.

15th - Sch. Hattie S. Clark capsized is a squall off Fryingpan Shoals. She had been employed through the winter in fishing from Key West, Florida, but took a cargo of fruit to New York, and was returning for another cargo, having shipped a crew in New York. The cook, Charles Polaski, was picked up in a boat May 16, and Charles Parsons, one of the crew, was picked up on the day of the accident. The others were never heard from. She was commanded by Capt. Sargent Lane of Lanesville, a native of Folly cove, about 49 years of age and unmarried.

19th - Sch. Belle A. Nauss was wrecked near Wellfleet, crew saved.

24th - Capt. John Gourville and Raymond White of sch. J. H. Carey capsized and drowned off Scatterie.
Capt. John Gourville and Raymond White of sch. J. H. Carey, were drowned by the upsetting of a dory about twenty miles off Scatterie. Capt. Gourville was a native of France, about 53 years of age, and left a widow and four children in this city. White was a native of Arichat, C. B., about 30 years of age, and unmarried.

25th - Steam launch capsized in Ipswich Bay and two men drowned. Thomas Rose (also listed as Reese), a native of Newfoundland, 55, and Otto Johnson, 55, of Sweden, both of sch. Senator Sanisbury lost at Iceland


28th - Martin Foley, 24, a native of Gloucester, and Frank Bovel, of Marseilles, France, 24, of sch.. A. R. Whyland lost in the fog on Grand Bank


7th - Ernest Bunnell of sch. .William E. McDonald capsized in dory and drowned at Flemish Cap

18th - Angus McDonald, a native of Bull Creek, P. E. I., knocked overboard from sch. David Sherman and drowned

19th - Peter LeSueur capsized and drowned in the harbor

27th - Alex. Cameron, of Port Hood, and Dan'l McMasters, a native of Port Hastings, of sch. S. R. Crane drowned on Grand Bank by the capsizing of their dory.

31st - Sch. Oliver Ann wrecked at Burin, N.F.


7th - Charles Olsen and Benj. Hillensen of sch. Polar Wave drowned on the Banks. Sch. Marion wrecked at Esprit Island, C. B.

10th - William Pearce, 32, a native of Providence, R. I., was washed from the flying-jibboom of sch. Howard Holbrook, fell overboard and drowned

30th - William P. Seymour of Holyoke and Hayward Hall of Cambridge drowned at Annisquam


William Jackson and Thomas Galvin were lost in the fog from sch. Cecil H. Low on Grand Banks.

1st - Severe gale on Grand Bank, sch. Lizzie Griffin lost, others disabled

18th - John Sonier, a native of St. Mary's Bay, N. S., about 21 years, died on board sch. Lottie S. Morton immediately after her arrival from Georges.


7th - Andrew Daley, about 57 years of age, and a native of Camden, Me., one of the crew of sch. Alice died suddenly on Georges of heart disease. His body was brought in. He had a daughter residing at Lanesville.

9th - John Nowlan, a native of Ingonish, C. B. and Peter Paul, of Italy, lost overboard from sch. Vesta on Grand Bank.

15th - David Bly, 21, a native of Barrington, N. S. , where he had a wife and child, was washed from the bowsprit of sch. Emma M. Dyer and drowned.

19th - Alfred Pettipore, 26, and Stephen Landry, 37, natives of Arichat, C. B., washed overboard from sch. Essex on passage from La Have Bank


William McCarthy, a native of Halifax, N. S., about 27 years, was lost overboard from a Gloucester vessel in a gale.

10th - John Colby about 44, knocked overboard by the mainboom of sch. Annie W. Hodgdon off Thacher's Island. Thomas L. Wadsworth, a native of Meriden, Conn., William Hastings, a native of Scotland, and John Whalen, a native of Bangor, Me., were drowned by the capsizing of their boat while torching herring in Ipswich Bay. Wadsworth left a widow and five small children, and Hastings also had a wife and five children; Whalen was unmarried. The bodies of Wadsworth and Whalen were recovered Nov. 12, and that of Hastings, June 21, 1891.

11th - Thomas L. Wadsworth, William Hastings and John Whalen capsized and drowned in Ipswich Bay

15th - David Bly lost overboard from sch. Emma M. Dyer

17th - Daniel and Cyril Doucette, brothers, of sch. Mary J. Wells capsized in dory and drowned.
Alexander Neson, abt. 26, a native of Sweden and unmarried, fell form the rigging of sch. Lizzie M. Stanwood and died of his injuries after reaching port.

18th - Alonso Callahan, a native of Guysboro, N. S., one of the crew of sch. Gertie Evelyn was drowned on the banks by the capsizing of his dory, his two dorymates being rescued. Daniel and Cyril Doucette, brothers, were lost in the fog in a dory from sch. Mary J. Wells on the Banks. The first named left a widow and two children at East Gloucester, and the other unmarried. They belonged at St. Mary's Bay, N. S.

27th - Edward McMaster, one of the crew of sch. Lizzie Griffin, a native of Port Hawkesbury, N. S. , about 53 years, was drowned by the capsizing of his dory on the banks. He left a widow in this city.


Sch. William D. Daisley lost with all aboard.

1st - Heavy gale on the Nova Scotia coast; sch. Alice wrecked at Lingan Head, C. B; crew had a narrow escape. The sea made a complete breach over the wrecked schooner, which drifted close in under a cliff from forty to fifty feet high, and the crew of twelve men were rescued b means of a bowline, communication having been established with the shore by first throwing ashore a monkey wrench attached to a cod line. Edwin Burt, one of the crew, was washed overboard twice and had his head split open and his leg badly hurt. The crew lost all their effects.

10th - George Buffett, a native of Fortune Bay, N. F. washed overboard from sch. Fred P. Frye and drowned

11th - Sch. Plymouth Rock wrecked at Blanche Point, Cape Negro. The crew were rescued with considerable difficulty by puling a dory back and forth between the wreck and the shore, having succeeded in getting a line ashore, and were taken off the island with brave gallantry by a lifeboat crew from the mainland. Sch. Admiral wrecked on Byron Island, Magdalenes; crew had a narrow escape

15th - Sch. Grace C. Young commanded by Capt. Kenney McPherson, was dismasted on Banquereau and abandoned in a sinking condition three days later. The crew of sixteen men suffered great hardships, and were about to leave the water-logged vessel in their dories when they were fortunately seen and taken off by the German steamer Elbrug and landed in New York.

16th - Sch. Admiral, commanded by Capt. William Harding, was wrecked at Bryon Island, one of the Magdalens, with a cargo of bloater herring. Crew saved, with considerable difficulty, and obliged to remain upon the islands about three weeks, when they were taken off by a steamer sent to their assistance.

17th - Sch. Grace C. Young abandoned on Banquereau, dismasted and water-logged; crew taken off

19th - David Ernest, 23, a native of Chester, N. S. was washed overboard from sch. Sea Fox on the Cape Shore, and drowned.

25th - John Brown and John M. Frederickson a Norwegian, were capsized in a dory from sch. Nellie G. Thurston on the Banks, and were drowned.

26th - Three-masted coasting sch. A. H. Hurlburt , commanded by Capt. Thurston, wrecked on Black Point, about three miles south of Narragansett Pier. Capt. Thurston, a native of Boothbay, Me., 25, married, Frank Hammond, steward, of Bristol, Me., married and two sons, and Frank Lawrence, of Portland, Oregon, were drowned. The mate jumped overboard and was hauled out of the breakers and the remainder of the crew were rescued by the life-saving crew. 


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