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The Isaac A. Chapman


On February 27, 1890, the Messrs. James G. Tarr & Bro. reluctantly were compelled to give up the Sch. Isaac A. Chapman up as lost with all on board.

The Chapman sailed form Gloucester about the middle of December of 1889 on a frozen herring trip to Placentia Bay, and having secured a cargo put into St. Pierre, Miq., on the passage home. She sailed from that port Jan. 16, in company with schs. Dora A. Lawson, Valkyrie and Hattie E. Worcester, since which time there has been no trace of her.

On the night of the 16th a southeasterly snow-storm set in, the wind changing gradually to the northwest and increasing to a gale, but whether the missing vessel was driven to sea and caught in the ice, or went down in the storm, will never be known.

The Chapman was 80.81 tons, built at Essex in 1879, but had been ashore on Plum Island a little over a year ago, got off and thoroughly rebuilt. She was valued with outfits at $5000, and there was an insurance of $3000 on the vessel in the Gloucester Mutual Fishing Insurance Company, with nothing on the cargo or outfits.

She was commanded by Capt. Ozro B. Fitch, an experienced, careful and successful master-mariner and estimable citizen. He was a native of Boothbay, Me, about 49 years of age, and has been master mariner from this port several years. He leaves a wife and four children residing on Mt. Vernon street in this city.

The Crew List

Ozro B. Fitch, captain, about 49 years, native of Boothbay, Me., married, leaving a widow and four children
Ole Nelson, mate, single, about 28 years, a native of Mendal, Norway
John K. Baker, cook, widower, a native of Langsund, Norway
Benjamin F. Lunt, seaman, age 27, a native of Tremont, ME
Edward Jordan, alias Charles E. Jargen, seaman, age 29, a native of Kurland, Russia
Jacob Whynot, seaman, age 20 years, a native of Lockeport, N.S.
Manuel D. Silva, seaman, age 29 years, a native of this city.

There was also one passenger on board, Wm. Erickson, one of the crew of sch. Pathfinder of this port, who left that vessel at St. Pierre to come home on the Chapman. He was a native of Stockholm Sweden, but had long been engaged in fishing from Gloucester, having been a resident of this country for twenty-one years. He was master of sch. Mattie Winship when seized by the Canadian Cutter Vigilant last spring for illegally fishing in Canadian waters.


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