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6th - Simon Sampson, 28, single, native of Arichat, N. S., knocked overboard form sch. Eliza H. Parkhurst off Sable Island.

11th - John D. Husing, a former master mariner, one of the crew of sch. Carrie F. Roberts of Boston, fell form Central wharf and died. He was 54, native of Baltimore Md., and unmarried.

13th - Sch. Edith M. McInnis has narrow escape from foundering of LeHave Bank.

14th - Sch. Edith M. McInnis ran ashore near Cape Sable lighthouse during a thick fog, while on a haddocking trip; crew saved.

16th - Body of Capt. John D. Hasing found in dock, aged 54 years.

20th - John Griffin, a native of Newfoundland, 72, one of the crew of sch. Oliver F. Kilham of Beverly, died on Georges form heart disease.

26th - Sch. Carl W. Baxter engaged in the winter haddock fishery, foundered on Brown's Bank, having been wrecked by a severe gale on the previous day. The crew were taken off by men from the steamer Mourne, and landed at Boston.

28th - Olaf Olsen, fisherman from sch. __erald picked up off Salt Island in badly frozen condition.

29th - Died at Woods Harbor, N. S., Capt. Nehemiah Nickerson, 52 years.


8th - Sch. Avalon goes ashore off Manchester, but is afterwards floated.

12th - Ice floe reaches from inner harbor to Ten Pound Island. Capt. John W. Greenlaw of sch. Annie Greenlaw, was struck by the mainboom and knocked overboard and drowned off Chatham, aged 40 years, left widow and two children.. Gustavus Copperbrush goes astray from sch. Clara P. Seawall and wades ashore through half a mile of freezing water at Ipswich bar.

14th - Sch. A. M. Burnham lost in gale with crew of twelve men. Charles Sadler was washed overboard from sch. M. H. Perking on Brown's Bank. He was 40, single and a native of Halifax county, N. S.

15th - Schs. Carl W. Baxter and Sarah founder on the banks; crew of the former taken off by steamer Mourne, and of the latter by sch. Mabel Leighton.

20th - Fire damages steamer William H. Moody at Pigeon Cove.

21st - Arthur Munroe , 19, single and a native of Whitehead, N. S., fell overboard form sch. Senator on Grand Banks.

27th - Capt. Ernest Cross of sch. Mizpah washed overboard on Georges and drowned; aged 30, single, and a native of Beaver Harbor, N. S. .


1st - Capt. of sch. Mary Cabral locates wreck of sch. Portland on Middle Bank.

4th - Dominion government presents watch to Capt. Nelson of sch. Hiram Lowell and $40 to each of the crew for rescue of crew of Br. sch. Narcissus.

11th - William F. Morse rescued from dock. Sch. Carrier Dove of Boston libeled by crew to secure fares, the captain having absconded with the proceeds of the trip.

14th - Sch. Talisman lands largest fresh fish fare on record, 160,435 pounds.

15th - James McDonald, 25, native of Nova Scotia, knocked overboard from sch. Miranda on Bank Quero.

16th - Capt. Lovell J. Hodgdon of sch. Annie Greenlaw washed overboard form his vessel off Cape Cod, but floated back on return sea.

23rd - Athelson Morrissey, one of the crew of Lizzie Griffin was drowned on Grand Bank by the capsizing of his dory. His dorymate, Albert Hubbard, clung to the strap of the dory plug until help reached him from the vessel, but Morrissey became exhausted before assistance reached him. He was 28 years on, single, and a native of Pubnico, N. S.

26th - Sch. A. M. Burnham given up as lost with crew of nine men.

30th - Sch. Arthur D. Story wrecked on Newfoundland coast.


6th - Sch. Nellie M. Davis founders on Grand Bank.

14th - Sch. Nellie M. Davis sprung a leak on Grand Bank during a heavy gale and foundered. Her crew were taken off by sch. Eleanora and landed at St. Pierre. George Latham, one of her crew, was washed overboard and drowned when the gale struck. He was 40 years, single and a native of Liverpool, N. S. Joseph Lake, who was at the wheel, was rendered unconscious and had the flesh torn from his arms and limbs by a sea.

18th - Sch. Eliza of Beverly, lost of Rose and Crown shoal; 12 of her crew drowned.


5th - Sch. Hiram Lowell wrecked at the Magdalen Islands.

7th - Manuel M. Mitchell, 36, a native of Portugal, one of the crew of sch. Clara M. Littlefield, was drowned on Brown's Bank by the capsizing of his dory. He left a widow and two children.

9th - Reuben Jacquard and Mard Muise, two of the crew of sch. Thetis, were drowned while visiting their trawls. Jacquard was 42, and left a widow and six children at Tusket Wedge, N. S. Muise was 30, and left a widow and one child in the same place.

11th - Decree of United States district court holding owners of steamer Barnstable responsible for loss of sch. Fortuna affirmed.


5th - Sch. Monticello strikes on Dogbar Breakwater.

15th - Steamer City of Gloucester went ashore off Deer Island, Boston harbor.

18th - Howard Blackburn sails in sloop Great Western to cross the Atlantic.


7th - Sch. Hattie E. Worcester went ashore on the northeast bar of Sable Island in a thick fog while on the passage home and was a total loss. The crew escaped in their dories and rowed to the Nova Scotia coast, it being impossible to land on Sable island.

12th - Capt. William A. Andrews picked up at sea in exhausted condition.

17th - Sch. Hattie E. Worcester wrecked on Sable island bar.

20th - Sch. Ethel B. Jacobs sailed on mackerelling trip to Ireland. Hiram Smith commits suicide by jumping overboard from sch. Pinta on LeHave Bank.

21st - John McKenzie and Charles Goodwin go astray from sch. Henry G. French on Quero Bank and row to Nova Scotia in four days.

27th - Passengers on steamer New England report seeing the sea serpent.

28th - Ernest C. Publicover, age 8, drowned by falling through hole in old Low wharf.


5th - Sch. Otis P. Lord sunk by collision off Seal Island.

6th - James Burgess one of the crew of sch. Massasoit, commits suicide on Georges by jumping overboard.

10th - Sch. Ethel B. Jacobs arrives at Dingle Bay, Ireland. Capt. Eliot F. Barter of Rocky Neck receives visit from son Frank H., of whom he had not heard for 35 years.

18th - Howard Blackburn reaches Portia Head, England on his solo sail across the Atlantic.

23rd - Elias Miller, one of the crew of sch. Rigel, knocked overboard on Grand Bank and was drowning when Nathaniel Burrows and Robert Boulhier jumped onto the water and saved him.

24th - Sch. Carrie E. Phillips of Provincetown totally wrecked at Whitehead, Me. Morris Fitzgerald, James Murphy, James Brothers, and William Fitzgerald, from the Boston fishing sch. Mary A. Whalen, picked up after being adrift 64 hours without food or water and landed here.

25th - Sch. Indiana run into by unknown coaster off Cape Elizabeth.

29th - Coasting sch. Edward Rich strikes on Sandy Bay breakwater, and is a total loss.


13th - Sch. American lands 171,670 lbs. fletched halibut, stocking $13,733.80, the crew sharing $358.90.

18th - Patrick Kelley died on board sch. Sigfrid.


10th - Sch. Ethel B. Jacobs detained by authorities in Ireland for alleged illegal fishing.

20th - Sch. Two Forty fun down and sunk by steamer Ardanhu in Boston harbor and four men drowned.

25th - Sch. Ethel B. Jacobs wrecked on Abbey Island, Darrynane, Ireland.

30th - Steamer Dolphin wrecked at Rockport.


6th - Sch. Mabel D. Hines lands largest bank cod fare of the season, 335,000 lbs.

8th - Bark Salvadore lands shipwrecked crew at this port.

11th - Crew of sch. Ethel B. Jacobs arrived home.

26th- Sch. Sylvester Whalen run down and sunk by sch. Major Pickanes, and two men drown.


4th - Howard Blackburn arrives in New York from Europe.

23rd - Sch. Laura Marlon lost on Newburyport bar with crew of four men.

25th - Capt. John A. Griffin master of sch. Lizzie Griffin, drowned at Halifax, aged 50 years.

26th - George Rutledge, 42, native of this city, single, drowned by falling overboard while attempting to board sch. Latona at Steele's wharf.

31st - Sch. Carrie L. Hix strikes on Dog Bar breakwater and goes to pieces.



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