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The Two Forty


Sch. Two Forty 41.74 tons gross, 39.63 tons net, built in Essex in 1891, and owned by Capt. Jesse Lewis, run down and sunk by steamer Ardanhu in Boston harbor October 20, 1899 while returning from a haddocking trip. Valued at $3500 and insured by the Boston Marine Insurance Company for $2500 on the vessel and $500 on the outfits.
Four of the crew were drowned,

Capt. John Fewers, master, 57, native of St. Mary's Bay, N. S., left widow and one son in this city
Fred Armstrong, 28, single, native of Pubnico, N. S.
Neil Brooks, 52, single, native of St. Mary's Bay, N. F.
Fred. Irving, 29, single, born in this city

Irving had saved lives on several occasions, for which he had received a gold medal from the Massachusetts Humane Society, and was with Capt. Fewers in sch. J. W. Collins when the crew of sch. Carrie E. Lane were rescued in 1897. The wreck was afterwards raised and sold to Capt. Alfred Sorenson of Chelsea.


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