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5th - John C. Wiley of Rockport, 18, drowned by wreck of ship Alfred D. Snow near Waterford, Ireland.   Sch. Warren J. Crosby, from Fortune Bay with frozen herring, wrecked at Louisburg, C. B.  The crew narrowly escaped with their lives. (Wreck purchased by Louisburg parties, raised and repaired.)

8th - Sch. Emma A. Cutting of Phippsburg, Me, wrecked on Pavilion Beach

12th - Three-masted sch. Hattie N. Gove wrecked on Port Royal Bar

13th - Sch. Isaac Patch wrecked at Grand Manan, crew saved. 
John McPhee a native of Little Harbor, P. E. I., 24, unmarried, knocked overboard by the mainboom of sch. Edward P Boynton on passage home from Georges, drowned

16th - Arthur Brown, of Bonavista, N. F., passenger, washed overboard from sch. A.D. Story.

17th - Sch. Sylvester wrecked at Brace's Cove; crew saved.

18th -Capt. John Nason of sch. Pendragon sold haddock fare in Boston and disappeared

20th - Henry S. Batten left in dory on shore fishing grounds, rescued by sch. Percy after twenty-seven hours of extreme hardship and suffering.
Sch. Anna H. Mason sunk at Portsmouth by collision.
James Elwood, native of P. E. I., 26, unmarried, washed overboard from sch. Belle A. Nauss off Scatterie.

23rd - John McDonald, a native of Louisburg, C. B., 56, married and residing in East Boston, of sch. J. W. Campbell capsized in a dory on Georges and drowned.  His dorymate, Thomas Jordan, was rescued in an exhausted condition.

24th - Daniel McKinnon, of Souris, P. E. I., and Alonzo McMaster, of Guysboro, N. S., each 30 and unmarried, lost in dory from sch. Brunhilde.

25th - William Henry McDonald, a native of Guysboro, N. S., fell overboard from sch. Addison G. Proctor and drowned; body recovered.  He left a widow and four children in Gloucester. 
Sch. Etta Gott wrecked on Big Spoon Island near near Isle au Haut.  The crew of eleven men remained on a desolate island a week before they were discovered and taken off.  They were fortunate enough to find a small cabin on the Island, and got a stove and provisions ashore from the wreck, which kept them from freezing and starving.

26th - Daniel Ryan, 35, native of P. E. I., unmarried, washed overboard from sch. Tetis on passage from Newfoundland and drowned.
Sch. Finance wrecked on Blanch Island, N.S; one of her crew drowned in attempting to get a line ashore, and one died from exposure in accomplishing the feat.

28th - Sch. Restless on Brown's Bank, while badly iced up, she shipped a tremendous sea, carrying away davits, boats, port rails, wheel, rudder head and after house, jib and head gear.  Her cable parted and she drive at the mercy of the wind and waves for ten days, leaking badly and the crew suffering greatly from snow squalls and intense cold.  Jan 28 they were taken off by a small boat from sch. Harry Lewis of Yarmouth, which made five trips to secure them.  The wrecked vessel was rolling helplessly in the trough of the sea, and great care had to be exercised in approaching her to prevent the smashing of the boat.  About an hour after the men were taken off the wreck went down.


2nd - Sch. Mystery wrecked on Western Bail at Lockeport, N. S. on the passage home from Fortune Bay with frozen herring, crew saved.

10th - Sch. Rising Star wrecked at Rye Beach, crew saved.

23rd - John McDonald of sch. . J. W. Campbell capsized and drowned on Georges


3rd - Sch. Mollie Adams arrived at Port Townsend, W.T., 123 days from Gloucester

11th - Arrival of 100 Nova Scotia fishermen from Yarmouth in Sch. Uncle Sam.  Sch. Pamet, employed in freighting salt, etc., form Gloucester to Salem, sunk in Salem harbor after a rough passage.

12th - Charles Roule, a native of Guysboro, N. S., 24 and unmarried, of sch. Henry W. Longfellow washed overboard in Boston Bay and drowned.
Remy White, a native of Pubnico, N. S., and Edward Olsen, a Swede, capsized in dory from sch. D. Winchester and drowned on Grand Bank


1st - John Currier, of Cape Breton, Alexander Jameson, of Sand Point, Strait of Canso, Joseph Martin, of Sand Point, Strait of Canso, and John Goodwin, of Sand Point, Strait of Canso, lost in dories from sch. James A. Garfield on Grand Bank.
William O'Neil, a native of Straits of Canso, 24 and unmarried,  of sch. Bertha May capsized in dory on Grand Band and drowned.

11th - Samuel M. Harnish, a native of St. Margaret's Bay, N. S., of sch. Gertie E. Foster capsized in dory on Grand Banks and drowned.  Left a widow and three children in this city.

15th - Frank S. Haskins of Pigeon Cove, 32,  capsized in dory from sch. Morrill Boy off Thatcher's Island and drowned


25th - Archie McArthur of sch. Thomas W. Knight died on the passage to Harwich for bait, and was buried at that port.

29th - Roswell Ford, of this city, one of the crew of sch. Susie Hooper, died at Bay Bulls, N. F.


4th - Enoch Steward lost in dory from Sch. J. E. Garland

22nd - Daniel Mackay and Robert Williams lost in dory from sch. Gladstone. Picked up the next day.

27th - John Tibbets, of Digby, N. S., and Duncan McDougall, of Antigonish, N. S., of sch. Frank A. Smith capsized in dory on Grand Banks and drowned


14th - Charles Fenton, a native of Guysboro, N. S., one of the crew of sch. Ralph E. Eaton, died at Souris, P. E. I.

18th - Mark Toole of sch. St. Patrick, lost in dory about eight miles off Matinicus rock.

31st - Sch. William A. Dugoswue wrecked on Straitsmouth Island


8th -  Lawrence Harteman, late of sch. Fitz J. Babson, drowned at Fort Point; native of Prospect, N. S., aged 44; body recovered.


20th - James Linnehan, a native of Newfoundland, of sch. Puritan capsized in dory and drowned on Grand Banks

22nd - Alfred Gunderson, about 25, native of Sweden and unmarried, washed overboard and drowned from sch. Lottie S. Morton.

23rd - Martin Gunderson, of sch. Grace C. Hadley, a native of Sweden, about 26, capsized and drowned in the harbor.

25th  - Simeon Sampson, a native of Arichat, C. B., lost overboard from sch. J. J. Clark off Cape Sable.

29th - William Drew, of sch. Mascot, capsized in dory on Grand Bank and drowned.  A native of Harbor Bouche, N. F., about 26 and unmarried.


6th - Sch. Matthew M. Murray wrecked at Louisburg, C. B., crew saved.  Jonas Colby, of sch. Charles S. Tappan, a native of Westport, Me., about 45, drowned in Allen's dock.

12th - Joseph M. Strople, of Boylston, N. S., of the sch. Orient fell from a cliff at Souris, P.E.I.  Left widow and two children.

14th - Capt. Lawrence O'Brien, master of sch. Puritan, died on Grand Bank.  He was a native of Conception Bay, N. S., and left an aged father, a widow and three children in this city.

18th - Emory Goodwin lost in dory from sch. Mist on Grand Bank; a native of Argyle, N. S., 21 and unmarried.


5th - Sch. Goldsmith Maid run down and sunk in Boston harbor by steamer Glaucus, and two of her crew drowned, Howard Munroe, 24, a native of Shelburne, N. S., and Peter Landry, of Arichat, C. B.  Both unmarried.

22nd - Capt. Robert Newman, a native of Campobello, 28, and married, of sch. James & Ella washed overboard off Petit Manan.

25th - Sch. Carleton lost with crew of twelve men. 
Sch. Joseph O. lost with crew of twelve men. 
John Fitzgerald, cook of sch. Edward Norton of Boston, abut 35, and belonged in this city, was drowned by the wrecking of that vessel at Chatham. 
John Harnish, another Gloucester fisherman, from St. Margaret's Bay, N. S., where he had a wife and children, was also drowned by the wrecking of the Norton, as was John Carr, 24 from the Straits of Canso, who had been engaged in fishing from this port for two years.


11th - Thomas Jenkins of sch. Water Lily drowned off Boar's Head

15th - Peter A. Carlsen of Gloucester, one of the crew of sch. Abbie Deering of Portland, Me., fell form the bowsprit on Grand Bank and was drowned.  He was a native of Sweden, unmarried and about 32 years of age.

25th - Thomas Jenkins, of sch. Water Lily, about 38 and belonged in Pittsburgh, Penn., was capsized in a dory and drowned off Boar's Head. 


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