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The Finance


January 26, 1888

Sch. Finance , 64.20 tons, built at Essex in 1869, owned by Capt. John H. McDonough, and insured by the Gloucester Mutual Fishing Insurance Co., for $2300 on vessel and outfits, wrecked on Blanche Island, Shelburne Co., N. S.  She struck on the ledges at 2 o'clock in the morning, in the height of a severe gale.  Her rudder was torn off, and it seemed as if every beat on the cruel rocks would break her up.  The wind was biting cold and the men drenched by every wave.

Fred. Bryant, one of their number, from Bath, Me., attempted to reach the shore with a line, but was thrown back by the undertow under the vessel and drowned.  George Johnson made a similar attempt, but was unsuccessful, and was hauled back on board half perished by the cold and thoroughly exhausted.  A third attempt was made by James McKiver, and Englishman, who succeeded in reaching the shore, bruised, barefooted and almost perished with the cold, and to hold the line until another of the crew effected a landing by means of the rope, and were obliged to remain on the island without food, fire or shelter, with the thermometer below zero, until afternoon, when they were rescued from their terrible position. 

McKiver died a few moments after help arrived.  The body of his drowned comrade was recovered, and both were buried at Blanche.


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