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The Carleton


The sch. Carleton sailed form Gloucester for Georges on Nov. 12th, 1888. She went to Provincetown for bait, and while there was spoken by sch. Tragabigzanda, Capt. Andrew Nelson, who left the vessel in port when he sailed, about ten days before the gale of November 24th, which was the last tidings which had been received from her.

Her master, Capt. Patrick O'Connell, had purchased sch. Tubal Cain before leaving on the fatal trip, and intended to make a short trip before fitting his new vessel, not expecting to be absent longer that two or three weeks.

The Crew of the Sch. Carleton:

Patrick O'Connell, master, of Ring County, Waterford, Ireland,45, who had followed fishing from this port for twenty-seven years.   Left a widow and two daughters in this city, and an aged mother dependent on him for support in Ireland.  One of his brothers, Thomas, was lost from Gloucester about ten years ago, and another, Matthew, died here.
Maurice O'Connell, son of the master, a bright, active boy, 17 years of age
William Bird, a native of Fortune Bay, N.F., leaves a widow and two children in Gloucester
John Borgerson, a native of Sweden, where he leaves a widow and one child
John Sanderson, belonging in Sweden
Lincoln R. Stimpson, a native of Swan's Island, Me., leaves a stepfather, mother and sister at Peak's Island, Portland
Charles Burke, born in Ireland, recently discharged from the U.S. receiving ship Wabash
Martin Johnson,
a native of Sweden, has a brother living in East Boston
Michael Hines, a native of Carbonear, N. F.
Edward Peterson, a native of Finland
Oscar Smith, a native of Sweden
Andrew Johnson, a native of Sweden, is supposed to have gone in vessel

The Carleton was a fine vessel of 59.93 tons measurement, and was built in Essex in 1869. She was insured by the Gloucester Mutual Fishing Insurance Company for $2000 on the vessel and $1000 on the outfits.


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