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Sch. Charger lost sometime in January.

3rd - Fred. Smith, a native of Norway, and Alexander St. Just, of Nantes, France, both single, lost in dory from sch. Hereward on Grand Bank.

17th - Phineas B. Norris, 50, widower, drowned at Pew's dock.

22nd - Sch. Ocean King wrecked at sea and abandoned on Feb. 9th.  Her crew, after suffering great hardship from cold, exposure and hunger, being rescued with great difficulty by the sch. C. B. Manning.

24th - Andrew Lambert, 36, of East Gloucester, one of the crew of sch. Loring B. Haskell, drowned at T Wharf, Boston.  Body recovered.

26th - Michael McDougall, of sch. Northern Eagle, about 52, and a native of Cape Breton, went astray in a dory in Ipswich Bay, and probably capsized.  Left a widow.

28th - Capt. Joshua Arey, one of the crew of the sch. Augusta H. Johnson, a native of Vinalhaven, Me., washed overboard on Georges; left widow and four children in this city.

30th - Fred. Gustafson, age 26, John Fosberg, 28, and John Noran, 32, drowned by capsizing of a dory from sch. Alice M. Strople on Grand Banks.  All natives of Sweden and unmarried.


4th - Joseph Doty, a native of Liverpool, N. S., one of the crew of sch. Joseph Garland, went astray in a dory in Ipswich Bay and probably capsized, unmarried.

15th - William Magee, 35, native of St. Johns, N. F., died on board sch. Restless on Georges and was buried at sea.

20th - John Keating, of sch. Dido. drowned at Lewis wharf, Boston.

23rd - Frank W. Smith, a native of Germany, and Emil Nelson, a Swede, of sch. Peregrine White, drowned on Western Bank by the sinking of an overloaded dory.  The accident was witnessed from the schooner, and a dory payed down to their rescue, but when it reached the spot they had disappeared.

25th - Sch. Phil Sheridan knocked down and wrecked on Georges.  James McDougall, the only man on deck when she capsized, was washed overboard but clung to a broken dory until he was rescued.   The others of the crew being below had considerable difficulty in reaching the deck before the vessel righted, five minutes after she went over.  They remained two days on the wreck, when they were taken off, saving only what they stood in.  Charles Anderson, 27, a native of Sweden, of sch. Pendragon, run down in a dory while crossing the vessel's bow on Georges and drowned.  His dory-mate, Peter Johnson, was rescued in an exhausted condition.

28th - Jeremiah Hadley, 27, of Guysboro, N. S. washed overboard from sch. Stranger on Georges.


17th - Charles McNeil, 20, of Souris, P. E. I., and Edward Burt, 25, native of Norway. lost in dory from sch. Abby F. Morris on Grand Bank.

22nd - Jacob Anderson, 24, a native of Norway, unmarried, one of the crew of sch. Edward P. Boynton, run over by freight cars at head of Commercial wharf, Boston, and instantly killed.


Sch. Jamestown lost with crew of twelve men.

3rd - George Rice, of England, washed overboard form sch. Samuel R. Crane on Western Bank.  Charles Erickson, of Sweden, 18, washed from bowsprit of sch. Frederick Gerring, Jr., on Georges.

27th - James McGrath, 18, of Beverly, washed form flying-jibboom of sch. Gertie Evelyn off Cape Henolpen.  Charles Morrison, a native of Prince Edward Island, and Edward Burke, a Norwegian, capsized in a dory from sch. Abby F. Morris on the Sable Island grounds.

30th - John Colley, a native of England, about 60, cook of sch. Alfred Walen, died on the homeward passage from Georges.


1st - Christian Hanson, a Norwegian, about 27, died on board sch. David M. Hilton.

7th - Sch. C. B. Manning wrecked at Yarmouth, N.S.

11th - John J. Allen of Rockport drowned when his dory capsized

15th - Peter Martinsen, 32, and John Hanson, 30, of sch. Thomas F. Bayard, capsized in dory and drowned off Bonne Bay, N. F.  Both natives of Denmark.  Martinsen left a widow and child in Boston.

19th - John Fowler, 28, died on board sch. Annie Wesley on Grand Bank from blood poisoning.  Cosmore White, a native of Pubnico, N. S., aged 20, unmarried, of sch. Mabel Kenniston, washed overboard and drowned.

23rd - John Fowler died on board sch. Annie Wesley on Grand Banks.  Richard White and Archie McKinnon went astray in dory from sch. Rebecca Bartlett; picked up June 2 by sch. Theresa D. Baker of Provincetown. McKinnon died of exposure same day

24th - James McDonald and Oscar Daphinee went astray in dory from sch. Carrie & Annie of Boston. Picked up after four days' and nights' exposure.

27th - Sch. Addie John of Weymouth, N.S., wrecked at Grape Vine Cove.


3rd - Simon Landry died on board sch. Chocorua on Georges (31y. 2m. 18d.)

5th - George F. Frost, a Pigeon Cove dory fisherman, drowned.

17th - Freeman Owen and Daniel Goodwin of sch. Winona capsized their dory and drowned.

26th - Thomas DeCoste and William Drew lost in the fog from sch. D. D. Winchester on Western Bank, picked up by sch. John W. Brown of Portland


3rd - Sch. Charles P. Thompson wrecked on Blonde Rocks off Seal Island, crew saved.

7th - Daniel McMaster and Alex McNeil lost in the fog from sch. Grace L. Fears on Grand Bank; picked up after several hours exposure

9th - Sch. E. W. Merchant wrecked on the Shovelful Shoal, crew saved.

24th - John Strople and Robert Jameson lost in fog from sch. Willie M. Stevens, and Augustus Crittenden and Harry Bloom from sch. Lillian Baxter on Grand Bank; all rescued after long exposure

30th - Sch. Monmouth run down and sunk off Cape Cod by the British brig Energy, crew saved..


Arthur Hughes, cook of sch. Lizzie Griffin, drowned at the Isles of Shoals in August.

6th - Sch. Alert struck by lightening. Two crews poisoned at Souris, P.E.I. by eating lobsters.

12th - Sch. Careline Corson wrecked at Lanesville

13th - Jeremiah Crowell a native of Clark's Harbor, N. S., 25, capsized in dory from sch. Proctor Brothers on Grand Bank, and drowned

24th - Capt. Patrick Diggins of sch. F. A. Smith seriously injured by the bursting of a musket while signaling dories on Grand Bank


3rd - Gale on Grand Bank. Sch. Lillian Baxter wrecked and one of her crew, Randall Pysche, a native of Canso, washed overboard and drowned. (Randall's brother, Thomas Pysche was lost with the Thomas L. Tarr.)  Remainder of crew taken off and landed at Queenstown.  Joseph Tierney, of Bordeaux, France, and Charles Ferguson, of Guysboro, N. S., lost from sch. Iolanthe. Isaac F. Blanchard of Charlestown drowned at Pigeon Cove.   Sch. Thomas L. Tarr lost with crew of fourteen men.

13th - Robert Torrey of Guysboro, N. S.,unmarried, one of the crew of  sch. A. R. Crittenden fell overboard in boarding a seineboat and was drowned off Eastern Point.

20th - Sch. Lightwing wrecked at Scituate, crew saved.


10th - William DeCoste of Harbor Bouche, N. S., about 30, washed overboard on passage from Georges.  Joseph Conrad, of sch. Epes Tarr, about 20, a native of East Port, Medway, N. S., crowned in Gloucester Harbor.

17th - One of the crew of sch. Star of the East, known as Portuguese Joe, struck by the mainboom and killed off Cape Sable.

18th - Thomas White, of sch. D. D. Winchester, capsized in dory and drowned.


4th - Rufus Wheeler, drowned by sinking of dory on Cat Ledge.  He was about 45, and left a widow and six children.  His brother George Wheeler who was with him, was rescued in an exhausted condition.

14th - Sch. Peregrine White, engaged in the Bank halibut fishery, wrecked at Hermitage Bay, N. F., crew saved.

18th - Sch. Grace L. Fears lost in storm.

Sch. Peter D. Smith sailed for Georges sailed in November, and never returned to port, probably lost in a December gale; crew of twelve men lost.
Sch. William Parsons sailed in November with a crew of twelve men and did not return.


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